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" Wait, I have another surprise for you Severus" I say, being bold and using his name for the first time tonight.

He arches one eyebrow at me and waves my hand, gesturing for me to continue.

I grin as I back away from him and walking over to the store cupboard, opening the door and revealing a very naked Lucius Malfoy. I glance over at him, his soft yet well-defined muscles standing out against his pale skin, his hard member standing out to attention, he wasn't as big as Severus, but still far bigger than Ron.

"Explain Miss Granger" Severus says icily from behind me.

"Come on Professor we all know that you have been lusting after Lucius for years.. so I thought that we could all have a little bit of fun tonight." I say as I move my hand down to my shirt slowly undoing it, button after button and then slipping it back off of my shoulders and letting it fall down to the ground.

I see the hesitation on Severus face as he eyes up both wearily. "Come on my dear friend" Lucius says as he comes to stand behind me and slowly undoes my skirt, letting that drop to the floor as well. "You know that you want to touch her the way that I am" he whispers as I feel his hand slide down my sides, to my knickers, slipping them inside, one rough finger pressing against my clit and swirling it around slowly, causing me to moan and my head to roll back against his strong chest.

"Don't you want to feel Lucius touch on your skin.. I promise he feels so good." I gasp out.

As I glance back up at professor Snape I see that he has already stripped down and is now walking to us completely naked.. his hard cock standing to attention once again.

"Okay but seeing as though it is my birthday you too have to do whatever I say" Severus grinds out and once again, I feel a wave of warmth spreading through my entire body and my juices flowing out of my whole and all over Lucius' hands.

Lucius lets out a little chuckle "I guess that turns her on" he says as he pulls his hand back, showing me my juices, I blush my cheeks turning a soft shade of red as he guides one hand up to his lips, I peer up watching him as he slides one finger in to his mouth, and sucks softly, his eyes flickering closed.

"You taste so good" he moans.

Severus walks over, standing right in front of me so that I am sandwiched in between the two men, as he reaches for Lucius fingers and guides them to his own mouth, parting his thin lips and sucking them inside of his own mouth, tasting all of my juices. I blush, but it just gets me even hotter. "He's right you do taste good" he murmurs as he pushes Lucius hands away.

"In fact I think Lucius would like a better taste of you.. go and lay on my desk Hermione" he demands, I slip out past him, when I suddenly feel his hand on my bra, I hear a loud rip and quickly shrug it off. "Take the knickers off as well" he calls out as he lands a slap on my arse.

"Yes professor" I tell him with a giggle as I walk over to the desk and begin to slowly slide my knickers down my legs, before jumping back on to the desk and hitching my legs up, suddenly Lucius appears in between my legs, I quickly hitch them upwards, giving him full access to me.

He gives me that devilish grin as he bends down over the desk, his nose running up my slit "you even smell good" he adds, before pulling back and down my thigh, pressing a soft kiss there and then moving to the other one. His tongue slowly slides upwards over my thigh and towards my pussy, but never quite touching it, causing me to whine in disappointment. "Lucius don't make me wait."

"Shh young lady" he says as he lands a playful slap to my wet pussy causing me to jump in surprise. "You need to have a little more patience" he warns me.

I pout, but say no more as I lay back, my eyes flickering closed as I let him do whatever he wants to me. "Time for you to get pleasure too Lucius" I hear Severus say.

I snap my eyes open, wanting to watch this. I see Lucius towering over Lucius who is bent over the desk his mouth inches from my pussy.

"I'm ready for you" Lucius says before moving in and flicking my tongue out over my clit, causing me to cry out because I know that I will not be lasting long.. the excitement is all catching up on me.

I watch as Severus spits on his hard cock, rubbing it up and down his length and I moan, thinking about what is about to happen.. he's going to fuck Lucius while he eats me out… that is the hottest thing I have ever heard!

I groan as I watch Lucius blonde head move closer towards my pussy, moaning softly as I feel his warm wet tongue sliding all of the way down my slit, more than likely licking up all of my juices as he does so and I cannot help but be curious as to what I taste like.. Considering that both of the men seem to like it so much.

I watch in complete fascination as Severus puts his hands on Lucius' arse and spreads his cheek as he presses his dick against his tight puckered arsehole, pushing inch after inch in.. heat spreading throughout me as the pleasure in my body begins to build up… who would have thought I would be turned on by this so much.

Severus' eyes lock on to my own as he smirks at me and places pressure on Lucius' back, causing him to put more pressure on to my pussy. I moan loudly as he clamps his lips down on my clit and sucks hard.. thrusting two fingers in to my tight hole and that is all that it takes, the pleasure in the pit of my stomach releasing as I cum hard moaning out loud. "Oh Lucius" I scream out as I ride the waves of pleasure, before collapsing back on to the desk.

I feel Lucius grab a hold of my thighs, pulling me down the desk slowly so that my legs dangle off of the edge of the desk, my face right beneath Lucius'. And despite the awkward and kind of painful position, I cannot bring it within myself to protest.

He leans down slowly, pressing his lips against my own, forcing his tongue inside as I open my mouth and accommodate him, tasting my juices.. and all I have to say is that I have no idea why the men seemed to like them.

"So close Hermione.. I need to be inside of you, is that okay?" Lucius asks me with tender concern as he pulls back.

I nod once and immediately I feel his hard cock slam in to warm wet pussy, stretching my walls out, so that there was a little bit of pain with the pleasure.. still it felt so nice. "How does it feel to be buried in our lovely witches pussy while I fuck your arse?" Severus asks, causing me to giggle softly as I arch my hips up towards him.

"You both feel amazing" Lucius gasps out.

"I'm cumming" Severus yells out and I actually feel him pick up the pace as I lean against Lucius.. I hear a loud grunt and know that Severus has already cum, so now I have to focus on Lucius.

Reaching up, I slowly begin to run my hand through his beautiful thick waves as I plant soft kisses to his strong chest. "Please.. I need you to cum inside of me, I want to make you cum" I murmur gently.

He growls as he glares down at me.. "Wrap your legs around me… now" he demands.. and I quickly comply, wrapping my legs around his waist tightly as he continues to pound in to me. I squeeze my walls around him slowly, glancing to the side as I see professor Snape watching us, lust still clear in his eyes.

Suddenly I feel Lucius hot seed spilling inside of me, he grins down at me, both our bodies hot and sweaty as he leans in and presses a soft kiss to my lips, I think that I could get so used to those kisses.. from both of my guys.. wait my guys?

"Isn't it supposed to be me getting all of the attention?" Severus asks, I pull back and glance to the side, the sight causing me to grin, he looks so put out.

Lucius quickly stands up, pulling me up too as we both walk over to him, each of us dripping out cum.

"Come let's go to my quarters.." Severus says as he leans down kissing my lips quickly, before leaning over and kissing Lucius too and then we follow him in to his chambers for a night of fun and the start of a beautiful relationship.

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