Yeah, yeah, yeah, OC in the sonic universe, I know this has been done a thousand times, but I'll try to make it interesting for you.

This is not a self-insert, it's an OC story, David is not me. Therefore, not EVERYTHING he does, says, or thinks, is something that should be reflected as something i would do.

Lastly, I do not own sonic the hedgehog or any of the things that are referenced in this story

10:30 p.m. in a GameStop somewhere in Kansas…

I leaned forward on the counter, staring at my friend with a competitive glare, which he more than happily reciprocated. I reached into my pocket, taking out my weapon of choice. It was an old, rusty penny to everyone else, but to me, it was my lucky charm, and it hasn't failed me sense.

I placed the dirty piece of copper on my thumb, preparing for the kill shot.


I flip the coin high in the air as I shout. "Call it!"

"Tails?" My fellow employee says with a bit of uncertainty.

I caught it on its way down and flipped it over onto my hand. I kept it covered for a few seconds, making sure to make it as suspenseful as possible. When I finally raised my hand, we saw good old Mr. Lincoln winking at us.

He sunk his head in defeat as I hopped up on the counter and pumped my fist in the air. "WHOA YEAH, BABY! I AM THE KING!"

He rolled his eyes at me. "Stop gloating, Frost." He mumbled, showing his obvious disappointment.

I sat down and hung my legs off of the table. "Need I remind you the terms of our weekly agreement, Sam?"

He sighed and shook his head. "Loser cleans the employee bathroom, winner gets bragging rights."

"That's right, so, I will gloat as much as I want, and you," I said, handing him the keys to the supply closet, "get to work."

He cracked his knuckles before taking the keys from my hand. "You just won a coin flip, that's nothing to brag about."

He trudged towards the back of the store like a prisoner on death row.

"Yes, but I get to go home while you clean out toilets, so I think that is something to brag about." I called after him before ducking behind the counter and beginning to change into my street clothes. It may be a little bit weird, but I'll be damned if I have to where those uncomfortable khaki pants any more than I have to.

I soon stepped back out, now wearing a pair of tattered blue jeans and an old beat up leather jacket. As luck would have it, I had just enough time to fit in one last gloat before Sam disappeared into "The abyss of agony", otherwise known as, the employee bathroom.

"Hey Sam."

He glanced at me over his shoulder. "What?"

"I should warn you. Craig had enchiladas today."

His eyes went wide and he made an audible gulp like a cartoon character does before he falls off a cliff. "That's not funny, Frost!"

"Well, I'm not joking, but it IS most definitely funny. Anyway, cheers."

I chose to make my exit, as I had no desire to be around when he opened that door and the unbearable smell filled the entire store. Honestly, it's like the staff doesn't even try to get it in the toilet.

Stepping outside into the cool night air, I turned on my IPod and started flipping through songs.

In The End- Linken Park

Nah, not right now.

Thrash Unreal- Against Me!

Good song, not for walking though.

A Gentleman's Coup- Rise Against

It'll do.

As the intro started up, I began my short walk home, air guitaring all the way.

Speaking of intros, I believe one is in order right now. My name is David Hadley. No, my name is not REALLY Frost. That's just a nickname I got stuck with when I was a kid.

You know that one kid who's stupid enough to stick his tongue to a pole during winter…yeah…that was me. My friends, thinking it was funny as hell, left me there for a few hours and I got stuck outside in a blizzard until some random passerby decided to call an ambulance. When they finally got me off of the damn thing, I looked like a human snowman and people started calling me Frosty. Thankfully, the nickname shortened to Frost before I hit high school.

But that was ages ago. Now, I'm 20, about 5'11, and quite skinny. I have a thick, shaggy, black mane of hair that tends to droop down in front of my bright green eyes and for the past month, I've been trying to grow a goatee…unsuccessfully, leaving a patchy mess of stubble on my chin

I live in Kansas, but my parents are from California, so I didn't pick up that southern twang thing that most of my friends have. I work at GameStop and…yeah that's pretty much it.

Oh yeah, and that lucky penny thing…it's a two headed coin. I knew for a fact that Sam had adopted the phrase "tails never fails", and decided to take full advantage of it.

…what?...ok, fine, I completely took advantage of him. But I swear, I'm not a bad person. I just have enough of my own shit to deal with…pun completely intended.

Not anything huge. Paying rent, paying bills, doing taxes, feeding my video game addiction…you know, normal stuff. Still, it kept me pretty busy, so I like as much time as I can get.

Anyway, finishing the short, 5-minute walk to my house, I put away my IPod and went to unlock my door. However, to my surprise, it was already unlocked.

As if a switch had been activated in my brain, I immediately went into survival mode. Sure, I wanted to believe I had left it unlocked by accident, but I've spent way too much time on Fearnet On Demand to not take the necessary precautions.

I put my house keys in between my knuckles, as I cracked open the door and peered my head through. Right away, I noticed that the lights were on, which only added to my paranoia. Someone was in my house…only question is…are they still?

Knowing that asking "is anyone there?" is a sure firs death sentence. I cautiously enter my house and silently close the door. The good/bad thing about my house in this situation was that it only had one level and was extremely small. Good because they didn't have any place to hide, bad because I didn't have any place to hide.

I poked my head through an archway into my kitchen. Let's see…leaning tower of pizza boxes…floor littered with mountain dew cans…three weeks of mail piling up on the table…and last nights Chinese food still on the counter. Well…everything was where I left it in here. Still, best not to take any chances.

I rolled across the floor rather unceremoniously and ducked behind the counter, now feeling a little bit safe as I had one of the only hiding spots in the entire house.

Feeling confident no one was looking, I reached up and replaced my house keys with a kitchen knife. Not that I would actually use the damn thing, but just having a way to properly defend myself was already starting to calm me down.

Having the blade in my hand, I stepped out and continued down the hall to the living room, the only other main room in this house. My Xbox was on…but that's actually become so normal that I'd be scared if I came in and it was off. I had recently started playing the Mass Effect series and I'll be damned if there was a convenient spot to stop anywhere in the middle of a mission. What was I supposed to do, start the entire section over? No way! I'm much too lazy for that.

I scanned around to find everything where I left it. The door was open to the bathroom on the other side of the room so, I could tell no one was in there.

…and that just left…OH SHIT!

I turned to see my bedroom door closed, which set my brain on haywire.

That, was most definitely, NOT HOW I FUCKING LEFT IT! I never close the door to my room. EVER! Two minutes with the door closed and it heats up like a damn furnace. The fact that it was closed just proved without a doubt that some one else was in this house.

Well…let's meet the bastard, shall we?

Tightening my grip on the knife, I placed my hand on the door knob. Then, inhaling a deep breath, I yanked open the door.



An enormous black dog leapt on top of me the minute the door had opened, sending me sprawling to the ground. My head slammed the floor rather hard and I cocooned it in my arms to relieve some of the pain.

I felt the canine begin to sniff at me and I shoved its nose away. Standing up, I looked down at it with a frown. "Damn dog." I muttered to myself, eliciting a small whimper from the Labrador.

Not one to keep grudges, I smirked a bit and patted his head, glad that the so-called "intruder" was at least a familiar face.

I knelt down and scratched him behind his floppy ears. "Hey there, Duke. Did Kate dump you here again?"

He whimpered again and pawed at my chest, which I could only assume meant, "Yes, please don't send me back there again."

I shook my head with a small smile. My sister…well…lets just say she gets on my nerves.

…oh who am I kidding, she's an irresponsible, dimwitted, bitch.

And please don't give me any of that "How can you say that? She's your sister!" nonsense, as my parents will completely agree with me. She has no concern for anyone else's feelings, no plans for where she's going to go in life, she just mooches off of my parents money, and does whatever the hell she wants.

I know, I know, I'm one to talk, being a twenty year old who works at GameStop, but that's just my summer job, so it's not like I'm a drop out. I'm currently at an art school, trying to become an artist. No, not one of those deep poetic guys that paint pictures that make you think. I was thinking more along the lines of making art for video games, or maybe movie animation. I don't know, something close to what I love.

Anyway, Duke was just another one of my sister's idiotic ideas that went horribly wrong. She somehow saved up enough money to buy a dog, and got Duke the minute she convinced my parents to rent her an apartment. She, of course, never thought that keeping an animal would actually mean taking care of it. So, what does she do? She dumps it with me whenever she feels like she needs a break.

Still, no point in complaining about it, I guess.

Now certain that everything was as it should be, I continued into my room and opened up a window to air the place out. Man, I feel sorry for Duke, having to sit in here for who knows how long. It must be torture with all that fur.

I hear a beep from my laptop in the corner of my room, indicating that I've received a new e-mail. I picked it up off its spot on the ground and sat down on my bed.

...Well speak of the devil…literally.


Paul and I are taking a vacation for a few weeks; I need you to watch Duke. Don't bother trying to give him back, we're already gone, and don't be an ass about it, it's not that big a deal.

See you when we get back,


I shook my head in disapproval. Of course it's not a big deal for them. They're the ones taking a damn vacation. Now I was stuck with her damn dog while she's undoubtedly seducing the latest idiot who's thinking too hard with the wrong head.

Still, Satan incarnate was right about one thing. There's no sense complaining about it.

I hit reply and simply typed.

K, don't get knocked up.

It was meant to be a joke, but knowing her, it was completely possible.

I was about to set my laptop down when I heard the beep yet again and saw the "1 NEW MESSAGE" sign pop up on screen. It was marked urgent, so I clicked it.

Please read this, this is not a joke!

If this e-mail isn't sent to everyone in your contact list, Bloody Mary will come and kill you at midnight tonight. 13 year old Jon Smith ignored this message one week ago and was found on his bed ripped limb from limb.



Ok, that was good. I really needed that.

How stupid are people to actually believe this crap? As far as chain letters go, this one was pretty poorly written. First of all, you're supposed to include a back-story of the person who's going to kill you so it actually seems believable. And, come on, Jon Smith? That has got to be the most generic name ever conceived.

I hit delete without another thought and closed my laptop, heading back into my living room. It had been at least an hour since I played a video game, so, naturally, I was ready for more.

I opened up a CD binder and began flipping through it.

Hmm…what haven't I played in a while? GTA IV, Halo, Modern Warfare, Madden…wait, how the hell did that get in there? Whatever, I'll get rid of it later. Guitar Hero…yeah, that'll do.

I switched auxiliaries to my playstation and grabbed my fake guitar, ready for a night of rock music and band battles.

…11:55 p.m…

Fingers flew across the frets at extreme speeds. My eyes were bloodshot and watering because I dared not blink. I had to pee SOOO bad, but I didn't want to risk pausing the game for fear that I'd miss a note. To anyone who's been where I am now, you know exactly what this feeling is.

I was playing Through the Fire and Flames…on expert…I hadn't missed a note yet…and the guitar solo just ended.

"…holy shit…" I muttered to myself.

The lead singer finished the last of the chorus and all that was left was the big finish.

"Holy shit!" I said just slightly louder.

The song was almost over, the last note was in sight, and…

All of the sudden everything in the house turned off at once…including my game systems.

I blinked as I strared through the darkness at the pitch black TV screen. For a moment, my brain seemed to short circuit like the rest of the stuff in my house, but when I finally processed what had just happened, I dropped down to my knees and screamed at the ceiling. "WHY?"

It was RIGHT THERE! There was no way in hell I would ever be able to that again, not in a million years! Why, must you torture me Lord!

OK...maybe I'm overreacting a bit…but not by much! Maybe this is karma fucking with me for using my double headed coin earlier.

Coming out of my rage, I finally noticed that Duke had been yapping his head off since the lights went out. "Oh be quiet, you damn dog, it's just a power outage."

As I half expected he would, he paid me no mind, and continued to go crazy. I shook my head in disapproval as I checked my watch.

12:00 a.m.

wow…that's just creepy. Didn't that e-mail say…no, no, NO! It was a damn chain letter David, just get over it and stop fre-

A bright flash of light snapped me out of my thoughts. My initial thought was that the lights had come back on, but this was way too bright to be any of the dim florescence bulbs that were screwed into the ceiling. When it finally faded, my eyes readjusted and my jaw hit the floor.

Standing in front of me, was a small humanoid cat with white fur surrounded by seven gems that hovered in the air. Adding to the massive surprise that an anthro had just materialized in my house was the strange feeling of déjà vu. I had seen this before…or at least something like it…where have I-

I didn't get time to think about it as the gems hovered toward me and began to encompass me at a blinding speed. As they did, I felt my body being lifted off the ground by an unknown force, followed by a sudden wave of pain.

Despite my obvious predicament, I honestly couldn't stop thinking one thing.

Holy shit…Bloody Mary is a furry!

There was another flash of light and I blacked out.

I shifted on the ground uncomfortably as I began to wake up, groaning in discomfort when I felt a wave of pain pulse through my body. It felt like my body just went through a meat grinder…what the hell happened?

I felt someone poke my shoulder, causing me to breathe in abruptly at the sudden jolt of discomfort. "Um…Mr. Wolf…are you okay?" I herd the voice of a little girl ask me.

I half opened one of my eyes and, despite my muscles begging me to stop, I jolted awake. That cat thing from last night was right in front me, looking at me with a rather blank stare. As I now wasn't focusing on mythical jewelry that had surrounded my body, I looked her over more closely. She was extremely short, couldn't be much older than six or seven. She wore an oversized white t-shirt and pajama pants that were tightened thoroughly at the waist band and her white fur was noticeably dirty and tattered.

Trying to get across a few of the many questions that ran through my mind, what I actually blurted out was a jumbled mess. "YOU, what did you do, who are you, what are you doing in my…wait did you just call me Mr. Wolf?"

She tilted her head to the side and frowned, probably confused by the mass of text that just escaped my lips. Not knowing where to start, she began with the last question she heard. "Well, that's what you are, isn't it?"

I looked down and……GOD!

My jacket and pants were still there, which covered most of it, but my hands and feet were a dead give away. They were covered in dark brown fur and had claws protruding from the tips instead of the usual fingernails. My hands shot up to my face instinctively, which, as I found, was also covered in a thick layer of fur. A pair of pointed ears stood at the top of my head and I had some sort of weird muzzle thing as opposed to my mouth.

My focus shifted to the surrounding area, which, unfortunately for me, was not my house. I was in a small closed room with metallic walls, floor, and ceiling. No windows and no doors that I could see, either. What was this, some sort of fucking prison cell? What the hell happened?

There's only one explanation that I could think of for everything that was happening.

…This had to be an extremely vivid dream. I left that Chinese food out of the fridge to long, it didn't agree with my stomach, and now it's giving me fucked up nightmares. That had to be it…right?

I looked back down at my hands.

well…only one way to find out…

I lifted my right hand and, using all my strength, slapped myself as hard as I could.

That…had to be the stupidest idea I had ever had. Now on top of all of my muscles feeling sore, I have a possible concussion, and it didn't solve a damn thing.

Toto…we are most definitely NOT in Kansas anymore…