What a tool… is that look always on his face? It's already the end of the year and he still has that look on his face… Naruto watched his teacher, Kakashi, while he lectured. The only eye that was visible still looked so… bored!

Well, if he looked at that stupid eye for another minute… it'd just piss him off further. Naruto looked around the full classroom… really just to look at anything but that stupid freaking bored as hell expression in the only eye you could see on his teacher's face. Why did he wear that mask, anyways?

"No mother! You already… had a taste…!" Gaara clutched his head and fell out of his desk. Everyone rolled their eyes. It happened everyday. Temari sighed, picked him up, and helped him out of the room. Time for his daily counselor visit…

"Geez… what a pain… so troublesome." Shikamaru complained for the 1,021,674,369th time that day. Choji just nommed on his chips. No, the real action was where the one and only Uchiha Sasuke sat.

Ino and Sakura glared at each other from their positions on either side of Sasuke. He looked a bit annoyed, but other than that, his face was blank.

Please… maybe today they won't… Naruto, who had the unfortunate seat right behind Sasuke, prayed that the two girls wouldn't…



Sakura and Ino started bitch-slapping each other without mercy. This happened pretty much everyday and this was another thing that Naruto was sick of. It was worse than the stupid eye! Anyways… Couldn't they see that Sasuke just wasn't into them at all? He had a crush on Sasuke too, but did they see him going around and bitch-slapping others?

Sometimes. When Kiba would threaten to tell. But never mind that.

He needed to come up with something quick to distract them…


Naruto tapped Sasuke on the shoulder and whispered his plan. Sasuke raised an eyebrow.

"It just might work, dobe."

At this point, Kakashi just stopped lecturing and went to read his pervy novel.

"Ladies…. LADIES!" Sasuke yelled, grabbing Ino's and Sakura's attention, as well as the whole class'.


Sasuke turned to Naruto. Everyone looked at him.


Hey there…"

The whole class gasped.

"I like you're hair!" Ino exclaimed.

"Who does your hair?" Sakura asked.

"I wanna go there…" Choji said with a mouthful of chips.

"PHSHYEAH!" That was Rock Lee's favorite line.

Soon, the whole class joined in singing this amazing song.

"Oh my god…"

"Oh my god…"

"Oh. My. God…"

"Just shave it off." Sasuke finished. Everyone cheered. Naruto cheered the loudest, because he got the two girls to shut the fuck up.

Then the bell rand and everyone left the room, talking about the wonderful end to the day.

"Hey… dobe…" Just as Naruto was about to leave, a deep, familiar voice stopped him.


"Thanks for today…" And then he randomly kissed Naruto. After they parted for air, Naruto said, "Oh Sasuke… I like you too!"

Then Sasuke started to laugh… and laugh and laugh…



"What the…- KIBA, YOU ASSWIPE!"

Yep. That was random. I don't own the song, nor do I own Naruto. :P