Summary: This is what happened during Jeanne's 600th b-day

Disclaimer: I don't own any characters in this story. They all belong to Hideki Kamiya.


"Oh dear seems like mummy needs to tuck her naughty little angels in" Jeanne taunted the Affinity angels as she slapped them mercilessly with her guns.

Shots recoiled everywhere breaking pots, windows, and anything else you might find in Vigrid. Just a typical Friday afternoon with Jeanne and poor angels victim to her taunts. It was a day like this where Jeanne would question where her Umbran sister is. Normally she would shrug it off and continue fighting but today she thought it would be different considering it is her birthday.

"Well, well I guess I'm going to have to clean up here" Jeanne commented to herself.

Jeanne shot, headshot after headshot at the Joys, Affinity, and Applaud angels dodging any attacks that were launched at her. Somehow killing angels didn't satisfy her today so she decided to head to The Gates of Hell in search of her Umbran sister.

"What can I do for you?" Rodin asked nonchalantly cleaning the rose shot glass.

"I am here in search of Ce- er.. Bayonetta" Jeanne nonchalantly replied.

"Sorry haven't seen her all day "Rodin said, "If you happen to cross paths tell her I have her 'special' order".

"Well if I must" Jeanne answered with a hint of irritation in her tone.

Jeanne quickly teleported out of the bar and went in search of Bayonetta.

Unknown to her a surprise was waiting one she would never forget…

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