After an epic rewatch of the series, I have been inspired to write a fanfic. I've loved this show for years, but I've been intimidated to tackle fanfics of it, however I've decided to take it head on, why practice with one shots, when I can start a ridiculously long fic (I fully acknowlege my insanity btw) also, mandatory "I don't own this" etc.

Utena stared into the darkness. Right now it was all she knew, darkness, pain, hatred, and whispers of cruel words chattering to her constantly. When she first took the swords, she'd screamed and cried out in pain until her voice had gone hoarse. She had long since learned it only hurt more when you screamed. So she shivered and convulsed silently, only emitting small moans of pain. That was when she heard a voice. One she hadn't heard in what felt like millennia. A voice that made her remember why she was here in the first place. For the first time in a long time, Utena began to focus her eyes on her surroundings, it was still the same desolate view she'd seen the last time she'd opened her eyes, she could still see nothing except endless swords penetrating and impaling her, but as she strained to look beyond them, she saw her. She could hear her screaming something, what was it? It sounded familiar somehow. "Utena!" So familiar, she thought "Utena, wake up!" Was that what I was called? Her eyes opened wide as she remembered more. " Hime…Himemiya?" She looked around again, but this time she wasn't surrounded by swords. She was in a hospital bed, with Anthy at her side, holding her hand gently. Two nurses that were standing in the door frame looked in with astonishment. "That girl has been in this hospital for nearly a year, and she hasn't said one word until today" One of the nurses whispered to Anthy. "We didn't even know her name" It didn't appear as though Anthy was listening to her however, as she gazed intently at Utena.

The next day Utena sat in the passenger seat while Anthy drove them away, the hospital she had been in was large and old, with a high security 15 foot gate around it. That was all she knew, but looking at the print out of her discharge summary she could see this was definitely a psychiatric hospital, she could also see she was at another hospital before this one before being diagnosed with catatonic schizophrenia and moved here for "long term care". Utena looked at the paper, quizzically tilting herhead. "Himemiya, what does catatonic mean?" Anthy sighed wistfully, and said "It doesn't matter much now". Confused, Utena looked at the papers again. "Whatever they said I have, do you think they're right?" there was a nervous, awkward tone to her voice, what if she really was crazy, who in their right mind would actually believe something as crazy as what happened to her in Ohtori actually happened? She ran her hand absent mindedly over the scar on her torso. Hallucinations and delusions don't leave scars though, do they? Anthy shook her head "What you are afflicted with is far beyond their comprehension" Utena leaned her head against the window; she had forgotten just how confusing Anthy could be when she talked. As she contemplated her friend's words, she looked over and gasped suddenly, "Himemiya! How are you driving, you're way too young to be driving!" in response Anthy giggled. This in itself shocked Utena, she'd never seen Anthy so genuinely laugh and smile before. "Utena, I've been alive for a very, very long time. I am more than capable of driving" Anthy looked over at her with a mysterious and playful smile. Utena looked down, unsure of why she was blushing. She could hear Anthy giggle again. "How long?" Utena asked looking up again to see Anthy's expression turn more somber. "Longer than I want to think about" The answer was a little vague for Utena's taste, but she was too tired to pursue it any further. Slowly she drifted into sleep.

The Knights were running as fast as they could, most had abandoned their steeds in favour of travelling in stealth, so as to give the princess the best chance at survival. She held on to Sir Lancelot as tightly as she could, silent tears of fear running down the young girl's face. But it was in vain, they could hear their enemy growing close. As they reached the bridge that signified they were halfway through the forest, they realized it had been broken. They were trapped. The only way across would be to climb down the cliff, swim across the river, and climb up the other side. Lancelot knew he only had one choice. "Go" he told her "Run as fast as you can, when you reach the outside, disguise yourself as a commoner, nobody there will recognise you" The girl looked up at him, her innocent blue eyes mirroring the lack of understanding she had about the desperate situation she was in. "Are my parents dead?" She whispered. Kneeling down, he looked at her directly on eye level. "You're a strong, brave girl, don't forget that little one" He took her palm in his and kissed the back of her hand. "Don't stop no matter what, no exceptions" his voice was grave and serious, "We will hold them off, so get as far ahead as possible" The girl was confused, She hardly understood what had happened at the Castle, or who she was running from, but what she did know, was that Lancelot was the best Knight her kingdom had, and if he told her to do something, it was what she should do. So without further questions she took off and began to climb down the cliff as quickly as her little legs would allow her. As she continued to run, she could hear the battle cries of the knights behind, and her silent tears turned to heaving sobs as she ran faster.

Utena awoke with a jump; Anthy was shaking her by the shoulder. "Utena, we're here" she whispered. "I apologize, I didn't mean to startle you" Utena shook her head, "It wasn't you Himemiya, I don't exactly remember, but I think I was having a nightmare" Anthy reached out a hand to Utena and helped her up out of the car, groggily Utena complained "Why do I feel so weak, it's like all the muscles I spent years toning and building turned to jello or something" She hmphed at the end for emphasis. Anthy smiled "You haven't been physically active in quite some time Utena, and besides, the swords have taken quite the toll on your body" Utena turned her head abruptly to Anthy, eyes wide in shock. "You mean… those swords were…real?" She said, the disbelief evident in her voice. Anthy looked back at Utena, her eyes conveying a confusing mixture of emotions, certainly much more than Utena ever expected to see Anthy emote. "That's why you're my prince" she said softly "You saved me, you took them, the physical embodiment of hatred, I never would have left by myself if you didn't show me how" Tears were in her eyes and a smile on her face "Thank you" Silently, they walked from the car to their hotel room, how Anthy had the money to afford it Utena didn't know, nor did she know how they got in without getting carded. Once there, they got changed and got into the bed. Turning on her side, Utena held Anthy's hand, their nighttime ritual of so long ago coming back to her like it was yesterday. Anthy's hand tightened around her's and she felt herself grow relaxed and dazed. However she couldn't fall asleep as quickly as she usually did, she was kept awake by her mind trying to make sense of all than Anthy had said, as well as the uncomfortable familiarity of whatever it was she had dreamt. Eventually however, she did finally drift into a much needed rest.

Serously guys, let me know what you think, I already have the next few chapters completely planned out, so I'd appreciate the feedback.