Chapter 2

Spider-Man Lives

Part 2

In the city of New York, Peter had spent most of his free time for the past few days patrolling around the city as Spider-Man, rounding up criminals, saving lives and being praised for his efforts by the citizens. Since the Green Goblin was long gone, Spider-Man felt like a whole new hero now that his nemesis was no more. He also knew that some of his other enemies were still out there, but he wasn't deterred in the slightest. He figured as long as he was around, everything would be okay.

At least for the time being. As he went swinging throughout Times Square, he soon landed on the side of a nearby building when he witnessed a news report on the JumboTron.

"In a matter of recent events, there appears to have been a series of robberies being committed all around the city. But so far, the police have been unable to apprehend the criminal responsible for the crimes. Local witnesses claim the culprit calls herself Amazonia." said the reporter.

Spider-Man couldn't help but feel puzzled by this whole ordeal. Throughout his life, he had met and fought plenty of villains with weird names, but this name was beyond weird, or so he thought.

"Seriously, only complete maniacs would give themselves names as lame as that. But still, it is my job as a hero to put a stop to it. If the police can't catch her, then maybe I can." said Spider-Man before jumping off the building and resuming his patrol.

Spider-Man had to make sure to keep a close eye out for any signs of criminal activity just incase if he happened to come across anything suspicious. But little did he know that someone was watching him from within a dark alley.

(Meanwhile at a local bank)

It was all rather quiet in the bank. The only sounds heard were those of various people depositing and withdrawing money via their bank accounts. Everything seemed like it was in good condition, with freshly clean floors, three shining counters and much more.

For the moment.

"Excuse me sir, but I'd like to make a withdrawal please." said a woman with black hair and green eyes whom was standing at the front of a counter wearing a brown trench coat.

"I'm sorry ma'am, but you're gonna need to have an account in order to withdrawal or deposit money." said the man whom was attending to her.

A scheming smile appeared across her lips as she thought up an idea.

"Is that so, big boy?" she asked with a seductive tone.

"On second thought, take as much money as you want, pretty lady." he replied in a love struck tone as he opened up the cash register and gave her all the money, which she loaded into a bag.

"Hey you. That's illegal, you can't do that." screamed a woman who was behind her.

"Put a cork in it." she retorted before turning around and staring at the woman with rainbow hypnotic spirals in her eyes.

"I will do as you command." said the woman in a mindless tone.

"That's better."

Everyone who was present at the bank let out a gasp of shock after what they just saw. They all had a feeling that this woman was no ordinary person like the rest of them. The woman turned around to notice everyone staring at her with looks of suspicion, she knew it was only a matter of time before things got out of hand. However, she wasn't worried.

"Looks like it's time to make my move."

In the meantime, Spider-Man was overlooking the city from above on top of a tall building. When suddenly, his Spider Sense tingled, warning him of a crime in progress.

"That's my cue, I better get a move on." said Spider-Man before diving off the building, shooting out a webline as he headed towards the crime scene.

Back at the bank, the police had arrived on the scene and blocked off the entrance so that no one could get in or out.


But they were soon taken by surprise when the door of a bank vault came crashing out through the wall, smashing one of the four police cars.

"Oh my god." said another policeman.

"This is gonna be harder than I thought. One of you five officers will have to go in there, arrest the culprit and get the civilians to safety." said the head police officer.

"You must be crazy if you think I'm going in there. Didn't you see what just happened, no way am I going in there."

"Well someone has to go in there, we can't all just stand around."

But soon, they turned their attention to the air as they caught sight of Spider-Man swinging in from above.

"No need to worry officers, I'll take care of this." said Spider-Man as he landed inside the bank. As he walked through the area, he made sure to evacuate all the civilians along the way. After getting them all to safety, the webslinger made his way towards the bank vault to deal with the criminal responsible.

"Keep your guard up Spidey, you've already gotten this far." he said to himself.

Suddenly, his Spider Sense tingled. He was soon forced to jump out the way as he spotted what appeared to be some sort of speeding blur rushing out of the vault and coming to a stop outside the bank, revealing it to be the same unknown woman with the trench coat. She had two bags full of money hoisted over her shoulders as the policemen held her at gunpoint.

"You're under arrest. Drop the money and put your hands up in the air, now." said one of the officers.

"Oh really?" she asked with a smile.

In a rather strange twist, the policemen all lowered their weapons in submission.

"We wouldn't arrest such a beautiful woman like you" replied another officer in an affectionate tone.

"Now if you'll excuse me, I'll just be on my way."

"You'll be on your way alright. To a prison cell." said Spider-Man who was now perched up on top of a street light.

"Oh please, like you can stop me."

"Wanna bet?"

"I'd love to stay and talk, but I've got some business to do elsewhere."

She then prepared to take off with the money, only to be ensnared with a blast of webbing from Spider-Man's web shooters. Not lot afterwards, he shot out two strands of webbing which snatched the bags from her grasp.

"I don't think so."

But before he even realized it, the woman soon tore herself from the webbing with relative ease, tearing off her trench coat in the process, revealing that she was wearing some sort of jungle girl attire with tiger stripes on it, along with some orange high heels.

"She broke free from my webs without effort. How is that even possible?" he thought.

"Did you actually expect your silly webbing to stop me?" she taunted.

"Uh, kinda. That's how it mostly works, you know."

"My my, you've got quite the smart mouth. Well then, so be it."

Spider-Man barely even had time to do anything as she suddenly disappeared in a blur.

"Where did she go?" he wondered while looking around before his Spider Sense warned him of danger. He immediately leaped off the street light just as a car was suddenly thrown at him from behind. He then landed down on the pavement, dropping the bags on the ground.

"That was a close-OOF." He got cut off when someone rammed into him from the side, knocking him headfirst against a wall. He tried to stand back up, only to be seized by the throat and lifted off the ground by the woman.

"How pathetic, and here I thought you were gonna be a worthy opponent."

"Who are you even suppose to be, Jungle Girl?"

"Not even close. I only go by the name of Amazonia, but it's not like that matters to you."

"Yeah, right. What else is new?"

Ruthlessly tossing him aside, Amazonia made a beeline for the bags of money and snatched them back up.

"So long, loser."

Just when she was about to dash off, the wall crawler made one last attempt to stop her by shooting out two strands of webbing at Amazonia, who surprisingly bent herself backwards, using her left hand to grab hold of the webs.

"This won't be good." muttered Spider-Man before Amazonia started to swing him around by his own webs.

"Now this is what I call going for a *swing*. she joked.

"I hate to sound critical, but that is the stupidest super villain joke ever."

"I've got better things to do than to waste my time with you."

Yanking him forward, Amazonia struck him in the face with a powerful kick which knocked him out cold.

About a few hours later, Spider-Man woke back up. He rubbed his head and groaned as he stood up.

"Whoa, that was some kick. It was like I got hit in the face by a piece of concrete."

When he observed his surroundings, he saw that Amazonia, as well as the police were all gone.

"Well this is just great, she got away. All because I underestimated her. Way to go webhead." he lamented.

Taking a running start, Spider-Man leaped into the air and went swinging away.

"Note to self. The next time you confront a villain like Amazonia, never let your guard down or else you'll just screw things up."

To Be Continued

Well, here's the second chapter. Sorry that it took so long. It's a little short, but at least I tried.

I know there wasn't much of a fight in this one, but there will be in the next part. Plus, I know you'll find the new villain unusual and unfamiliar. I apologize for that. Really I do.

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