C H A P T E R O N E OF Adventures of a school loser

Cold, Wet, Snowy.

Things I'm feeling. No. Not me. My feet. It's January 9th, 2012. It's 8:15 AM, and I'm getting off the bus. Walking, Walking, Stop. Here's the door. Walk in. Find locker. Open. Stare at ex-boyfriend that's five feet away. Cry on the inside. This is my daily morning. I'm not sad, depressed, lonely, or scared. But I'm in a world that is….

Kids talking, laughing. Lockers slamming and doors shutting. Voice of three girls.

"Hey, Amber!" My friend Aleasha says, brightly.

"Oh. Hey." I mumble. No coffee this morning, a late night, and arguing parents kept me up.

"What? Miss your morning coffee? Brighten up! It's 8:30 already." Aleasha looks at me and smiles.

"Hahaha." I giggle, "Yep, I did. So fucking tired."

"Aww. Hey, let's go find Kat."

We walk down the hallway and are approached by our friends, Kat, Jenna, Morganne, and Maddii.


"Hey brah!" I say. Me and Kat have an extensive history of marijauna, sitting on curbs & getting into fights. I'm clean now, but I think to myself how much of a wreck I used to be.

Brrrrrrrrrrrrringgg. Bell ringing in background. Kids shuffling, talking and laughter in the background.

"Alright well gotta hit Art. Bye guys."

"Bye." Says Kat, Aleasha, Jenna, Morganne, and Maddii. I enter the classroom as soon as the bell goes off and get a drty look from my art teacher, Mrs. Freet. "Now boys and girls, today we will be doing some work with perspective…..blah…blah…blah…" Her voice begins to fade from my mind as I move on to daydreaming and thinking. Staring out the window at the cold, dark sky is a dream compared to listening to this old hag. She's a millenium old and still thinks it's cool to use pagers and wear arm warmers. Then my mind trails off to John, an amazingly cute guy. He poked me in the back one day with a straw at breakfast- what the fuck? I think to myself. He's weird, but cool and cute. He's a year older, but what's 12 months, right? "AMBER?" Mrs. Freet asks my name. "Huh? What? Oh-" she cuts me off. "Pay attention. You've had enough detentions. Between you and Allison, I dunno who's worse!" She yells.