Disclaimer: "Moonlighting" belongs to ABC Circle Films and Picturemaker Productions. No infringement intended.

Author's Note: Remember that kiss on the desk at the end of "Take My Wife, For Example"? This is an imaginary version of how the next episode should've played out. Now co-written with beesnbears.

Of Gifts and Expectations


VOICEOVER: Previously on Moonlighting…

Scene montage from "Take My Wife," including:

-Maddie chasing David through the office: "When it comes to finances, you're such a nitwit!

-Maddie and David in the lingerie store; David says, "It ain't like you ever gave me any presents…"

-Maddie and David in the mall: "I'm sure some women like being kissed hard."

-Maddie holding up the key to the teenymobile: "I wanted to get you something you could use…"; David's reaction

-The car chase at the cemetery and the demise of the teenymobile`

-The final scene, from pearls to KISS…


Scene 1

INT: Maddie's Office


We see Maddie's desk, with her jacket and David's blazer on top of it. Then pan on toward the windows, following a trail of clothing: Maddie's shoe, David's pants, grey socks, a bra, etc….

Finally, we pan over the couch, where Maddie and David lie artfully covered with a white chenille afghan. David has his shirt on, but unbuttoned; Maddie apparently wears nothing but her…pearls. David is behind Maddie with his arm around her waist. She looks pensive, her cheek resting on one hand.

David yawns, then pushes Maddie's hair aside and kisses her neck.

DAVID: Don't say I never gave you anything.

MADDIE (fingering the pearls): They're really beautiful, David.

DAVID: I wasn't talking about the pearls.

He yawns again, stretches, and checks his watch.

DAVID: Well, my work here is done.

MADDIE (half turning): What?

DAVID (climbing off the couch): Sorry, Blondie…the Harem Scarem Carpet Cleaners need me now.

Maddie sits up and pulls the afghan around her. David is pulling on his pants.

MADDIE: David—don't you—

DAVID: Not usually. (He continues to dress, buckle, button, etc.)

MADDIE (impatiently): Don't you think we should talk?

DAVID: About what?

MADDIE: What? Weren't you here? What we just did! (Author's Note: Yeah, I know…but it's such a good line, it deserves to be used twice! :)

David stands with his hands on his hips, his lips pursed in what looks like amusement.

DAVID: OK, let's talk. (Checks his watch again; smirks at camera) Watch this.

David starts to pace and gesture, clearly miming a conversation between two people.

DAVID: David, this was a mistake. It shouldn't have happened. What? Let's make a pact…a pact that it didn't happen. That it'll never happen again. Pact schmact! I don't wanna make no pact. Well, what do you want? What do you want? I don't know…but I don't want this. Well, maybe I don't want this either. Fine. Fine. Good. Good. Gotta go. Go!

He grabs his blazer from the desk and heads out the door. Maddie, who has watched his performance dumbfounded, rises from the couch, but nearly trips on the afghan.

MADDIE: David—David, wait! That wasn't—

The door slams.


INT-Maddie's bedroom


Maddie sits up in bed abruptly, looking shaken by the force of the door slamming in her dream. The camera focuses on the half-empty glass of wine on her nightstand, then pans over the floor, where we see a trail of clothes: Maddie's jacket, her white dress, her bra, etc. Then back to the bed. The side that Maddie has not been sleeping on is still perfectly made—the sheets smooth and tucked, the pillow in place.

Maddie's hand trails over the unrumpled, unused side, as if feeling for an invisible presence. She brings her knees up and hugs them to her; with her other hand, she touches the pearls at her throat.

She stares off into space for a minute, her expression unreadable.