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Summary: Wild West AU. All human. Katherine Pierce is one of the more ill-famed outlaws around the town of Mystic. Damon Salvatore is a free roaming ranger that is only passing through town. After a rather short poker game, Damon finds himself roaming the desert with Katherine, who is looking for someone. A notorious outlaw by the name of Klaus. Adventure, romance, and action ensues.

The Outlaws


"What the hell, Stefan?" Damon questioned, breaking the momentary silence. Damon's brother took a glance at Klaus and Elena, a frown crossing his face.

"You said that we were just going to visit your sister," he said, ignoring Damon, "did you know they were here?"

Klaus glanced at Stefan, "you never know what you will find out here. Speaking of, Miss Katherine, I haven't seen you in months," he walked forward, Damon gripping his pistol tighter. Mikael seemed calm, his eyes on the outlaw walking towards them.

"How have you been?" Klaus asked, his voice sickly sweet. Katherine found it hard to fight the urge to shoot him in the head right then and there.

"Not very well," Katherine said, "seeing as you still have my sister."

"Well," Klaus said, "as frustrating as that may be, for you, I'm not done with her yet."

"You son of a bitch-" Katherine growled, but Mikael said her name, making her to look at him with a questioning look.

"Not here, we both know you won't win that fight."

Katherine glared at him, "who's side are you on?"

Klaus watched the short exchange for a few moments, then glanced at Damon. He tilted his head slightly, giving him a look. "Damon Salvatore."

Damon narrowed his eyes, "what are you doing with my brother?"

"I'm not doing anything with your brother, he's with me by choice." Klaus said, taking a glance at Stefan. The younger Salvatore frowned at him, not saying anything. Damon gave Stefan a questioning look, Klaus still smiling about it all.

Elena glanced at Klaus, "I want to speak with Katherine." she said, authority in her voice. It was odd hearing it from her, and Klaus looked at Katherine. He knew that if she tried anything, she wouldn't survive his counter attack.

"Fine." he stated, Katherine moving from her spot and walked over to Elena. She stepped outside, Katherine following close behind.

"You're alright?" Katherine asked, Elena glancing at her.

"I am," she replied, stopping and looking at her horse, "but you really need to stop this."

Katherine stared at her for a few seconds, "you like riding around with Klaus?"

"Oh God, no," Elena said, turning to look at her, "but I'm scared for you. You know what he will do to you once he decides that he's had enough of you?" she questioned, fear in her voice. "You'll get a bullet in your head."

"No, I'm not giving up," Katherine stated, "Elena, come with us now. You can while you have a chance, Klaus has his back turned."

"No, I can't risk it." Elena said with a sigh, Katherine shaking her head. Elena seemed to stand there for a few moments, like she was waiting for something. Katherine turned slightly, glancing back towards the house when all hell broke loose.

There was shouting, Katherine picking up on the fact that it was Damon's. She started to move towards the house to help him when she felt something cold and hard pressed against her head.

"Don't move." Elena stated, her gun pressed against the back of Katherine's head. Her sister stilled, waiting. She watched as Stefan dragged out a struggling Damon, Klaus marching Mikael outside with his gun pressed against his head.

"You were expecting this all along?" Katherine asked her sister quietly, watching Damon being tied up by Stefan.

"I'm sorry," Elena said, "I'm being forced to this. I hope you understand."

Katherine didn't reply, watching a now unconscious Damon being loaded onto the horse. Klaus still kept his gun pressed against the back of Mikael's head, she was fearing that he would shoot him. Mikael was probably the one thing that allowed her to track Klaus, since Damon was obviously going to be gone if she didn't do anything.

Quickly, Katherine pulled her gun out of her vest and turned on her sister, gripping her arm as Elena fired off the shot. Katherine took that time to attempt to hit her with her gun, but Elena was quick and backed away.

Katherine got the hilt of Elena's gun slammed into her nose, Katherine letting out a yelp of pain and gripped her nose. She felt a sharp pain shoot across the back of her head as she fell down into the sand, her eyes connecting with Stefan's boots.

Son of a-

There was gunfire, Katherine's vision going black.

Elena stood over her sister, looking down at her. She glanced at Stefan, Klaus walking towards them as Mikael lay in the sand also.

"Why Damon?" Elena questioned, feeling bad she had ti hurt her sister. "Katherine is much more experienced."

"Yes, but now Katherine has no way to track me," he bent down, removing Katherine's guns and her knives, "and she has no weapons."

Stefan gave Elena a sympathetic look as he headed back towards his horse where Damon was laying, hands tied up. Elena cast one glance at her sister before walking to her own horse, glancing at Klaus as he talked to his sister.

Mikael was bleeding into the sand, Rebekah staring at his body as Klaus walked back to his own horse. He hopped up into it, starting to move on finally. Stefan adjusted his brother so Damon was sitting up and started after Klaus with Elena following.

Damon winced as his head pounded, a dizziness washing over him. His ribs hurt where he remembered being kicked, the bullet still lodged in his shoulder, the wound stinging and burning. He opened his eyes to see the setting sun on the horizon and the neck of a black horse.

He was on an horse?

He also noticed that he couldn't move his hands and something tight was wrapped around his chest, the swaying of the horse making it hard for him to stay upright.

Or was that the dizziness?

"What?" he questioned to himself as he saw Klaus riding a few feet ahead of him.

"Shut your mouth." Came a quiet reply from right above his ear, Damon recognizing Stefan's voice right away. He tried to turn his head slightly to look at Stefan, but his shoulder burned and the ropes made that hard to do the movement also.

"I think I'm going to be sick." Damon stated in a quiet voice, his thoughts and head swimming as his stomach twisted.

"Don't," Stefan said, "just wait, we are almost at the cabin. You can puke all you want there."

Damon sighed, closing his eyes as he waited for the nausea to pass, a few questions coming to his mind.

"Where is Katherine?" he asked quietly, opening his eyes.

"Dead." Stefan stated, Damon pausing and glanced at him. She was dead? How?

"Stefan? What? H-"

"No more questions," Stefan stated, "pretend to be passed out, it'll be easier this way."

Damon let out a sigh, closing his eyes. The swaying made it hard for him to keep his eyes closed, Damon thinking that he was falling off a number of times.

Though, he must have dozed off, because when he woke up Stefan was just entering a ranch, a few new faces showing up. Damon quickly shut his eyes, allowing himself to be limp. It wasn't hard, his head swimming even more than before.

The swaying stopped, Damon feeling Stefan get off. As soon as he was gone, Damon slid sideways off the horse and hit the ground. He let out a loud yelp, pain shooting through his ribs and shoulder, not to mention the he got the wind knocked out of him.

He was pulled up to his feet, Damon's eyes snapping open to see Klaus standing in front of him.

"You don't look so good, Damon." he said, Damon wanting to spit at him. But, he was too thirsty to gather up any spit to do so.

"Well, he's lost a lot of blood from the gun shot." Stefan said, Damon being pushed forward. Damon's eyes were closed again, having shut without him noticing. He was jostled when he was pulled forward, tripping over something.

He glanced down, noticing that he was climbing up stairs.

"Get Elijah." he heard Klaus say to someone, Damon wondering if they would kill him already. Katherine was dead, Mikael was probably gone.

He wondered what was going on, his heart racing as he was placed down on a hard surface. A new voice assaulted his ears, sounding like it was just above him.

"What happened?"

"He was shot," Stefan said, "there might be something wrong with his ribs, too."

There was a pause, "alright, flip him over."

Damon felt his world shift, his eyes opening. There was man standing above him, towering being the better term. He was rather tall from Damon's view, his eyes taking in the man's short brown hair and frown.

"You can fix him?" That was Klaus. Damon glanced up slightly, but hissed when his shoulder burned. He fell back against the table, letting out some air.

"I wouldn't do that." the taller man said, walking so he was standing above his head and peeled back his short a bit to get a look at his shoulder.

"Well, it's pretty deep," he said after a few moments of silence, "but it's nothing I can't fix."

"Great," Klaus said, walking into Damon's line of sight, "don't worry, you are in good hands. Elijah will help you with that bullet and then we'll find you a nice place to stay."

"You can go to hell." Damon groaned out, closing his eyes again.

Klaus only smirked, turning and walking out of the room.