E/O Challenge: Punish

A/N: Happy Birthday to smalld1171! Here is some Dean for your special day!

SPOILERS: Set in season six, right after "Appointment in Samarra."

Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural, its characters or any original storylines.

The snow crunched under his feet as Dean made his way across Bobby's yard. He needed to get away for a few minutes. He'd been in the panic room with Sam all day, and he needed to some breathing room. After Death gave Sam back his soul, the kid fell into a coma. As if losing Sam to Lucifer wasn't punishment enough, he had to watch his brother run around with no soul, and then fall into a coma when he finally gets it back. After all he'd been through, normal was beginning to seem a bit overrated.

Notes: Title of this piece comes from the Evanescence song of the same name.