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Jane POV

Today, the driver was picking me up from the house. Carlisle had gathered the kids in the hallway to say goodbye. They looked like they preferred to be doing something else instead.

I shook hands with Carlisle and nodded to the kids. Rosalie pointedly yawned loudly. Emmett and Jasper snorted with laughter and Andrew raised his eyebrows; amused. I scowled at them. I certainly wouldn't miss them at all.

Esme POV (A/N: Yes! She's back.)

I hugged the children goodbye. Thomas shook my hand smiling happily. "Thanks for everything Esme." he said.

"You're welcome."

Faith twirled up to me. "Goodbye Esme. I'll miss you." she said as she hugged me. David nodded from behind her.

To be honest, I felt slightly sorry to go. They were good kids and Thomas was a nice father. However, I do miss my family and I can't wait to go home.

But first... A trip to the studio.

Jane POV

We were going to the studio to sort out our differences. I wonder how the children are. They had probably picked up bad habits off the replacement mum. When I get to the table, I'll give her a piece of my mind – about the children.

After a while, we reached the studio. I got out of the car and saw Thomas waiting there. I gave him a hug, glad to be back with my proper family. I saw the Cullen's out of the corner of my eye. They were sucking each other's faces.


Thomas POV

I greeted Carlisle with a nod. He was much younger looking in person. As we sat down, I glanced at Jane. Her face was set in that way when she was about to scold someone. Oh, dear. I hoped the show helped her realize things about the kids.

Carlisle POV

Thomas looked like a good man. Esme filled me in on him when we were walking to the table. Apparently, he was a good father but just worked too much.

"Just like you." she had added teasingly.

"If you don't mind Mrs Cullen. Can you go first?" one of the crew said. Esme nodded.

Esme POV

"Well," I began, "When I got there, the kids were quite contend. Thomas was almost a workaholic."

A crossed look flashed on Mrs Smith's face before it went.

"There were way too many activities and chores for the kids to do. They didn't even like some of the activities."

Her face was one of pure shock. She sat with her arms crossed and a frown on her face.

"During the second week, I gave the children more freedom. Needless to say, they were a lot happier during the second week. Thomas was also around more to spend time with the kids."

Jane POV

I couldn't believe that woman. How dare she! The kids do not work too much.

"Jane, it's your turn." Thomas said.

I scowled at the Cullen's. "For starters," I said, "The kids are very rude and just don't know when to stop."

"They just don't listen. Do you even have any control over them?" I asked and Esme just smiled at me looking amused.

"And the pranks!" I said my voice rising slowly. Thomas placed a calming hand on my wrist but I shrugged it off. "Their pranks are the worst. Do you know what they have done to me for the past two weeks?!"

Thomas POV

I watched the Cullen's. I really hope that she doesn't say or do something that she might regret. Jane finally finished her speech and looked rather satisfied with herself.

"I think that the problem with your family is not the kids. Or even Thomas for that matter." Esme said. "I think that the problem is you."

Jane just sat there and stared not believing her ears. Esme ignored her and continued. "You're too controlling. You really should listen and talk to the kids more."

Jane POV

Two words. Not. Happy. I most definitely wasn't too controlling. I turned to Thomas.

"What do you think?" I asked him.

"I agree with Esme." he said.

"What! Why?"

"You are too controlling. You even have a menu for two weeks about what to eat. The kids have too much work to do and there's no time for them to relax." he replied. "Think about it please."

We sat in silence for a few minutes. They did have a point though. The kids generally looked unhappy or forced a smile.

"I suppose I could try and lessen their workload." I said.

Everyone smiled. "I will personally talk to the children when we get home. Promise." Esme said.

"Alright then." Thomas said standing up and offering a hand. "Goodbye."

We exchanged goodbyes and went off to the cars that were to take us back to our homes. I couldn't wait to see the kids again.

Esme POV

"Well, Jane took it well." I said as we got in the car. Carlisle nodded.

"But now, we have to deal with Emmett."

"Yes, you're right. I do have one idea…"

"Oh?" he said. "What's that?"

"No 'doing it' with Rosalie for say… a month. No, two months."

Carlisle grinned at this and we discussed various punishments for Emmett all the way home.

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