Title: Serendipitous

Pairing: Heya (If it's not your thing please just click the back button, I know it's not for everyone)

Summary: Naya and Heather haven't talked in years but can New York City, serendipity and fate bring them back together?

Rating: Pg-13/ R (just in case)

Disclaimer: I own nothing but my own imagination.


Chapter 1: New York

All great things must come to and end and it did. After five amazing, unforgettable seasons Glee came to an end. It was bittersweet, the cast and crew would miss one another but even more greatness was in store for them individually, it was out there waiting to be found.

It had been five years since it all ended. Some of them stayed close, others drifted apart but still emailed occasionally, and a couple lost touch all together. Life was busy, complex and fast moving, not everyone had the time to put so much effort into a friendship that had run its course. Sometimes the only thing that keeps two people together is a mutual bond, like a hit television show.

She raised the collar of her jacket as she stepped out the front door of her building. The crisp New York winter air threatened to nip at any exposed skin. It was certainly different from Los Angeles but she loved it. It was refreshing and fast paced. When she got out of work late it didn't matter, the city was always alive.

Putting her hand out she hailed a cab. She smiled triumphantly to herself as the got in giving the driver the address she wanted to go to. Three years in New York City helps you hail a cab like a pro. That and learning from the best New Yorker she knew who she started to refer to as Miss New York way back in the day. Paying the driver she got out and made her way up the steps, as the doorman opened the heavy door for her.

Once upstairs she didn't bother with knocking she just let herself in. "Lea, I'm here."

"Living room!" The voice yelled back, a voice that was not Lea Michele's.

As she rounded the corner of the living room her mouth dropped open in surprise as the gorgeous blonde in the room stood up from the couch. "Dianna!" She jumped a little and wrapped her arms around the girl. "You look hot."

Dianna laughed. "So do you Miss platinum selling artist/tv star."

The next few hours were spent reminiscing but also telling new stories. While Naya had remained close with Dianna she didn't get to see her as much as they'd both like because there were so far apart.

"We need to talk to you about something." Lea said as she handed her another glass of white wine.

"This can't be good if you're liquoring me up." She paused to sop her drink. "Okay, I'm ready, what is it?"

"It's about that reunion party we talked about…She's coming." Lea said as she finished her glass of wine, nervous as to how Naya was going to react.

"What?" Naya nearly chocked on her drink.

"Heather sent me an email and said she would be here for it, that she wouldn't miss it."

"I don't think I can see her, we were so sure she wasn't going to come that I never thought she actually would."

Dianna nodded as Lea wrapped a supportive arm around her." She doesn't get in until 7 and the party starts at 5 so you can see everyone else before she gets here." Naya nodded with a sad smile.

"I'll be fine, she'll be in town for a few days its not a big deal. In a city like this that's easily avoidable.

One Week Later – Lea's Apartment

Two hours after the party started Naya excused herself. She said she had to work in the, tat she had an early call time. No one argued, they all knew the real reason as to why Naya was leaving. While they all knew a lot about one another they never knew what happened between the former best friends.

As the doorman opened the door a cab was already waiting for her. A light snow was falling so her only concern was getting home to a warm bed. She was so focused that she didn't see the tall blonde get out of the cab across the street and make her way towards the building she herself just exited from.

Three Days Later – Coffee Shop

Lea walked in to the small coffee shop between her and Naya's. It was a quite place that was open late, which was perfect for their late night chats. When you worked on Broadway or a hit tv show the only time to get in a quick girls chat was late at night. It was the only time her and Naya got when they were busy and it made for a good venting session which always seemed to help.

"Hey girlie, still awake enough to talk or are you just going to mumble?" Lea joked as she sat down.

"Barely but only because I just had a shot of espresso. Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Ever heard of serendipity?"

Naya rolled her eyes. "Of course I do live in New York and you know it's my favourite ice cream place."

"Not the ice cream parlour, the movie and specifically what it means."

Naya raised an eyebrow and shook her head. "John Cusack, Kate Beckinsale, you know it's one of my faves."

Lea shook her head, that wasn't something that she knew. "I didn't know that."

"Oh, my bad. Anyways, what about it?"

"The concept of it, a fortunate accident, do you believe in that or do you believe in fate?"

Naya leaned back in her chair and thought for a second. "I do believe in it, sometimes things just happen that way because they do and that's that. I used to believe in fate but nowadays it seems like something for fairytales, you lose that as you get older. The idea that your life will turn out like a Disney movie because lets face it Disney movies have ruined our perception of love and romance. Who knows maybe it's a little bit of both, its too late for me to be having a conversation like this because I'm going around in circles and contradicting myself."

Lea beamed. "You're lying to me Rivera. We might be 30 and 31 respectively but you are still a hopeless romantic at heart. I'm starting to believe that serendipity is actually fate's younger sister. The world has a plan for us to reach our greatest potential if we're patient enough to let it but accidents are what help us learn. So serendipity is really fate's way of making something happen without throwing it in your face so you are contradicting yourself, what you said makes total sense.

They continued to talk about work and the party for the next half hour before finally calling it a night. They stood outside as Lea hailed a cab for herself that she offered to but Naya decided to walk. Something about New York had sparked a love of walking. It was a beautiful city and the only way to experience its true beauty was to walk around and take it all in.

As she walked she passed The Walden, she took a second to stop and look up, admiring its beauty before she continued. What she hadn't noticed about the historic building was the woman standing just inside that had spotted her. Sniffling slightly she decided to cab the last ten blocks home.

Just as she got in the woman that spotted her ran out of the hotel, desperately looking around. "Hemo!" No response. "Heather!" Nothing. "Heather Elizabeth Morris!" The tall blue eyed blonde finally turned around.


"What are you doing?" Heather took one last look around before moving back inside the hotel. "Thought I saw someone I used to know."

"Who Naya?" Ashley's chuckled before taking in Heather's expression. Her mouth dropped a little when she realized that really was who her friend had thought she seen.

"My mind is playing tricks on me."

"I say this with love but yeah it is. This is NYC I highly doubt the odds of randomly running into her are in your favour."

Heather nodded. "I know but it looked so much like her."

Ten minutes later Naya was home in her big cozy warm bed. She tried to relax but her mind kept going over her and Lea's conversation and hat Lea had said about serendipity and fate. Taking a deep breath she tried to let the thought leave her mind, telling herself that what she needed right now was sleep.

A/N: I know it's short but I just wanted to set things up. I would love to know what you all think about it and if I should continue etc. Hope you liked the first chapter.