Welcome back! Or to those who are meeting Hero Smith for the first time, welcome! Tea? Fish stick?

This is the second adventure with the eleventh Doctor and Hero Smith, an American college student who recently was changed back into her original Time Lord self by a vengeful race of meanie aliens (see my other story, "A Girl Named Hero, and Time Lord Called Doctor" for full details).

This story will hopefully be a bit less "dark" and more like the fluffier types of Doctor Who episodes which are thrown in every once in a while just for fun. I also will be adding a bit more romance, so get ready for a bit of fun! ;)

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Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who or any of the show's characters. I do, however, own Hero Smith. She is minez ;) hehehe


Everyone, everything, every place was spinning before me, the raw power of the universe piercing into my very soul. I could feel the unending pulse of Time, the jagged edges of countless planets and species and languages and numbers... I was spinning in a spiral of white and rainbow and blue-tinged lightning, tears streaming from me into the core of existence, and I realized that I could see the reason for things, the purpose of all objects in the universe, the rushing tide of love and hate constantly battering against one another. Life and death blurred together until I couldn't tell whether an infant crying was about to take its last breath or if an old man staggering to his feet was breathing his first. Every possible emotion, every unthinkable moment of pain and joy and sorrow and wonder played out before my eyes, every war and hug and cry and laugh.


And then, walking across the expanse of nameless color and light, came a tall slender man in a suit and red bow tie. His angular face broke into a smile when he saw me, light streaming from my fingertips, tears of pure emotion on my face, and he raised a hand out to me, saying, "Welcome, Hero, I'm the Doctor. And you're ready to meet the universe."

I realized that I was holding on, that I was managing to cling to enough of myself to recognize my name, to feel my hearts flutter as his fingertips touched mine, to reply, "A doctor, hm? I've been needing one of those... What do you say we get out of here and do something... cool."

And thus began my new life as a Time Lady named Hero.

"What we need," the Doctor said, flitting around the TARDIS control panel and pressing all the brightest buttons, "is a holiday. When one has just survived death by an inch, lived to tell the tale, found a new friend..." He winked at me, and I giggled, "a good, old-fashioned, proper holiday is in order. The only question remains..." He paused in his administrations upon the console, and looked up at me, blue eyes twinkling, and I smiled at the angular, casually handsome Time Lord in front of me. His brown mop of hair flopped over his broad forehead, his red bow tie strange and just, well, him under his long chin. "Where to go first!" he finished, nearly shouting with excitement, and I wondered if the poor man had ever really had a day off in this life.

I grinned at the Doctor as I leaned against the console. I enjoyed watching the lights flicker and change before me. In the last span of twenty-four hours, one day since I'd looked into the Time Vortex for the first time, I found myself oddly drawn to the TARDIS' workings. I wanted to learn every name of every lever and button, I wanted to fly her for myself. The Doctor had said that this would come later, thatI had to come to terms with my new increased intelligence first.

The first thing I'd noticed was the vast number of patterns all around me. There were patterns in the wall, in speech, on the floor, in how my hair fell across my face, in the tiny lines on my fingertips. At first I was alarmed, feeling like I'd somehow contracted a mental illness, but within a few hours the bombardment of information became more manageable, and I was able to ignore most things just like I did naturally with my other senses. I also realized that I felt more aware of the Doctor's moods. This got a little strange at times, because he had a habit of appearing calm on the outside while under the surface he seethed with some unknown emotion. Often he was just happy, but the night before when I'd come across him in the library, he'd seemed... melancholy. He had brightened at once when he saw me, but I knew I hadn't imagined it. Maybe this holiday would give him something to be truly happy about; it was painful to see him feeling so sad and lonely all locked up in his own mind.

"Where are we going?" I asked him eagerly. A vacation with a well-traveled Time Lord was sure to be an unheard of treat, especially as it was with this particular Time Lord who liked beautiful and unusual things.

"The Gypernion system, with the planets Gy, Pern, and Snow!" the Doctor cried, "I know the names aren't very original, well except for Snow of course... Well, I suppose we can't call the other ones boring either, as far as names go..."

"It's sounds really great," I interjected, reassuring him.

"You'll love it," he went on, making a few final adjustments to our course trajectory and pulling the console screen towards himself, "Gy is a city-planet with great cultural centers and hundreds of different species in one place! Pern is mostly a deep green forest which is home to a very odd species of sentient monkey which cares for the ancient temples and gardens there. And Snow... well, you can probably guess what makes that planet famous." He raised the main drive lever, and the TARDIS hummed into life, rocking gently back and forth like we were on a boat out at sea.

"That sounds..." Words nearly failed me as my heightened sense of adventure almost choked me with happiness, "awesome..."

"It'll be fantastic," he breathed, meeting my eyes once more. A small smile curved his lips as he regarded me, his new Time Lady companion, and I could tell he was more relaxed and at peace then I'd ever seen him. "It's good to not be alone," he said, and I nodded.

Our brief reverie was quickly broken as a new thought occurred to him. "Ooh! We get to pack!" He nearly capered about with enthusiasm.

Get to?

I quickly stifled a laugh as he whirled around, completely distracted, and rushed headlong towards the doorway which led to the rest of the TARDIS. He was grinning to himself with what was apparently anticipation of packing, when he suddenly skidded to a halt in the doorway and turned to face me. I had remained near the console, smiling as I watched him run off like an excited school boy going on a field trip.

When he faced me, his face had grown serious, and he asked, "Are... are you sure you'd like to come with me?" Something in his tone made me sad.

"Of course!" I replied, genuinely puzzled at his question. I smiled encouragingly at him, then continued, "I can't wait!"

And then he smiled, really smiled, and his entire face lit up as he recognized my honesty. Then he winked teasingly at me, turned on his heel, and marched off to pack.

The TARDIS hummed to me, and I sensed a sort of question.

I giggled. I'm sure it'll be fine. But really, when did the Doctor go anywhere and not get into trouble?


Really? Pluto? Wow...