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This is the concluding scene for "Hero and the Doctor: The Forest of Whispers"...

But don't fret! Tomorrow I will begin the third Hero-and-Eleven episode, and based off of the ending here, it will be exciting for sure! Perhaps M... We'll see ;)


Sometime before bedtime (Amy had made up the little guest room for us), the Doctor disappeared in the TARDIS for a few moments, returning looking highly pleased with himself. Several new wrapped gifts appeared under the little decorated tree in the front room. Before it had gotten too late, Amy and I had slipped off to visit the large chain store across town which would be the only store open. We gathered a few extra items that would be needed in the morning, and a few surprises of our own.

"Mind the bedbugs, now," Amy chuckled to the Doctor and I as the four of us bid each other goodnight and went our separate ways, Amy and Rory up the tiny staircase, the Doctor and I into the quiet, darkened side bedroom. The Doctor had brought us a few things from the TARDIS, including my blue nightie and robe. He politely averted his gaze while I changed, then quickly removed his jacket, braces, and trousers before sliding under the covers of the little white bed. I hopped in beside him, cuddling close to him for warmth. He encircled me in his strong arms, laying a kiss on my forehead and sighing as he got comfortable.

"Wait," I murmured, sitting up slightly, and he raised his head, his face barely visible in the starlight coming from the window beside the bed. He looked into my eyes for a moment, then he reached up to gently stroke the skin of my exposed collarbone and throat. Warmth flooded throughout my body and I kissed him, slow and fast and deep. He was slightly surprised, making a small sound against my lips, but within seconds I could feel him wrapping his arms around me, pulling me in close. Our lips parted at the same time, exploring the sensation of each others' lips against our own. I felt a rush of love and protectiveness coming from him, much like I'd felt when he'd joined his mind with mine on that first night, when we'd admitted our feelings for each other. I sighed against his mouth, a thrill going through me as he gently took my face in his hands and kissed me even deeper.

After several lovely minutes, we broke apart, staying close enough to feel the warmth from the other's breath on our faces. I grinned, I couldn't help it, and the Doctor's expression was a combination of shock and awe. My expression changed as I realized that he was feeling a bit overwhelmed from kissing me, his young-and-ancient face shy as a boy's. I smiled kindly at him, stroking the side of his face with my fingertips. He finally smiled, taking the hand that was on his face and kissing it before placing it between his hearts. He pulled me down beside him on the bed, me laying my head against his collarbone, my hand still clasped by his against his chest.

"I love you, Hero," he whispered.

"I love you, Doctor," I murmured, placing a soft kiss on his skin.


I looked up at him, and his eyes were shining.

"Tomorrow's Christmas..."

I sighed happily.



"I could lay like this forever..."

"Me too..."

And together we drifted off to sleep, remaining like that until dawn peeked in the window.

The Doctor held up the strange object, slowly turning it back and forth between long fingers. His brow was furrowed as he contemplated it, his other hand poking at different parts as he twirled it.

"Ah! I see, it appears to be some sort of exotic egg whisk!" He looked very pleased with himself.

"Ahahaha no, Doctor, it's a head massager," Amy laughed, taking the device from him (which granted did look like a strange, alien device for extracting brains or something) and demonstrated its use on herself. "See? The long tines go over yer hair, and... You hold the handle part and move it around to massage. Yeah?" She handed it back to the Doctor, who took it carefully, still looking a bit skeptical. He slowly raised it above his own head, gradually lowering the long, curved metal rods into his own hair, pressing them into his scalp. We all nodded encouragingly as he stopped, still holding the odd present like it was going to bite him. Then, slowly, he lowered the raised the massage tool around on his skull. All at once his head jerked back as he exclaimed "Oh!" His face instantly turned bright red as he jerked the thing off himself, clapping a hand over his mouth.

"That's the general idea, Doctor," Rory laughed, grabbing the present from me and ripping it open. He and Amy ooh'd and ahh'd over the matching TARDIS-blue tea muugs I'd gotten them, complete with some truly amazing alien tea the Doctor had left lying around the TARDIS. The Doctor continued to cover his mouth, his eyes wide, his other hand reaching up to fix his hair. I caught his eye, and he removed his hand but remained flushed after his uninhibited display of pleasure. I winked at him, then smiled to let him know I meant nothing by it. Of course, some small part of me wished I could whip out that amazing head massager and make him go crazy...

I snapped out of it quickly once we started opening presents again. Amy and Rory presented me with a lovely leather scrapbook for me to keep on my future adventures. They got the Doctor a pair of truly wild, polka-dotted socks which he put on at once. But the best gifts, unsurprisingly, came from the Doctor himself. To Amy he gave a beautiful silver necklace with a glowing green gem on it, which, he explained, was a heartflower from the Garden Nebula. Rory got a real, honest-to-goodness Roman helmet, which sent Amy into peals of embarrassed laughter as Rory put it on and gave her a naughty look. Last of all, the Doctor turned to me, his composure recovered from his massage incident, and he handed me a small box.

"Ooh, I'm excited," I exclaimed, carefully undoing the silk ribbon that held it closed, "What is it?" He shook his head, smiling proudly. I slowly opened the lid, and Amy and Rory leaned forward eagerly to see what the Time Lord had gone off to get me the evening before.

All three of us gaped at the box's contents. It was a pearl ring.

Wordlessly I looked up at the Doctor, my eyes burning as I cradled my gift in my hands. Amy and Rory looked back and forth between us, also speechless.

The Doctor shrugged, unable to keep from smiling, "Well, I know it's a bit old-fashioned in the grand scheme of things, and really just an Earth tradition, but then again, Hero Smith, you were raised on Earth – during your conscious years, of course – Anyway, that pearl belonged to a very famous queen from Egypt, bet you can't guess which one..."

"Doctor..." I found that my hands were trembling. "What does this mean?"

He looked very surprised, then a bit confused. "I suppose I've never done this before, but still, I'd thought it would be obvious, but if it's not perhaps I should wrap it up again in a different color, perhaps pink this time, then you can open it again and -"

He was babbling again, and my time spent with him reminded me that when the Doctor started babbling like that it meant that he was either trying to get out of a dangerous situation or was... very, very nervous.

"A-are you..." I only just managed to find my voice, and my hearts thrummed together in my chest, beating out a powerful rhythm of four. "Are you... asking me to... marry you? Doctor?"

He stopped talking immediately, his eyes wide and stricken as he looked at me. He swallowed hard, and I realized that he wasn't making a bungled proposal at all, he was trying to make a proper proposal but was so worried that I'd reject him that he was dancing around it. My bluntness made him stop short.

There was a very full pause.

"Doctor?" I stood up, clutching the box in one hand and laying the other on his arm.

His eyes were so full of emotion that it was difficult to make eye contact and not get swept off into the maelstrom.

"Please..." He whispered it so quietly that for a second I thought I'd imagined it. "Please, Hero, say you'll be with me... always... I need you." There was such raw need and love in his eyes that I could feel myself tearing up a bit as I looked at him. There was a hearty sniff behind me and I saw that Amy and Rory were holding each other, both looking a tad weepy as they watched the Doctor and I. Turning back to the Time Lord, I reached up and brushed aside his long mop of hair.

"I love you," he whispered brokenly, and I knew then that every word that fell from my lips could mean the life or death of him. A wave of happiness crashed into me so unexpectedly that I bit back a gasp, falling into his arms and kissing him before I could even think about it.

When we broke apart, his eyes shown with joy. I deliberately removed the pearl ring from its box, slowly sliding onto the ring finger on my left hand. Then I looked back up at him, shocked to see a single tear glistening on his cheekbone.

"Yes," I whispered.

And so I sealed my fate; I was to be a Time Lord's wife.

The Doctor kissed me.

The End...

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