How the hell did this happen? I'm Santana fucking Lopez and I'm sitting here in the middle of glee rehearsal and I can't stop staring at Rachel Berry. Oh who am I kidding I know exactly why I'm staring at her. It all started when Puck decided to have an end of summer party for all the glee kids,I wasn't sure about going because over the summer brittney got back together with Legs and I didn't feel like seeing them be all lovey and gross but Puck basically forced me to go. Oh, I'm getting off track,so Berry well we were sitting in Pucks living room and Puckerman still hadn't got the booze when lady lips decides we should play truth or dare which is like super boring without booze but what the hell were just sitting here not doing shit.

"Santana truth or dare?"kurt asked with a smirk I just wanted to smack off his face.

"Truth"I say hoping Puck would hurry with the booze.

"What's the matter Lopez? You scared?"Lauren asked while sitting on the couch playing some dumb ass video game.

"Hell no Santana Lopez ain't scared of shit!"I shout making sure everyone heard me.

"then choose dare."Kurt says with that same damn smirk.

"Fine dare!"

"I dare you to kiss Rachel."This dare made Rachel spit out some of the soda she was drinking.

"No way in hell is that gonna happen!"me kiss the hobbit what the hell was he thinking?

"I'm afraid I'll have to agree with Santana."Rachel said still choking on some soda.

"You know the penalty for not doing the dare Santana" Oh shit Kurt's right there's no way in hell I'm running down the street in my underwear.

"Ugh fine!"

"Wait!"Berry said looking like a deer caught in the headlights. "Don't I have a say in this?"

"Apparently not Berry look just close your eyes and shut the hell up so we can get this over with."

I start to lean in and she just stays there frozen with fear.I don't want to do this any more than she does,but she doesn't have to be a fucking prude. She finally starts to relax a little when our lips touch,I mean it's just a kiss it's not suppose to be a big deal. But then something happens that scared the hell out of me.I felt something and before my brain can tell my body to stop I find myself licking her bottom lip asking for entrance and to my surprise she allows it.I don't understand this feeling at all,I would blame it on the booze except I haven't had one fucking drink. All I know is things are starting to heat up and before we go any further Puck walks in

"Hey losers I got beer!"He says completely unaware of what was just happening in his living room.

"Thank god I need a fucking drink!"I say as I jump up to get a beer pretending that what just happened didn't effect me at all. So there you go that's how this 's how I ended up staring at Rachel Berry.I'm trying not to stare I mean I'm really trying but I can't pull my eyes away and I can't understand when did Berry get so hot?

"Santana?"I finally snap out of it when I hear the voice of my former best friend.

"What do you want brittney?"I ask trying to make it clear that I was still mad at her.

"I just want to talk.I miss you you're my best friend"she tells me with that little puppy dog look that use to work so well on me.

"If you miss me so much than why did you get back together with wheels?"

"He's not ashamed to be with me."

"I was not ashamed to be with you I just wasn't ready to come out yet." that's all I had to say she tried to say something else,but I just walked out I can't deal with this right now.