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Give and Take

Enishi's Role

Enishi watched in horror as his sister was brutally murdered by the same monster that murdered her fiancé.  He grew up with one thing in the center of his being and that was revenge for the murder of his sister. 

Battousai had destroyed his sister's smile.  Enishi couldn't bring his sister back but he could destroy the one who had taken her away from him.

He practiced his sword technique, learning everything he could about the Battousai.  He kept his body in good physical shape preparing for the day when he would have his revenge.

When the day arrived, he made his move.  He kidnapped the one person who had reached Battousai's heart.  Leaving the puppet, as evidence of her death, sent Battousai crawling into a hole giving up on life.

He brought her to the island only because he could and would use her in case the puppet didn't work.  But even with the Battousai giving up on life, he still wasn't satisfied.  He missed his sister's smile.

He would watch Battousai's woman and see his sister but she didn't smile for him.  She was always sad.

Word arrived that Battousai was coming for his woman.  Now he would get his revenge and she would smile for him once again.

He had expected an easy win but Battousai had a will to live that surpassed anything that he had ever been around.  He talked about three sisters along with his sister and how he had to live for them.  Nonsense nothing but nonsense.

But in the end he lost, then the fight took an unexpected turn when Battousai humbled himself at Enishi's feet allowing him to take his life for atonement for taking the life of his sister.

At last, he could get his revenge only to find her using her body to protect him.  He froze when he saw that he would be killing his sister and that his sister wanted Battousai to live.

Falling to the ground, he succumbed to all the pent up emotions that had been building over the years.  And she was there, soothing his emotions, trying to calm his inner self so that he could go on with his life.

His sister had finely smiled for him.  She was happy and he could live his life.

Watching Battousai and his woman leave the island, he vowed to pay them one last visit and make sure that his sister was indeed smiling.

~~In a little shop in a little town in Mainland China sat Enishi across from the shopkeeper.

Both men were speaking in hushed tones as if someone might hear them when they were the only occupants in the store.

"Are you sure that this will work?" Enishi quietly asked the shopkeeper.

"Of course, never sell bad product," the shopkeeper responded indignant that he would even be asked such a question.

"How long does it last?" he asked picking up a small round object.

"It curse, sometimes long, sometimes no long," the shopkeeper said nonchalantly shrugging his shoulders.

"Then how can I…"

"Ancient Chinese secret.  But…  for say right price," the shopkeeper said leaning towards Enishi with a silly grin on his face.

"Ok I'll pay it," he growled settling in for a long bout of haggling with the shopkeeper.

Minus one sword and many hours of patience, Enishi procured what he had come for. 

Next stop, the Kamiya Dojo.