HELLO! I know it's been Y over a year or two since my last update, and since then I have been giving my writing some serious thought as well as some of my own original ideas, and as I've been giving most of my focus to my own original ideas, I've been neglecting all the stories I've thus far published on FFNet, BUT I've also been working on my writing skills a bit and thinking more deeply on how I could improve my writing as I felt I strongly should. I've been looking into depth about the characters: what they feel, what they've been through and what they think because of what they've been through, and the significance of every scene that occurs. From all this thinking and practice I've come to really wanting to start most of the few stories I've put up for you all to read. Now I know you're going to start feeling something hideous and you might even start thinking of lines like 'if I ever discover your real identity I'm going to…' well, thank goodness for the internet and socialising media without truly socialising. So I'll be re-writing this idea and I'll post my new prologue in a couple of days as I wait for everyone to read this terribly disappointing confession that's really sounding more like a jumble of excuses… so umm… in my defence I'd like to think that it's been so long since anyone's read my story that you won't really remember what the previous chapters were about… so… yeah. I was going to try and get this all out in a script type style but then I'd have been copying one of my friends, but I thought better of it and decided to tell you as plain and, er, simple as I could and there you go. I'll be surprised if you read this to the end and I'll award you the title of PERSERVERER. So congratulations! and thank-you for your gracious patience.

F.D.T.A (Few Days That's All) and i'll update again.