"Wally, go."


"Just go."

"No way, Rob, I'm not leaving you here! You could-"

"The longer you stay, the more likely both of us will die. As it is, you can go and get help."


"Goddammit Wally, I'm not getting out of this anytime soon, but you can! I don't want you dyeing..."

Robin breathed deeply, trying to stay conscious while buried under huge slabs of rubble, wondering if they had a steady supply of air or not and how long would he really last...? How many of his bones were broken, how badly was he trapped underneath this debris?

But Wally wasn't quite as badly trapped as he was, he could easily wiggle out or maybe even attempt to phase his molecules like he'd been practicing more recently. Sure, he might get a bloody nose, but he'd be free and able to get the hell out of there before the other bomb went off.

"Rob...please, don't...don't make me do this..."

"Can you not get out?"

"No...I mean, yeah, I can."

"Then go. For me. I don't want you dyeing with me again."

"Don't talk like that-!"


Wally held back his tears and his conflicting emotions. Robin was trapped here and he wasn't strong enough to help him out from under there, only Miss Martian or Aqualad or Superboy could help him, or someone equally strong or capable. Wally had to go and get that someone, fast, and fast was the only thing he was good for.

"Okay. I'm leaving."

And with that, he managed to actually phase through the solid rock and cement with only a minor nose-bleed. He would have been proud of himself had the situation not been so dire. Rubbing the blood away from his lips, Wally stood over his best friend, who was lying prone underneath who knows how many pounds of rubble. He wished desperately and selfishly that their roles could be reversed so he wouldn't have to deal with this pressure.

"Good," Robin said, once he could see Kid Flash standing and free. "Now, go, save yourself-"

"I'm leaving, and I'm coming back for you."

Robin's face took on a pained expression, one that looked like he was trying to figure out how to say something difficult. He sighed, choking out "...Wally..."

"And don't you dare give up."

Robin was silent for a moment, before he sighed again and gave a weak smile. "Okay. I'll be waiting."

And with that, Wally lowered his goggles over his eyes and was gone in a flash.

Robin allowed his body to relax after he was sure Kid Flash was gone. He could put up a front for Wally all he wanted, but he was sure he was going to die. He had accepted that, and was happy that at least Wally would live.

So why was he crying?

Meanwhile, Wally ran faster than he had ever run before, zipping by unconscious goons and trees and abandoned buildings before he finally found that his comm. link worked. He immediately called the Watchtower and then his team.

A few minutes later, Superman was there, along with the team in the bioship.

"Where's Robin?" Superman asked, and Wally only took a second to explain before dashing off.

Wally led them there, as fast as he could. Superman followed behind him, flying as fast as he ran, and the bio-ship was keeping up as well. He felt his heart racing, couldn't stop thinking please let me make it, oh god please let me be fast enough.

They were almost there, Wally could see the ruined and broken-down building where Robin was waiting for him


A huge fireball erupted from the building, sending a shockwave outward that knocked Wally off of his feet and sent the bio-sheep reeling. After the initial explosion the heat from the fire could still be felt. The entire building was aflame and what remained standing of it soon collapsed. It took Wally a few seconds to regain his bearings before it finally registered in his mind what had just happened.

Wally screamed, unable to control himself, and Superman had to keep him from running into the burning mass of rubble, because Robin was gone and he had been too late, too slow.

Alright, this was an insta-fic I wrote on the YJ Anon Meme and I decided to post it here. We had to write something in the 4,300 character comment limit, so I was forced to write this sad ending as opposed to the happy ending I really wanted. I like them both, but I'm posting the real, alternate ending as a second chapter.