"Where's Robin?" Superman asked, and Wally only took a second to explain before dashing off.

Wally led them there, as fast as he could. Superman followed behind him, flying as fast as he ran, and the bio-ship was keeping up as well. He felt his heart racing, couldn't stop thinking please let me make it, oh god please let me be fast enough.

Superman saw the building before Wally did and sped ahead of him, flying straight into the building and searching for the fallen Boy Wonder or the second bomb Wally had told him about. Wally himself sped in a second later, and paused for only a second before going straight to where Robin was.

"Over here, Superman!" Wally yelled, and the big blue boy scout was there in under a second.

"He's under here," Wally said, pointing to the giant slab of ceiling that had fallen on top of Robin. Superman nodded and lifted it up with hardly any effort, and Wally wasted no time in snatching the unconscious Robin from underneath before Superman set it back down.

"Get him out of here, " Superman told Wally.

He didn't need to be told twice. He sped out of there with Robin in his arms, broken and bruised and hurt, and came right up to the bio-ship where his team was waiting. Superman sped out of the building as well, with only milliseconds to spare –


A huge fireball erupted from the building, sending a shockwave outward that knocked Wally off of his feet, knocking Robin out of his arms, and sent the bio-sheep reeling. After the initial explosion the heat from the fire could still be felt. The entire building was aflame and what remained standing of it soon collapsed.

It took a few seconds for Wally to get back his bearings, but he immediately brought himself to Robin's side on the ground, picking him up and bringing him into the bio-ship.

M'gann gasped at the sight of him. "Are you two okay? Robin, is he…?"

"He's fine," Superman said, entering the bio-ship as well. Superboy eyed him wearily, but didn't say anything. "You lie him down somewhere, and follow me. We need to get both of you medical attention."

Wally nodded. M'gann closed her eyes and one of the chairs lengthened to stretcher-size. Wally placed the Boy Wonder on top of it, and felt his legs give out. Luckily, he didn't fall, as a chair grew itself right under him, so he just flopped into the chair.

It felt like all his strength left him now that the adrenaline rush was over. He looked over Robin, who was still out cold, and felt relief was over him. "Go and save yourself" Robin had told him. He'd been planning on sacrificing himself, but thank God that wasn't necessary. Wally looked up and noticed that the bio-ship was moving now, but he felt too tired to really notice.

He folded his arms on the stretcher-chair-thing next to Robin and laid his head down on top of them, planning to just rest his eyes for a bit…

Before Wally could drift off to sleep, though, Robin stirred. Wally's head snapped up, and saw Robin open his eyes blearily.

"…Wally?" Robin said weakly. "I'm…alive?'

"Of course you are, stupid," Wally said, and it was just now sinking in how close a call that was. By all accounts, Robin could be dead now. "I said I'd come back for you, and I did."

"Heh," Robin replied, and it looked like he was trying not to go back to sleep. "I admit it, I almost gave up hope there…" Wally stiffened, giving him an angry look. He'd told him…! "But I knew you'd come for me. You're not that slow."

Their teammates were obviously listening in, but it seemed they were letting the two friends have their moment.

Wally was about to reply to Robin, but he'd already fallen asleep. But that was fine, because he was damn tired too.

There. Fluffy-ish ending for you! This was the ending I wanted, really. As much as I can love angsty and tragedy-fics, I prefer stuff like this way more. Let's just say I'm probably too attached to characters. XD

Man, this whole thing was pretty poorly written, but I'll see what you guys think.