Eat You Up

Chapter 1: Katherine/Jeremy, 3X05

Outside Michael's tomb, Katherine puts her hand on the front of his jacket, twisting it just a little bit, and, not for the first time, Jeremy thinks about grabbing her and pushing her up against the metal grated gate of this mausoleum in a cemetery in some town he's never been to before.

Okay, so he hasn't actually thought it out in exactly those details before. But he's definitely thought about it. The pushing and the grabbing and the putting his mouth on hers.

And he knows it's fucked up. He knows that she looks just like his sister and that it's beyond weird and that he should probably seek professional help for this not-Oedipus-but-what-exactly-DO-you-call-this Complex he's apparently got.

Because the thing is, aside from the way she's got Elena's eyes and Elena's nose and Elena's neck and Elena's hair, Katherine isn't like Elena at all. She doesn't move like Elena, all straightforward but with shoulders slightly slumped. No, Katherine moves like a cat. Slinky and precise, that's Katherine. And the way she moves her mouth, the way the smile curves and the tongue darts, that's not Elena at all. It's Katherine, and Jeremy can't stop watching her.

And god, Jeremy hates vampires. Because they've got that crazy super sense thing going on, he knows they do. Or at least she does, because she's looking at him, one hand still curled in his jacket front and the other paused on the gate and she's looking at him and damn him if it isn't predatory.

Katherine tilts her head to the side, studying him. Jeremy swallows and looks away and then looks back.

"God, you are cute, aren't you?" she says, her voice going gravelly where Elena's never would. "I could just eat you up."

"Please don't," Jeremy says, and he's trying to joke but he knows his voice is cracking. "Kind of on an important mission here and everything. Think killing me might throw it off just a little."

Katherine takes her hand off the metal and runs it cool and smooth down his cheek. "Don't be banal, Jeremy," she says. "And don't let's pretend we don't know exactly what I mean."

Then her mouth is on him, just like he imagined and nothing like he imagined at all. Hot and hungry and oh so sharp, her lips bite and her teeth scrape and Jeremy can't get enough. It's Jeremy pushed up against the wall, then, pushed faster than he could move or breathe, and Katherine's whisper as she licks that place just below his ear. "Yes, I could just eat you up."