Chapter 4: Caroline/Rebekah, 3X06

Rebekah corners her after cheerleading practice, yells her name like they're best friends. Like Caroline doesn't hate Rebekah with every fiber of her being.

Because the thing about being a vampire is that it's not just strong emotions that get amplified. It's not just undying love and arch-nemesis level hate. It's also the teeth-clenching irritation that Rebekah can waltz onto Caroline's team and jump higher and do the fucking splits and just be generally better.

The human pettiness doesn't end when you stop being human, Caroline reflects. But at least now she can comfort herself with the knowledge that she could probably kill anyone who irritates her, even if she wouldn't actually do it.

Rebekah is another story, though, with her Original near-immortality and her blonde hair that defies gravity and those little freckles all over her nose. Caroline always wanted freckles.

So when Rebekah bounces up to her, all Caroline can do is cross her arms and grit her teeth and resolve to deny her whatever she asks.

Which is easy when it turns out that what Rebekah wants is her boyfriend. Among other things.

"Ugh, why are you all so interested in making my life miserable?" Caroline throws up her hands and starts to walk away, off the football field and toward the lockers. The rest of the squad has left and the football team too. The field suddenly looks a lot bigger than it did five minutes ago, and Caroline is scared. She might be fast, but Rebekah is faster.

"I'm not interested in you," Rebekah says, her voice curious, as though the idea of actually being interested in someone never occurred to her. Caroline turns around despite herself. "I'm interested in what you've got. Your boyfriend, your popularity. Your lips."

"What?" Caroline gasped. Wherever she expected the conversation to go, it wasn't there. It's not like she hadn't noticed that Rebekah's been watching her, but she never thought…It's not like Caroline ever thought…

"Tell me," Rebekah says, taking a step closer. "How do you get your lips that color? I've never seen a vampire with lips that bright." She reaches out a hand, fingers brushing Caroline's bottom lip, and Caroline practically leaps backward. But not before she feels that familiar shock in her stomach, the one she gets when Tyler pushes her up against walls and sucks that one spot right on the side of her neck.

"It's called lipstick, you freak," she says, wrapping her arms around herself protectively. "Surely you've heard of it."

But Rebekah is still moving forward. "It's not," she says. "I didn't really see it till now, but you've still got more life in you than the rest of us, don't you?"

"What do you mean?" Caroline asks. The look on Rebekah's face is hungry now, open and yearning, but Caroline isn't moving backwards anymore. The afternoon light is shining on Rebekah's face, making pinpoints of her freckles and Caroline can't look away.

Then Rebekah is there, right in front of her, so close her freckles blur, and then her mouth is on Caroline's.

Somehow, Caroline always thought (not that she ever really thought about it or anything) that kissing a girl would be softer than kissing a boy, gentle and practiced. Rebekah's kiss is nothing like that. It's like she wants to devour Caroline, the way her teeth sink into Caroline's bottom lip and her tongue slides through her mouth, tasting everything. Finally, Rebekah pulls away.

"I should keep you around," Rebekah says. "I think I might find a use for you after all."

"And what makes you think I have a use for you?" Caroline snips once she's got her breath back.

"Well, I'm very flexible," Rebekah says, pouting. "You may have noticed. And Stefan's so boring now. You're not boring at all, are you?" She smiles then, predatory, and her fingers twist in Caroline's pleated skirt as she moves closer.

And damn her if Caroline isn't starting to feel like she might not hate Rebekah after all.