AN: Just a warning, I do not know the names of Heiter's three dogs, nor do I remember if they were even given names in the movie. So, if they are called something different that what I put down, please do't hesitate to let me know.

His name was Heiter. He was a doctor, and he loved his job. It was the only thing he loved, really. He had no positive emotion for his parents, his fellow doctors, they were all the same. He hated them. Why, one would likely ask, would someone separate conjoined twins if they hate humans? It was simple. It was strange. He liked conjoined siblings, because he didn't consider them to be 'people.' He loved working with them, learning from them. They were two, but they acted as one. He found them to be beautiful creatures, better than the lowly things normal people were. He didn't enjoy separating them, because he was turning them into just another set of humans. But at the same time, every surgery he learned more, and the more he learned the more he adored them.

It all started with one surgery. A pair of twins joined at the waist, sharing a liver. It had been a normal operation, and they came out happy and healthy. And as always, he'd lost interest, only staying with them long enough to make sure they'd stay alive and make their annoying parents happy. But this time had been different, somehow.

He watched them, two plain, human infants. Cuddled up to together, their healing, stitched up wounds pressed together through their bandages. As if they didn't want to be separated. As if they wanted to be connected together.

The thought circled round his mind, though he knew it was only a fantasy. Was it possible to reconnect them? Yes, so he thought. But he knew it was impossible, he'd loose his job, the parents would press charges... they didn't understand. How could they? They didn't see what he saw, didn't feel what he felt.

He went home that night, the idea running through his mind. Humans, could they become more than that? Was it possible...instead of separating Siamese twins, could he create them?

He considered it all the way home, his thoughts racing as he was greeted at the door by two of his three dogs. The third one, Schreck, stared from the corner of the room, always too skittish to do more than cower. He pat Feuer and Eis lovingly, and went to the kitchen to get their dinner. He filled the bowls, and set them on the floor, watching as they ate.

To combine two into one. It shouldn't be too difficult, really. But how to connect them? He wanted them to need each other, so it would have to be more than skin deep. But connecting organs would be difficult, dangerous. Could they learn how to move around without killing each other, ripping something important? Not likely. That and the fact it would be nearly impossible to get major organs, like the hearts, to accept the other's presence. Especially if it were full grown humans he was combining.

Feuer finished first, as usual, and tried to play with Schreck. She, of course, cowered away, and the male dog lowered his head and, tail wagging, sniffed her rear, as dogs are known to do. Heiter tilted his head to one side, the idea forming in his mind.

Could he connect them via the digestive system?

Yes, yes he could. It'd be easier for the organs to adapt, and one would need the other for food. Tears could be fixed with ease, as well. The thought, connecting someone to someone else that way... the one in the back would need to be fed extra nutrients through i.v., but they would be one. They would be one, and they would be together, and they would be beautiful. A single creature.

And who's to say there couldn't be more than just two?

Of course, it was all a theory, he couldn't really try it. But one could dream. He ate his own dinner and called the three dogs up into his room. The odd little idea still forming as he lay down to sleep.