He did it. He found three people who were matches. It had happened sooner than he'd expected, as only four humans has been captured. The one that wasn't compatible had been disposed of. Regrettable, but none the less necessary. He couldn't let anyone know what it was he was doing. They wouldn't understand. No one ever understood.

The operation went well, despite Lindsay's escape attempt. Truthfully, he found her strong will admirable, but he wasn't looking for defiance in the new creature. The centipede. His pet... so he put her in the center, trapped between the other two. It was both a punishment in that it would cause her pain, and a way to keep her in line. If they obeyed, so too would she, as they could easily overpower her.

A few days passed, and though he promised himself he'd wait until they healed completely, he couldn't wait. He wanted them up and moving, though he'd be gentler this time. He made them stand, offered them words of encouragement. He got them to walk, got them eating. But even so, training was difficult. The centipede tried to wander off at every moment, it screamed through each night and deprived him of sleep, and it even had the gall to bite him.

When the end piece got sick, he put on a brave, firm face. He thought it might keep them calm, let them know he'd make sure they were cared for. He'd put Jenny to sleep, so she wouldn't have to suffer. But the police were being so nosey, and he couldn't resist the chance to replace the lost segment and add another. So he left them in the operating room, and that was where things went horribly wrong.

It bit him again, in the neck, an attempt to rip the jugular out no doubt. It also stabbed him. Really, if it wanted him dead, it should have cut his throat with the scalpel, and not relied on teeth and a vague idea of where to aim. But he wasn't about to point that out.

He stumbled up the stares, in pain but determined, and tried to threaten it back to it's place. And then the leader, he took his own life, as Heiter felt a stab of...there wasn't another word for it, horror. The man would rather die than continue on in a better state? But why? He had a chance to be so much more, and instead he chose a blade of glass.

The woman, Jenny, was nearing death. He wanted to put her down, but it was far too late. The police would be back soon, and now that the leader was dead, there was no way he could get them back down into the operating room before the others arrived. Jenny would die of the infection, without pain killers of any sort. He pitied her, but there as nothing he could do. He fled the room, stopping only to grab his gun. He wasn't in the right shape to bring the men down, he'd have to kill them and start once more from scratch.

And he was there, hiding in the pool room. He shot one man in the stomach, the other already having been killed shortly before. And the last thing he saw was the gun pointed right at his head.

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