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The room was dark.

Not a speck of light crept in, for there was not one crack in the solid, steel door barring the exit. Given that there were no windows either, it made it impossible to see. Perhaps there were others in the room; Miles Edgeworth wouldn't have known. He couldn't even tell how large his confines were. Darkness and darkness alone seemed to plague the room.

His hand slid across the cold concrete floor, causing him to shiver uncontrollably. Freezing didn't begin to cover the conditions he was placed in, he thought as he tried to pull his jacket closer towards him. The new contact proved to be no more comfort, but it was to be expected.

He breathed in, trying to relax himself. Panic would do no good in a situation like this; he needed to think everything through calmly.

The problem was that there wasn't anything to think though. He'd awoken to find himself trapped in a cold, pitch black room. Logical thinker or not, it wasn't much to go on.

How long had he been there? How long did whoever had placed him there intend for him to stay? What had driven them to bring him to wherever he was in the first place?

He wasn't injured; he was completed unscathed. Apart from feeling lightheaded from the drug he'd been given, and cold, Miles was in perfect health. Was it all a misunderstanding? Perhaps this was nothing more than a nightmare; he'd had his fair share of those. But nightmares were never this realistic. That thought couldn't be ignored.

In his line of work, he'd gained enemies. Almost everyone did, yet would anybody go so far as to kidnap him?

Edgeworth leant on the hard wall behind him, using it as support as he tried to stand. He was relatively pleased to learn that he didn't seem to be tied to anything; however it was only one less problem to face. Legs shaking, he got no further than two feet before they gave way. He fell back to his original position, head spinning. It seemed that whatever drug he'd been given had weakened him for the time being.

The sound of the door creaking open brought Miles from his thoughts, and he looked up suddenly. For a brief moment, light flooded the room, and he was forced to squint as a shadowed figure stepped inside, closing the door behind them. Darkness surrounded him again, and Edgeworth could rely only on his ears as they continued to step forward. Rhythmically, yet roughly. As if they couldn't wait to see him.

Whoever had entered the room wasn't a friend, Miles could tell.

"You've awoken." It wasn't a question, but more a realization. It was a man's voice that had spoken, and it expressed delight in the fact.

Letting out a short sigh, Miles replied. "That would seem to be the case. Might I enquire why I'm here?"

The other laughed hollowly. The sound seemed to scrape in Miles ears; it was uneven, as if it belonged to a broken record player. "Let's just say that it's your turn to feel trapped, Miles Edgeworth," he replied. "After all these years…" The voice rose in pitch, like it was trying to contain excitement, "I have you!"

Edgeworth's heart began to beat harder in his chest, making words seem impossible. This man seemed to think he knew him, and there was something about him that was entirely sadistic, not at all a welcoming factor. "I apologize," he announced eventually, voice even. He had to maintain his composure above everything else; he could let the other see his unease. "However I don't believe we've met."

The sound of a match lighting was faintly heard, and the room was illuminated with a soft glow. It took Edgeworth a moment to completely see the outline of the man's face, and the flame became brighter as it connected with a candle.

"Do you recognise me now?" the man whispered, holding up the candle closer.

Edgeworth tried to concentrate, however he found that it seemed to be an impossible task. His thoughts were in a vast labyrinth of confusion, completely and utterly lost. Just who was this person? He felt as though he knew him, but distantly. If indeed they had met, the man hadn't made a large impression in his life.

The hesitation was enough. His jaw was quickly grabbed, forcing him to look up at his capturer. "Such a pity," the man commented, voice now emotionless, "but it's to be expected. How many others have you sentenced, Edgeworth?"

Miles head roughly made contact with the wall behind him, and for a few moments he saw nothing but white light. The splitting pain brought him back to reality seconds later, and he instantly raised his hand to where the wound was, cupping it gently.

"I demand that you let me leave!" he hissed, feeling drowsiness rush through him. His head drooped, and he struggled to keep his eyes open. He tried once more. "You have no right-"

"Leave? Before it's even begun?" the man interrupted, rising. "Oh, you won't be leaving for a while. We'll have our fun soon enough."

Smirking when he saw Edgeworth go limp, the man was pleased to learn that the blow to his head had done its job well. Placing the candle carefully beside his prisoner, he took his leave, taking care to lock the door behind him.

He couldn't have him escaping so soon.

Eighteen hours earlier

The self-proclaimed Yatagarasu felt a sense of homecoming as she stepped inside the prosecutors' office.

It had been three years since they'd caught Ms Yew and uncovered the smuggling ring, and after her search to form another Yatagarasu group had been unsuccessful, Kay had stuck close to both Detective Gumshoe and Miles Edgeworth. Not just during investigations; outside of them as well. The three seemed to be a little family of their own, Kay and Gumshoe thought. Edgeworth would have instantly denied it had they said it out loud, but it didn't change anything.

Kay smiled, heading through the corridors. Even though she'd only been gone for two weeks to be with ex-Detective Badd, she'd missed them both. Gumshoe was probably at the precinct, but she hoped they'd both be around so they could catch up. She had a lot to tell them, mostly about the newest thieving trick she'd learnt. It was nothing more than psychology, but she'd tested it out on a man on the train home, and he'd ended up telling her about most of his life.

Whether it had actually worked, or he was just the chatting type, Kay didn't know. She found it entertaining either way, and hoped they could put it to use in any investigations coming up. That way they could snatch the truth from their enemies' grasp.

Her pace slowed when she came to a familiar door. Turning the brass doorknob, eager to know what she would find inside, Kay pushed it open carefully.

It was a small sitting room that herself, Gumshoe and Edgeworth had often occupied while trying to figure out a tricky case. It contained a few comfortable chairs, table, and all the supplies needed to make tea, coffee and hot chocolate that were restocked weekly. Luckily, no other prosecutors found a need to use the area, making it available at any time.

Standing with their back turned to her was a familiar figure, humming contently to himself. An uncontrolled thrill went through Kay; he was there.

"Gummy!" she exclaimed, joy in her voice as she spoke the old nickname.

The detective turned around suddenly, a grin plastered on his face when he saw her. "Kay! Oh pal, it's great to see you!"

She laughed, running to him. He quickly hugged her, his trench coat covering her almost completely. "It's great to see you, too!"

"Wait a second, pal… you weren't due to come back yet! What happened?" Gumshoe questioned, letting her go. "You're not hurt, are you?"

"I'm fine, I promise," Kay replied. "I just felt like coming home a bit earlier. Uncle Badd is fun, but there are only so many secret tips he can tell me. Besides, we can't solve any cases when I'm so far away, can we?"

"It's great you're here, Kay," the detective told her. "We've been completely flooded with cases; we could really use your help. The more of us there are, the quicker we can find the truth, right?"

"Right! And now you'll have Little Thief to help out again!"

The door opened again behind them, and they turned to look. "Really, Detective Gumshoe, what's all the commotion here?" Edgeworth asked in a disapproving tone. He then noticed Kay, and a small smile reached his lips. "Ah, I see our thief is back."

"The Yatagarasu couldn't leave you two with all the fun, could she Mr Edgeworth?" Kay responded. "Besides, Uncle Badd taught me all the tricks we'll need, and that's all I was there for. I can make anybody tell me anything now!" She stood up a little straighter, grinning.

"Is that so?" Miles asked sceptically, an eyebrow raised slightly.

"That's amazing, pal! Hey, dinner's on me tonight!"

Edgeworth sighed. "I'll have to decline; I need to prepare for tomorrow's trial a little more. We have a rather important case to put to rest, and I'm not letting the one responsible get away. I'm not really in the mood for a microwaved meal anyway."

Gumshoe looked down sadly. "Aw, pal. You're so mean, sometimes."

"After the case is done, I will treat us all to dinner," Miles continued, "in honour of Kay's return. Then we'll see if your little trick to make people talk actually works." He headed over to the cupboard, retrieving a mug.

"You'll be astounded at the power of the Great Thief Yatagarasu!"

"Will I, now?" Edgeworth murmured, back turned to her has he prepared his tea. "You'll have to wait and see."

Kay rolled her eyes, but deep down she didn't mind. It was just part of his personality to doubt, until he was given absolute proof. She liked that about him, even if it was annoying at times. His aim for the perfect truth was inspiring, and kept them going in many investigations.

Detective Gumshoe sat down on one of the couches, patting area next to him. Kay joined him, smiling. "So what's this big case that's making you both work so hard?" she questioned. "Anything I can help with?"

"I wouldn't worry about it too much, pal, we've got it figured out," Gumshoe informed her. He sighed, casting a glance at Edgeworth before lowering his voice. "It's not too complicated, really. It was a murder… fairly straightforward, but a lot like how Mr Edgeworth's father was killed."

"Oh," Kay whispered, looking down. Gumshoe had once told her about DL-6, and it had shocked her. A man that Edgeworth had trusted had ended up being the killer; she still didn't understand how he could have done it. Working with a case similar would be horrific.

"Not nearly as complicated as the original," Gumshoe assured her. "It was in an elevator, and the victim's child was there. Enough similarities to make anybody familiar with DL-6 remember it. Just between you and me, we had all the evidence we needed to convict the murderer twice over days ago, but Mr Edgeworth's crazy about this case. He really doesn't want this guy to get away; it's been a while since I've seen him like this, pal." He paused, frowning. "I really feel for him."

"So do I. If we came across a case that was similar to my dad's death… well, I'd make sure that we found the truth, no matter what," Kay admitted.

"What are two whispering about?"

Kay and Gumshoe both jumped at the sound of Edgeworth's voice, and looked up. He was holding a cup of tea, and didn't look as though he was particularly bothered. A light smirk tugged at the corners of his lips, and it was reassuring.

"Just filling in Kay with the case details," Gumshoe replied quickly. "Oh, speaking of which…" He quickly rummaged through his pockets, soon after pulling out two pieces of paper. "I've just copied down the brief and long versions of the case here, pal. In my best handwriting, so you'll be able to read them easily. You're sure to get him in court tomorrow!"

Edgeworth frowned, taking a sip from his steaming mug as he took the notes from Detective Gumshoe. "We cannot know that for sure, but with the evidence we have there's a very strong chance. The only thing left to do now is revise the facts and learn them by heart. That is the key to the perfect truth; knowing the facts." He quickly checked his watch. "I'd better not spend any more time chatting. We'll catch up properly after this case is finished, Kay, but for now I need to perfect tomorrow's case in the peace of my office."

"Alright then, see you Mr Edgeworth!"

He left the room, and both Kay and Gumshoe sighed. "You know pal, he really is obsessed with the 'perfect truth', isn't he?" the detective said. "Not that there's anything wrong with that. I've never seen somebody so dedicated."

"Neither have I," Kay replied softly. "It's just his goal, I suppose."

Gun with fingerprints belonging to suspect, the child's testimony as the witness, bullet's ballistic markings matching with gun, gun belonging to suspect, witnesses after the elevator opened – saw the suspect pointing the gun at victim as she fell-

Edgeworth scanned through the brief version of his notes, a yawn escaping him. He could recall them from memory now, but he needed to make sure he was completely prepared. The words of his old mentor rang though his mind like a haunted tune; 'perfection is what makes a von Karma'. Though he wasn't one by blood, he'd grown up with every lesson that Franziska had.

Suspect's bloodied shirt - blood belonging to victim, gunshot heard just before the elevator opened, victim shot from point blank range – a plausible distance-

Again Edgeworth yawned, shaking his head vigorously. He took another sip of his tea, hoping it would wake him up a little more. He couldn't get off track; not now. Ensuring the murderer was put behind bars was his goal, for so many reasons. The victim's child couldn't grow up thinking that the law was powerless, as he had. She needed to know that the one who took her mother's life had been punished for his crimes.

Suspect has clear motive, hair found on victim's jacket belonging to suspect-

His head fell down to the desk, and he instantly sat up when he felt the striking pain go through him. Miles rose from his seat, pacing the room quickly. He couldn't allow his mind to go astray; why was it, at any rate? It was barely three in the afternoon. He'd stayed up past five in the morning able to concentrate better than he was now.

A drumming filled his ears, and he paused, his vision blurring suddenly. Feeling dazed, his musings lay forgotten for a moment as his eyes closed, his hands beginning to tremble ever so slightly. As his knees buckled suddenly, Miles' heart jolted. Falling to the ground, he tried desperately to cling to his thoughts. What had just happened to him? Before he could begin to process the sudden string of events, his mind went completely blank.

A dark chuckle sounded from the corner of the room, and a man stepped forward. His eyes gleamed when he saw Miles' body on the ground, and he had to restrain himself from laughing even louder a second time.

He had never imagined it to be so… simple. Crouching down, he examined the prosecutor, impressed with how the plan had unfolded. It didn't look as though the fall had harmed him in any way; perfect. Placing his arm around Edgeworth's middle, he slung one of the prosecutor's arms around his own neck and stood.

At long last, justice would be served.

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For people who are unfamiliar with Kay, here, have a link: http: / aceattorney. wikia. com/wiki/Kay_Faraday Warning: there are spoilers. Basically, she's Edgeworth's assistant, as seen in Ace Attorney Investigations. When she was a young girl, her father was killed, and Edgeworth found the killer. She refers to herself as the 'Yatagarasu', a thief who steals the truth. Also, she calls Gumshoe, 'Gummy', sometimes.

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