A/N – I Do Not Own Hulk or Ironman

This was inspired because I just watched a couple episodes of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Hero's and then I stuck my copy of the Planet Hulk DVD in. Hope you like.


Anthony "Tony" Stark, sipped at his whiskey as he sat alone is his office.

He had never felt worse than he did at that moment.

He had helped banish his friend from Earth. As much as he believed it to be the right thing, as much as he believed Bruce/Hulk would truly be happier on the planet he was being sent to, he knew he had betrayed his friend, his comrade.

For once in his life, Tony Stark didn't want to get drunk for fun. No.

He wanted to get drunk to forget. To ease his guilty conscience. To convince himself that it was all a dream...a nightmare.

To convince himself that he was not a traitorous man.

But in his heart, no amount of drink would ease his conscious. It was he that sought out Hulk, he that convinced Hulk to join the Avengers, he that tried to make the rest of the team accept Hulk.

And he had stabbed Hulk in the back.



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