"Cats in the Cradle"

A collaborative effort by a random passerby on the whiteboard
and myself on the drums

this is an epic tale of mammals and robotic creatures, particularly
one lonely cat and one hopeful bomberman.

this is their story.


Kitty is sad...
Kitty sees the love that the cactus and apple share...
...and is jealous.
She often sees the humans go by in the forest, but is afraid of them.
But there's this one human with white hair.
She sniffs the air as he walks by and blushes.
Kitty loves the human... yes, a filthy, stinking human...
Kitty also acquires some self-doubt in the romance department because she also falls in love with BOMBERMAN
So she loves two people at the same time,,,,which to choose...?????///?
BOmberman or human...
She could alternate, or consider a menage a trois
Kitty was enculterated to love only one man, though...
The kitty loves the human, wants him to pet her... on the head... on the ears... =^,^=
But then! Bomberman gets jealous of their love and quite the angry and sets up them the bomb
They have no chance to survive make their time
Ha ha ha ha...

writing- me
some other girl i think
planning- us again
music- me
concept- random girl
best boy grip- i don't remember
c++- i'm still learning it

there were a lot of me's and her's involved in the co-production of this amazing novella. in fact, there were so many that i have forgotten most of which me's and her's did what other things.

i hope you enjoyed this story because there might be a sequel real soon. actually we are already conceiving the 4th episode by the time you read this line, and i will note that it will have exciting action sequences with lots of matrix-esque special effects.