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Across the Hall

I don't love you any more.

"Ouch," I spat out by accident, slapping my hand across my mouth.

I didn't mean to get caught up in someone else's argument. It was almost impossible though through these thin walls.

Edward didn't love her anymore? It wasn't something I didn't already know, really.

I pulled my ear away from the wall – What?I was curious to what was going on. This had been a long drawn process going on for the past three months.

Next door, Edward and Tanya, had been saying the long good buy for a while now. It was all her doing. She had moved out three months ago but had yet to actually move out. Least I hadn't saw her pack up her things.

The argument was old. From the walls I knew things hadn't been good for six months. It was three months ago when Edward wanted to break up and Tanya left, not to be seen for two weeks and now every other day it was this. The arguing. I hadn't heard Edward being quite so vocal before.

He seemed shy. We would pass one another in the hall and we would talk a little. We used to talk more but these days he looked worn out and often had Tanya on his heels. I had became accustomed to the small smile and a brief hello in passing these days.

He was beautiful. Some kind of unearthly gorgeous. It would be a lie if I said I didn't fancy him, but then again I think everyone in the block fancied him.

He was tall, some mad out of place copper hair that made all the girls want to reach out and touch him and eyes so green... Jesus I'm flushing at the thought.

Edward Cullen could have anyone he wanted. That was the long and short of it.

And it looked like he didn't want little Miss Perfect, for some reason.

I could understand her trying to keep him, for her to come around and talk him out of breaking up, but now it was plain embarrassing on the girl. She needed to walk away with her dignity before it was all gone.

It wasn't that he was mean to her. I had first hand account at the downfall of the relationship through the shitty paper thin walls and he had tired to be the gentleman. He had offered to move out and let her keep the apartment. She didn't want the "shit hole" as she called it.

The apartment block wasn't the best, but it wasn't the worse. She didn't have to be mean. I liked my place. And most importantly, I could afford it.

So she left.

Sort of.

Like I said, she had never packed up her things.

With a smash from the through the wall, I heard their apartment door bang closed. Clearly she was done for tonight. Back in a few more days, no doubt...

Knowing that tonight's performance was over, I sat back down on that couch and reached for my book. I made several attempts to start it but I couldn't concentrate.

What I was thinking about was Edward. His poor face. He had looked so tired, struggled with any form of conversation. Yet he always had a small smile for me.

I moved in almost a year ago and when I caught sight of him, I wanted him. It was bad to think about another woman's man, but I did. When I was new here we would talk in the lifts and it came to us both so easy.

It was a stupid thought. That easy conversation made me think that we were somehow meant.

I shook my head and threw the book to the side.

Tanya would be back. She was resilient like that. And one of these days, she would talk him into being with her again.

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