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Across the Hall

What did I wear?

Standing in front of my wardrobe with a towel around me, I was freshly showered. Legs shaved and even managed to squeeze the last of the hair removal cream out of the tube to do my bikini like. It's a little over the top, but like every good girl scout, I was taught always to be prepared.

Okay, I never was a girl scout, but I did have a dad who was a cop. His thoughts on always being prepared included pepper spray and loose change in case my cell phone died.

But I still don't know what to wear. Did I go with jeans or something more dressy? Was it a polite invite or a date?

He only split from his girlfriend, of course it was a polite invite.

Polite invite or not, I was still at least prepared for anything that may go down in the bedroom.

Shameless hussy. Putting out in the first date/polite invite.

Fuck you.

Stop talking with yourself Bella and focus on covering your ass. Underwear?

I made my way to mu underwear drawer and picked out something, well, rather boring. My underwear collection had never been an exciting affair. Moving on I dressed with jeans, chucks and a nice little black tee that was casual.

He had been painting all day, I doubted that I would find him in a tux.

With a quick run of my hand through my hair, I was good to go.

Grabbing one of the wine bottles out the rack, I made my way to him.

His door swung open and he was standing in a pair of neat fitting jeans (minus the paint, this time) and a grey v-neck t-shirt with his hair a casual mess as it always was.

He was effortlessly sexy, and though I had saw him wear this before, the fact he had got changed for me, made me melt.

"I'm not too early, am I?" I knew I was late. I spent too long dancing in front of my wardrobe trying to decided what to wear. He wasn't going to say that though. Edward had manners and he never actually gave me a time to arrive.

"You are just in time," He smiled, opening the door further, letting me in.

I passed him the bottle as I took a look around. It was the mirror image of my apartment but it looked a lot more like a girl lived in this apartment than in mine.

I'm guessing Tanya was in charge of decorating every room.

No wonder he was quick to look out the paint brush.

"I have a bottle open. Would you like a glass of that first?" He asked as he placed his hand on the low of my back and made me melt simultaneously. I couldn't speak. I nodded a yes.

He directed me towards the kitchen – like I didn't know where it was – and removed his hand to pour me a glass.

Screw the wine, please put your hand back there. Pretty please.

The heat from the kitchen helped disguise my blush as the steam from the spaghetti surrounded me.

Trying keep my head, I tried for conversation. "So did you get all of your bedroom painted?" I asked.

He scrathed the back of his head as he took a seat at his breakfast conter and pulling out one of the stools for me. "Yeh. I'm pretty beat with it. It looks better though," A lazy smile played on his lips "Maybe I'll show you after dinner." Yes please.

"Do you plan on decorating the full apartment?" I asked.

Taking a sip of wine, he then nodded. "Yeh. It could do with it and it will help with market value." He shrugged.

Wait? He was selling up? "You're leaving?"