The Final Denouement of Suzumiya Haruhi by LordPlagus777

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The Brigade gathered outside the station having finished the last shift of the mystery search. It was close to late afternoon and it wasn't hard to tell that everyone wanted nothing more than to go home and finally be free from it all. Haruhi was unusually irritable, we usually came back empty handed, and why in the world was she making such fuss about today? The search took more out of us than it usually did. Morale was low and Haruhi wasn't helping.

"What's up with all of you today?" Haruhi scolded. "After doing this for a few weeks you should have enough experience to be able to find at least one supernatural occurrence!"

Besides Haruhi, I was probably the most agitated and overworked out of everyone in the Brigade. I tried as best as I could to keep my thoughts to myself. It was getting increasingly harder to endure as Haruhi went on about everyone's individual faults. Koizumi was first. I wasn't paying attention to anything she was saying. She even had something to say to Nagato who could do nothing more than stare at the ground perhaps trying to express some apologetic gesture, honest or otherwise. I couldn't help but to be ticked off by this.

"Stop it Haruhi." I said, with a small hope that she would at least calm down just a little. Koizumi gave me an apprehensive look.

She wasn't even listening. Instead she continued over to a distressed Asahina who could only shut her eyes tightly to shield herself from Haruhi's idiocy. I began to feel the beginning stages of a headache, the small but growing painful throbbing. Before Haruhi could open her mouth I cut between them.

"Cut it out." I said. "You're making her cry. You've said enough, let us all go home now."

For a moment I thought it had worked. Haruhi shut her mouth and traces of anger slowly disappeared off her face. My irritation was beginning to fall at a similar rate. Not for long However.

"You have absolutely no right to tell me what to do." Haruhi said calmly.

"What?" I replied.

"Who do you think you are?" Haruhi lashed out her anger returning.

"It doesn't matter who anyone is." I said clenching my fists keeping from raising my voice. She's not worth it. "You are the one who has no right to tell others what to do. Stop shouting at everyone, we've done nothing wrong, now let us all go home."

"Nothing wrong?" Haruhi asked in a pretend confused tone. "Go home? No! Today's performance was dismal! We're going to do at least three more shifts to make up for what we lost!"

"I refuse." I said.

"What did you say?" she asked. "You refuse?"

"Yeah, I refuse." I said. "Let's go home everyone, leave Haruhi here if she wants to continue, but she's not going to waste any more of my time."

I decided to leave before I start losing it, but Haruhi wouldn't let it end there. She just had to continue.

"You have a lot of talk for someone who did the worst." She yelled in outrage.

"The worst?" I asked. "I wasn't aware that such a rating existed!"

"I saw you goofing off with Mikuru!" Haruhi accused, brandishing her index finger in my direction. "Having the time of your life were you?" Haruhi said. "You weren't investing the smallest bit of effort into searching for mysteries."

She paused before continuing her screaming. Her face flushed with anger.

"Why don't you two start going out already?"

Here she was, throwing a fit in the middle of public. The people passing turned their heads to watch. I was too angry to care. Walking around is about the only thing we do on these stupid searches. There's practically nothing else to do and I couldn't at least try to look as if I was trying if I wanted to. What I find even more pointless is that we were high school students looking for mysteries when we'd have a better chance of finding gold buried somewhere in the park. This hypocrite has no right to scold me when she spent the whole search spying on Asahina and me instead of searching herself.

Asahina was sitting on the bench behind me; all senses told me that she was silently crying. Nagato did what she always did, observe. Koizumi kept giving me looks of warning. Why hadn't they gone home already? Why hadn't they tried to stop us? If they won't do anything, then the consequences will be their fault too. Only when I returned my attention to Haruhi did I realize that she was still screaming at me, telling me about everything little thing she didn't like. Shut up Haruhi… Just shut up…

"SHUT UP!" I finally screamed, clearly distinguishable over Haruhi's already loud shouting. The people walking past stopped in bewilderment, watching our scene. I've always wanted to scream like this from the moment I met her. After taking a few deep breaths I laughed. It felt more refreshing than anything I've ever felt before. Haruhi glared back in pure fury.


That was it. I always thought it was a possibility, that I'd go nuts someday or another. Never thought today was the day. I'm sick of staying quiet. What Haruhi does to all of us, I don't care. I just wanted to let her know exactly what I feel about her.

"There are no such things as mysteries you imbecile! Week after week of coming back with nothing and you decide to pick this one to complain about it? What is your problem? After buying everyone lunch every single weekend you'd think a guy would get a day off from your crap! Sometimes I can't believe the stuff you're stupid enough to do. Worse yet making us suffer for it! You are the most inconsiderate, shallow, irritating person I have ever had the displeasure to meet!"

I glanced at the other Brigade members. Asahina had retreated beside Koizumi who was quite shocked at my outburst. Even Nagato had some hint of surprise in her eyes.

"Don't you think for a minute that I'm the only one who feels this way! Do you think those three over there joined this stupid club to waste their time with you? NO! If it weren't for us you'd be alone and bored out of your mind and it's all because you're a…"

Because you're a… just what was she?

"Kyon…" Haruhi suddenly sounded submissive.

"It's over." I said feeling a wave of dizziness after shouting to excessively. "I quit."

I walked right past Haruhi. I barely even noticed that we had bumped shoulders as I did. Feeling slightly light headed I was walking home whether she liked it or not. She can do what she wants. She probably wants to end the world as I think this. Who cares, at least I'm relieved to know that I most likely won't be with her in the new world she creates. That's fine with me, end me here.

Something wasn't right. I stopped dead in my tracks in the middle of the street. I looked up at the traffic signal to realize that it was red. I instinctively looked to my side to see a truck headed at me at full speed. I couldn't move. It was clear that it wasn't going to slow down, or that if it was even possible to stop in time before I… I looked back at the Brigade, at the horrified faces of everyone, including Haruhi. This was the last I'll see of this world. How I felt I wasn't sure. Was it shocked? Despaired? Betrayed?


Everything was black.