Chapter 25

Last Time

"Thought I saw light glinting off something metallic," reported the Corporal who had unslung his rifle.

Mikkos frowned as he stared into the woods that were…wait, there was something there. "I can see it…call it in Corp, and we'll have a look."

Mikkos waited as the Corporal pulled out a wireless and reported that they were looking into something and the marker number. When he had finished, Mikkos led the way into the woods. About thirty steps in there was a gully with a calf deep stream at the bottom. There was also a twisted mass of metal. It was most certainly man-made and looked like a crash site.

The Corporal spoke first, "Gods, is that a ship?"

Mikkos was looking at it in shock. They had scanned and surveyed the area from the air. How had they missed this?

"Get me Atlantis," ordered Mikkos.


Captain Mikkos led the newly arrived senior officers, scientists and engineers from the Raptor landing site to the remains of the ship.

"It's been here for a while, look at the plants growing through the section there," Baltar pointed to the more damaged forward section of the ship where some impressive trees had grown through the remaining bulkheads.

"Is it Goa'uld," Admiral Adama asked as he studied the site.

Captain Tal shook his head as he studied the scan results, "No, not according to the Asgard database. The general shape, despite the damage, looks vaguely familiar." He searched through records on his pad for a few moments before smiling. "I knew I had seen something like this before. Give me a moment," he adjusted his pad and a three-dimensional holographic image appeared of an oddly shaped ship appeared. Despite the odd design, it was clearly a starship.

President Roslin studied the image curiously, "One of yours?"

Tal shook his head, "No Madam President, it appears to be Furling."


President's Office - Atlantis

President Roslin sipped her tea and looked over at Aressa. "I know that they have been mentioned before, but who exactly are the Furlings?"

"When my people left for the Pegasus galaxy, we left behind our three allies, the other members of the alliance. The Asgard, the Nox and the Furlings. All three had also suffered during the plague, although it was my people that were being decimated. The Furling were already withdrawing, building utopian worlds on the fringe of the galaxy and beyond. A large percentage of their population had left to colonise another Galaxy, but they still had a presence here." Aressa seemed to be thinking over her words, speaking slowly. "Their technology was along different lines to ours, although we do have records."

An image appeared above the President's desk. Two figures one recognisable as female, the other male. Both had long hair and an odd cast to their features. Their faces more angular and rather oddly proportioned. Their most striking feature was their eyes. They were large, far larger than a human and made them look, to Roslin almost doll-like.

"The Furling were matriarchal and rather long-lived. They lived within and identified themselves by their family groups and each was aligned with a, perhaps mythical, female ancestor. According to the Asgard, their withdrawal continued after my people left and that they have not had any contact the Nox or Asgard for several thousand years."

Roslin seemed rather interested, "Fascinating, Aressa. Would it be worthwhile to salvage the Furling ship? Perhaps it can be preserved."

"Perhaps, I am sure it would be possible. I will see what can be done. I know that some of my people are hopeful that some traces of the technology might be studied," Aressa replied looking pleased by the suggestion.

"Perhaps Mister Potter or Miss Granger might be of assistance," suggested Roslin.


Harry looked over the…well the wrecked Furling ship and shook his head. "I'm not sure that I can visualise it enough to repair it. Although I am willing to give it a go, as long as it is safe."

Captain Tal smiled slightly, "I don't think repairing the whole ship is required, Harry. I would like you to have a look at the computer core. It appears to be largely intact and I would like to understand what happened to the ship."

It took several hours but eventually, they removed the un-powered but mostly intact Furling data crystals and transferred them to Atlantis. The Furling shuttle Harry and Hermione had used had been transferred to Atlantis and then partly disassembled by an engineering team led by two Lantean engineers. Under their guidance, power was restored, and the damaged computer core adapted to allow the salvaged Furling crystals to be manually installed.

It was not that easy of course. The shuttles systems had been severely damaged and many of the crystals were compromised. Atlantis could produce new data crystals, but they were not compatible or easily adapted to Furling technology. Still, over several days they rebuilt the ships power and data systems.

The team then began extracting the data. They reported that they would need several days to complete the transfer but were hopeful that nearly all the remaining data would be saved.


Harry had to admit that there few better things than waking up next to Hermione.

Even if that meant a face full of curly brown hair. He gently brushed her hair away from his face, which elicited a mumbled, sleepy response.


"We need to get up, love" whispered Harry.


"We've got five minutes until the ICW people arrive," tried Harry.

"Mmmm…wait, what…HARRY?"

Hermione shot up pushing the covers off.

"Only joking," Harry said with barely hidden amusement.

"That wasn't nice," complained Hermione with mock seriousness. "Well, I was going to give you a treat this morning…now…" She stood letting the sheet fall exposing that she had slept in just a thin, tight pair of sleep shorts. Without glancing at Harry, she walked to the bathroom. Harry noticed the bit of extra hip movement and smiled.

Thirty minutes later they walked into what the Colonials were calling the Presidential meeting room. It was the largest of the meeting rooms on Atlantis and it was nearly full.

"Mister Potter, Miss Granger, this way please," Billy Keikeya said with a smile as he gestured toward a roped off area of seating. "The Presidents guests and those that might be asked to address the meeting are seated to the side."

There were dozens of military officers, led by Admiral Adama, standing in a group talking to Captain Tal and Aressa.

"Hermione, Harry," Aressa smiled as she spotted them. Like Aressa and Captain Tal they wore Lantean uniforms and stood out amid the Colonial uniforms.

Tal gave them both a polite nod and a friendly smile.

"Good Morning Captain, Aressa," said Hermione as Aressa kissed her on the cheek. "And you as well, Harry. I must admit that I am excited to meet more of your people."

Harry frowned but did not say anything as Hermione and Aressa discussed the arrival of the ICW's representatives. Aressa had not yet received names but the specialties listed were varied and apparently all would be of value to the new colony.

If he was honest with himself, Harry still had a lot of issues with the magical world and specifically its politicians. But this was not about him. The new colony needed all the assistance it could. He just hoped that they were not going to be a bunch of arrogant pureblood style wizards.

The conversation turned to discussing President Roslin's overnight announcement of several new ministry positions. Hermione was quite interested in the discussion but after a few minutes, he started to look around the room, interest waning.


Harry turned to see Zoe Graystone and Tamara Adama. Both women were holding steaming cups of tea and were standing together near the seating. Excusing himself he moved away.

"Miss Graystone, Miss Adama," Harry greeted both women and walked over to stand with them.

Zoe smiled, "It's going to be an interesting day, isn't it?"

"Probably," admitted Harry with a distinct lack of enthusiasm.

Tamara raised an eyebrow in amusement, "Something the matter, Harry."

"I don't like politics all that much," replied Harry.

Both Zoe and Tamara laughed.

Harry gave an exaggerated sigh and smiled. "I'm sure I'll cope."

Zoe gestured to the seats, and all three sat. "They are your people. I am sure their assistance will be invaluable. With such a lot to do, any help is appreciated. I will admit I have been talking, extensively, with the Asgard. They are quite keen to exchange cloning technology with the Cylons. Their cloning technology has reached the same dead-end my parents faced with their research. The Asgard went in a different direction with their technology and unfortunately for them, it hasn't worked long term."

Harry was almost completely ignorant regarding cloning but that did not sound good. The Asgard had been incredibly helpful to them and he felt a debt of gratitude. "Can you help?"

Zoe slowly nodded, "We think so. They have access to their original genetic samples. That makes things easier, we know how to take it from there."

Harry nodded, accepting the explanation. "So, the Cylons could create different models?"

Zoe smiled, "Well that's not quite true. They lack the knowledge to do so. When I say we, I mean Lacy, Tamara and I. We have access to my parents' research on cloning. Although to be honest, I am not sure it is something my grandchildren have considered doing. It is a bit more complicated than I have said, even with the cloning technology they have."

Harry had not considered that the Cylons resurrection technology was limited or that Zoe and her friends had access to a different version of the technology. That they could potentially help the Asgard was good news. "That is good, about the Asgard I mean. They've been really helpful."

"As I said, Harry, we will certainly try our best to help," replied Zoe with a genuine smile.

"Mister Potter," Harry turned to see President Roslin and a middle-aged woman and a man, that looked to be in his late sixties. Roslin was smiling politely as she gestured to her two companions. "Harry, I wanted to introduce you to two of my newest Ministers. Thea Prince, my new Education Minister and a former colleague of mine. And, Samas Agea who is the Minister of our new Alien Affairs department. Not the most imaginative name but it will do for now," explained Roslin.

Thea Prince smiled and offered up her hand, "It is a pleasure to meet you, Mister Potter. I must say that I would love a conversation with you about your adventures. They've been thrilling to follow on the news."

Harry gave her a wry look, "I'm sure that the seem that way. Often they are just terrifying."

Thea laughed, "Miss Granger said almost the same thing."

Samas Agea looked on seemingly amused, before stepping forward, smiling politely. "Mister Potter, I look forward to working with you." He looked every inch a diplomat and his statement seemed genuine as he shook Harry's hand firmly.

"Nice to meet you, Sir," Harry offered as a reply.

"Samas will do, after all we will no doubt be working closely together, with all of you in the days to come, Ladies, Mister Ambassador." The older man's voice was smooth, controlled and while he practically oozed charm…but there was something cold in his eyes.

The President stood with Harry, Zoe and Tamara as her two ministers said their farewells and departed. For a moment, Harry was left wondering if he should be checking if he still had his metaphorical wallet.

"What was that about?" Harry asked with a frown as he watched Samas, who was now talking to Aressa and Hermione.

President Roslin's smile did not change. "I suspect he's playing some political games. He was with the Caprican Department of State, a senior civil servant. He is a bit of an odd fish but he is a very skilled negotiator. I meet him when he was negotiating a solution to a Teachers strike. On paper, he is the best person for the job, a professional." With a sigh, she turned to face Harry. "I'll keep an eye on him. On a different note, I have set up a meeting with your people after the official arrival. I would like for you and Hermione to be present. I want to get a feel for their skills and where best they can help."

"That would be fine, Madam President."

"Thank you, Harry." She glanced at her watch, "We have an hour to the first group arrives."

The Presidents' briefing started simply as she laid out the days schedule. She mentioned that there would shortly be an announcement around Atlantis and its planned landing date.

After the briefing had finished, there was a twenty-minute question time. Harry and Hermione were not called on, although Aressa did any a few questions about the infrastructure preparations. Samas spoke for a few minutes and delivered a speech about his extension of the hand of friendship to the newest allies on behalf of the Fleet.

At the conclusion, a large proportion of the people in the briefing followed the Presidential party to the Gate room. Where the media were already setting up behind a Marine honour guard.

At precisely the scheduled time, the gate began to move.


Earth – Stargate Command

Colonel Jack O'Neill was trying not to stare.

It was hard, the two-dozen people gathered in the gate room were a strange sight. Hell, their equipment was a strange sight!

Crates, cages, sacks…all hovering in the air, controlled by several magical's as they waited to travel through the gate.

"I'd love to get some readings on this," said Carter as she did her own version of looking but not staring. "There is a herd of 'magically' miniaturised cows in one of those cages, Sir."

O'Neill nodded, he'd seen the cows and the pigs, chickens and the miniature greenhouse. He'd seen stranger things but usually not so close to home.

"I know, Carter. Did you get a chance to meet Longbottom?"

"I did, Sir. He sounds like a good solid leader," replied Carter. Indeed, Neville Longbottom was quite a well-spoken young man. He seemed to be well respected by his people. Many of whom came from the UK. Along with two Americans and an Australian. If the Magical world was anything like its counterpart, the recruitment speech must have been interesting.

"He knows our mysterious Ambassador Potter. They went to school together according to President Roper. Both fought in the magical civil war that went on over there," added O'Neill.

Jackson walked back over from where he had been talking to the Australian member of the contingent, Gideon Harrison. Harrison worked as a veterinarian. Although he called himself a Magizoologist. Harrison was jovial, rather laid-back in demeanour and had surprised his peers during orientation by laughing his head-off and asking 'Doctor Levant' to get Colonel Danning's autograph.

"What's up Danny?" O'Neill asked as Jackson joined them.

"Hmm, oh nothing, Jack."

"Spill Danny," demanded O'Neill.

"Harrison's quite an interesting man. He's a first-generation wizard and he married a non-magical, he lives in the suburbs of Sydney. He's a qualified veterinarian who also treats magical creatures," explained Jackson.

"And apparently he has poor taste in science fiction," muttered O'Neill.

"Let it go, Colonel," suggested Carter.

"We are ready I believe, Colonel."

Neville Longbottom was wearing what looked like a suit with a heavy cloak. He smiled at SG-1 as he glanced at the Stargate.

"We'll get started shortly," said O'Neill. "Don't want to arrive early."

Longbottom nodded and smiled, "I'm still not convinced this isn't a large elaborate prank. Especially because nobody will tell us where we are going and who we are meeting."

O'Neill grinned and saluted, "Orders, Sir."

Longbottom rolled his eyes, "You know I have friends who are Aurors…sort of like police. Well, they use that exact tone Colonel when they think it's going to be funny."

"Really?" O'Neill asked and was spared any further reply when General Hammond announced that they were about to dial.


As Harry looked on, the gate activated, and Colonel O'Neill led his team through. A moment later, a large group of people followed. Some were pale, looking vaguely nauseous but most were looking around in wonder.

Harry was pleased to see a large amount of material coming through with them.

"Oh my God!" exclaimed Hermione.

Harry looked at her in concern and then looked to where she was looking. "Bloody hell it's Neville!"

Harry could not believe it. Neville Longbottom was shaking hands with Admiral Adama. He started to move toward his old roommate, Hermione by his side, when the man in question looked up and froze.

Neville's mouth dropped open in shock before he began moving. "Hermione, Harry, Dear Merlin!"

Hermione reached him first and was pulled into a hug.

Neville pulled back after a moment, "I can't believe it…how…why are you here, wherever here is?"

Before Hermione could answer, Neville was shaking Harry's hand. "Harry, I'm bloody glad you, you both are alright. We were damn worried about you."

O'Neill, who must have been in on the 'surprise' was watching on amused.

"It's a long story, Neville. Get through this meeting and we will catch up," promised Harry.

The diplomatic team from Earth matched up with their Colonial counterparts and soon Commander Lee Adama and several Marine and Engineers were helping the new arrivals move their equipment the allocated storage area. Much to Harry's amusement, Neville was one of the leaders of the Wizarding delegation and so he and Hermione had to wait to speak to their old housemate.

Eventually, as the meeting finished, they found Neville talking to Andromeda Tonks of all people.

Andromeda looked less than amused to see Harry and Hermione. "Well, Miss Granger….and Harry. I am glad to see you are still alive, Mister Potter. Teddy will be pleased."

Harry actually stuttered as he replied, "Well…you…see, um...I don't plan this."

Hermione laughed at his guilty expression and Andromeda joined in. After a moment she hugged Harry tightly, "Thank heavens, we thought you two had fallen foul of some surviving Death Eater."

"While Harry recovers his composure," said Hermione with a smile on her face. "Why don't we have a cup of tea. I'm sure my parents would love to see you."

"Your parents are here?" Andromeda asked. "How did that happen?"

"It's a long story, Missus Tonks."


Proposed Colony Farm Site

Neville shook his head as he looked over the grassland surrounding the lake. "It's hard to believe that we are on a different planet."

Harry laughed, "Not that long ago I was in a different galaxy."

Neville grinned at his former roommate, "You win."

"So, what do you think?" Harry asked.

"About this," Neville waved his hand over the open land and then pointed up. "Or that?"

"This, for starters."

Neville scratched his chin, "Well it is good land and as far as I can tell nothing is too different from Earths growing conditions. The pH is a bit off, and the mineral content is a bit different, but they are all issues we can deal with. The Fauna team are having kittens over the wildlife. Gideon Harrison, the Magizoologist is fascinated by the diversity. I am pretty intrigued by it myself. I guess this is our proof that humans have messed with our planet."

Harry was not surprised. It probably was interesting to a botany nut like Neville. "How long will your team need?"

Neville shrugged, "First day Harry. We need to do some testbed plantings and run some tests…give me a month and I'll have crops growing."

"That's pretty quick," commented Harry in surprise.

"Magic's pretty awesome like that," replied Neville before his expression grew more serious. "None of us want to stuff this up. On that note, are you busy? I could use your help for a few hours."

Harry agreed and found himself drafted into the magical land clearing. It was a bit repetitive but until they could get heavy equipment built, it was the quickest way to clear land. Neville and his team were being very methodical. Choosing the best land and marking out fields, irrigation and the site of his testbeds.

In the end, Harry had an enjoyable day outside, getting his hands dirty in Neville and his teams' company. Eventually, he was called back into duty onboard Atlantis and as he boarded the Raptor sent for him, he vowed he would be back down to help.

His next task was to meet with the Engineering team leaders for the Colonial and Cylon ships. Atlantis and its facilities were a Godsend but the city ship could not do everything. Maintenance and parts were still important, and Harry was still tasked with helping repair and replace equipment. The meeting was busy as they worked out schedules and when it ended, he found himself walking to his next meeting with Rebeka Toll.

"You look happy," he commented as he walked alongside the bubbly engineer.

Rebeka grinned and tapped the pin on her collar, "Got promoted to Petty Officer."

"Congratulations Rebeka, it's well deserved," said Harry.

"Well thanks to you and Hermione, I've been involved in quite a few things. Most deck crew never get to brief Admirals and Presidents so Commander Brack promoted me to Petty Officer and I'm now working part-time with the logistics people."

"Are you enjoying it?"

"Hades yes! It's been interesting and I'm learning a lot," Rebeka assured him. "I ah…I…well, I wanted to let you know that I've had drinks…and well a date with, Ajax…Ajax Mikalos from the Mercury…"

Rebeka trailed off at Harry's puzzled look. It took him a few moments to translate Rebeka's rambling. "Wait, you and Ajax are going out?"

A suddenly blushing Rebeka nodded.

"That's great, congratulations!"

Rebeka suddenly hugged him, "Thank you."

"I like Ajax, he's a great bloke."

Rebeka nodded, "I think so too. He is working at the hospital now. He's being trained as a nurse, in the first intake."

"Good, he's a bloody good medic and I'm sure he'll make a great nurse," said Harry. "We had better hurry. I am acting as the Logistics officers aide for the medical meeting. He's partly responsible for supply and distribution."

The actual meeting was in the new hospital's largest meeting room. It was a surprise to Harry to see so many people at the meeting and he was still looking around when he saw Hermione waving to him.

Taking his seat, a receiving a peck on his cheek, he turned to Hermione. "Who are all these people?"

"Everyone involved in the Medical service who isn't treating people right now," replied Hermione. "Doctor Cottle has been going through the Colonial database and recruiting every health professional he can from among the survivors. He called this meeting because he is pushing for more training."

"I heard Ajax is training as a Nurse," said Harry.

Hermione nodded, "I heard when I reported on duty with Doctor Jackson."

Doctor Cottle's presentation was long as he walked everyone through the current situation, staffing levels and patient numbers. He then passed the meeting to Aressa. As the newly appointed Chief Healer, she oversaw the non-standard medical services. Her staff included Hermione, Andromeda Tonks, and her fellow healers and three medics from among the surviving Lanteans.

They were now an official part of the Hospital and would be rostered on as a part of the clinical team at the hospital.

The next surprise was that Dr David Granger was announced as the head of Dental Services at the hospital. His team, including his wife, consisted of two Colonial dentists and a half-dozen dental technicians and nurses.

The real bombshell was the announcement that a medical university would be opening on Atlantis within weeks. The idea was to fast track the training of health professionals who were desperately needed. The President would be making an announcement shortly and any interested parties would begin testing as soon as the situation allowed.

Hermione was nodding along as they made the announcements, "Doctor Cottle and his team are certainly not dawdling, are they?"

"Doesn't look like it," replied Harry.


The next month was busy. It seemed like the entire fleet was pitching in to finish the innumerable projects that made up establishing a new colony.

Harry and Hermione were personally involved with far too many. So many in fact that any time they spent together was in passing. And they were not alone. Nearly every person in the fleet, Human and Cylon, played some part.

Eventually, things started to take tangible shape.

In the final days before landing Harry and Hermione, like most people, watched the special documentary produced that explained to people what was going to happen and what had taken place to bring them to the threshold of success.

The landing area, by the large freshwater lake, was now prepared.

The first, communal buildings were completed.

Fields of crops were being planted and the newly arrived livestock was now in the newly fenced off grazing lands.

A battalion of workers was preparing to build temporary housing for those who would be working away from the city.

Streets were surveyed and the commercial and residential districts were surveyed.

There was footage of school-age students, in their classrooms, learning about the Flora and Fauna of their new world.

Aressa and Captain Tal walking people through the process of landing Atlantis and how the City would serve not only as their home but also their chief defence.

When the day came, it was almost anticlimactic.

The landing, with Aressa in the command chair, went almost without a hitch.

The only very small hiccup had been an overload of a minor power conduit in one of the unused sections of the city. The small fire had been dealt with before most people knew it was a problem.

By the end of the day, Atlantis was down, safe in its new home.


For everyone on Atlantis, the next few days were a long-overdue celebration. They had survived their journeys. Life was another step toward something like normality.


After the celebrations wound down, for the first time in weeks Harry and Hermione had downtime. It was almost too good to be true. Not that it stopped Harry from transfiguring a picnic basket and blanket and organising transport to a small open field near the river.

After a long lunch, Harry and Hermione spent hours watching the birds cavort overhead. It had been one of their best days.

That night that ate dinner with Aressa, Hermione's parents and Daniel. There was no talk of politics or tomorrow's problems. Just enjoying the company of others.


Harry did not like Doctor Baltar all that much.

So, sitting in a briefing listening to the man blather on about the technology he had uncovered from the crashed Furling ship was beginning to strain his patience. From what Harry could understand, they had recovered a reasonable percentage of the data in the crashed ship.

Once Doctor Baltar had finished, Commander Tal spoke. The plan was to search for the Furlings and their lost technology as well as any Alteran tech that had been left behind. Not only would it help the colony, but it would deny it to more rapacious races, like the Goa'uld.

It sounded interesting and afterwards, Harry made sure to let the Lantean know that he was interested.


"It is a marvellous opportunity, Harry," Hermione said with unfeigned enthusiasm. "And we get to pick our crew."

Harry had to admit she was right. The idea was sound, it was needed, and it did sound interesting. It also marked the ending of one part of the chaotic journey that had started beneath a grassy hill. They had forged a place among the Colonials. Helped them survive their desperate flight into the unknown. Less than a mile from where he and Hermione were sitting, Lantean, Human and Cylon were building a new home. Oh, he had no illusions that it would be easy. No doubt there would be hard times ahead, old and new hatreds would stir. But for the first time since he had woken up on the Triton, he could see things moving in the right direction.

"…and my mom is a dolphin."

Harry's brain played that last bit back, "What?"

"You were not listening, were you?" Hermione asked with a faint smile.

"I'm sorry, I was just thinking about how far we've come," explained Harry as he took his lover's hand.

Hermione squeezed his hand and beamed at him, "We have, haven't we?"

"Do you want to take the mission?"

Hermione nodded, "Yes, do you?"


Large Meeting Room - Atlantis

Admiral Adama was smiling slightly as he shook Harry's hand firmly, "I'm glad to hear it, son."

Harry was not quite sure what to say. So, he went with the truth. "It will be good to see what's out there and now that we are not needed…"

President Roslin shook her head, "Oh, you will always be needed, Mister Potter. You too, Miss Granger. You both deserve every accolade we can give, and I am sure that the Cylons and the Lanteans feel the same way. You played an integral part in our survival." She held up a hand, stopping Harry from replying. "I know you feel embarrassed with the praise, Harry. But it is all true. Even your own people are in a fair bit of awe of your achievements." She looked to the left where Andromeda Tonks was talking to several people including Doctors Cottle and Jackson.

"We owe a debt to you both," added Adama with an evil grin. "But, the mission, despite it being announced, may still be a few months away. Don't think for a minute, hero or not, that we won't be working you hard while we have you both."

"But before that, I believe leave, say two weeks, would be an appropriate reward. And I won't be taking no for an answer. Given that Earth is a short trip through the gate you could go home. Healer Tonks has made it clear that visiting your Godson would be an excellent choice."

Before Harry could respond, Hermione was talking. "Thank you, Madam President. I am sure we will both enjoy it."


Andromeda Tonks was rather enjoying her time away from Earth. She had confided to Hermione that she was seriously considering a longer stay. As long as she could bring Teddy with her. Her grandson had been staying with a fellow Healer and life-long friend, but she was missing him.

Harry had to admit that he was feeling rather guilty about his Godson. A visit, Andromeda assured him, with presents was a good idea.

A visit to Major Robert 'Bob" Morris, the SGC's current onsite commanding officer, quickly led to a scheduled gate time. Morris had suggested that General Hammond may well have an invitation for President Roslin and the colony's leaders. General Hammond was quite keen to continue the diplomatic contacts. That afternoon, in his role as ambassador, Harry received an official request to pass on the invites to the Colony's political leadership.


In the end, it was a party of twelve waiting as Major Morris dialled the Stargate.

President Roslin was looking at the gate with some trepidation, "And you are sure this is safe, Mister Potter?"

Harry adopted a concerned expression, "Hmmm, I think so."

Roslin gave him a flat look and in reply, Harry grinned unrepentantly.

"It's very safe," Aressa assured the President, although she spoke loud enough to be heard by the rest of the group. "It is an interesting experience and one that may leave you feeling slightly nauseous when you arrive on Earth. I assure you that it will pass quickly."

Admiral Adama nodded thoughtfully, "Not unlike someone's first jump."

Colonel Sparta was watching the Major dial-up Earth with clear curiosity. "Captain," he asked addressing Captain Tal. "What's the power source, one of your Potentia?"

"No, the Clavia is powered by a cold fusion reactor and provides energy to the gate," explained the Lantean. "It's a very efficient energy source."

Captain Tal along with Aressa were representing the Lanteans, while Roslin was accompanied by Minister Samas Agea of the Alien Affairs department, Admiral Adama, Colonel Sparta, Commander Jonathon Swift and the Priestess Elosha. The Cylons were being represented by Lacy Rand and Zoe Graystone.

Agea was studying the Clavia with more interest now, "Captain, could similar devices be used for other purposes, like a back-up power grid or a defence network?"

Tal nodded slowly, "I don't see why not. Although we would need to establish some manufacturing facilities. For now, the Potentia are supplying more than enough power for all our needs. Although the idea of an alternate power source has merit, Minister. I will have it added to the list of projects."

Agea nodded seemingly pleased and unaware of the look Roslin was giving him.

"Okay people, we are a go," said Major Morris as he activated the gate.


Doctor Fraser was less overtly interested than say Doctor Jackson had been around getting historical information from Aressa and the other ancients. Her focus was on Harry and Hermione's medical technology. Unfortunately, Harry and Hermione had been briefed on who was 'read into' the wizarding world and the doctor was not one of them.

"We will certainly see if it can be added to the agenda, Doctor," Hermione reassured Fraser.

Before Doctor Fraser could ask any more sensitive questions, Harry and Hermione were waved over by President Roslin.

"Harry, Hermione have you met Mister Morton? He is one of Elizabeth Weir's people. He has been working on the agricultural agreements." President Roslin introduced the tall, thin bespectacled man with an encouraging smile. "He was just telling me about a proposal for a seed vault."

As Hermione played close attention Harry just nodded when she did. It wasn't that he wasn't interested, it was an important initiative. He almost smiled at the irony. For most of his life, he had been involved in life and death struggles. Now he was complaining about being bored in meetings. The only thing he had really contributed to today was casting Hermione's new improved translating spell on the Colony's representatives. That and listen to people tell him about their projects.

He sincerely hoped that the rest of their time back on Earth was better.


Two days later Harry and Hermione were in a hotel suite in Denver enjoying playing with Teddy as Andromeda's friend shopped for groceries. It had been a fantastic day and they had another two before Teddy was due to Portkey home.

Tomorrow it would be the park and then the Denver Zoo, something Harry was rather looking forward to. It would be his first Zoo visit since the aborted Dursley attempt.

"Do you want a cup of tea?"

Harry rolled the felt ball to a vastly amused Teddy and turned to look at Hermione, "I'd love one."

Hermione smiled and walked over to the kitchenette as Harry grinned at his godson. Seriously, best days off ever.


"Did you enjoy your break?" asked Lee Adama as Harry walked into the Atlantis control room.

Harry grinned, "Sure did Commander. Lots of downtime and a bit of fun."

"Glad to hear it, Harry. We are also glad to have you back. Lot's to do."

Harry's grin slipped a bit with Lee's words, "Oh, did something happen?"

Apollo nodded, "Aressa detected several Goa'uld ships. Nothing close by but we are keeping an eye on the sector they were in. Command's worried that we have a Goa'uld incursion in the system the Asgard charts called Callia."

In the Command chair, Aressa brought up a visual of the system. "Callia was once a Furling colony called Lacocala and was the most likely place the crashed ship came from." A planetary system was highlighted on the holographic display. "The Goa'uld ships seemed to be surveying the system. Initially we suspected that they were looking for us, but they seemed focused on the system and on Callia specifically."

Harry nodded, wondering why Apollo was telling him. He was not a part of the

Aressa smiled slightly, "Your mission to recover technology and search for the Furling's has its first search location, Callia. We've got nearly everything we can from the Furling core, and you will have it to access."

Harry had to admit it did sound interesting, "What about a crew?"

"Admiral Adama wants your opinion on that, Harry. The Mercury is yours and Hermione's for the mission and I doubt your old crew will turn it down." Apollo assured him.

"And if it is a Goa'uld incursion?" Harry asked with another look at the holographic Callia system.

"The Tria will be prepared to assist," replied Apollo. "Although given what the Asgard have told us the Mercury is a match for a Goa'uld ship, at least defensively."

"I'll need to talk to Hermione," Harry told them. "And the others. When do we need to let you know?"

"Given that the Goa'uld have been sniffing around. Sooner might be better Harry," replied Aressa.