Warnings: fingering, anal, slight bondage, MxMxM

'I'd have to say that today was a success,' Ichigo thought to himself at the end of a long day as he waited for Byakuya and Starrk to finish storing their gigai's. 'Everyone had a great time at the beach, none of the kids had had too big of a melt down, and everyone was getting along rather well.'

Feeling his stomach cramp slightly, Ichigo thought ahead to what the servants might have prepared for dinner before he snickered quietly to himself as he rubbed at his oddly over-heated feeling skin.

'Oh yeah. Definately no problems getting along with each other for Ichiru and Honoka.'

Ichiru was fascinated by the tiny, waif-like girl with her large violet eyes and pitch black hair with the odd red undertones and had been since they had been introduced to one another by her parents, Rukia and Renji. He would follow after her everywhere and today had been no exception. Renji of course, felt that no one was good enough for his little princess and provided Ichigo with a lot of entertainment as he was hit everytime he tried to get near the two by Rukia, who thought the two were the cutest pair ever and loved watching Ichiru follow Honoka around like a lost puppy.

Ichigo was so lost in his memories that he never noticed Starrk coming up to him until his Alpha had already tangled his long fingers into Ichigo's long, flame-colored hair. Ichigo, drawn from his memories, raised an eyebrow at the tall male in a wordless question which was answered as Starrk closed his fist tight around the long, silky strands and held Ichigo's head at an angle as he bent his own head down to capture Ichigo's lips in a harsh, desperate, bruising kiss. By the time Starrk had finished devouring Ichigo's mouth, Ichigo was completely out of breath and he could hear his pulse thundering in his ears.

Pulling back as much as he could considering that Starrk hadn't let go of him yet, Ichigo managed to pull together enough of his scattered thoughts to voice a question, though he found himself distracted as he tried to speak by Byakuya, who had come up behind him and had started to suck and nibble on his neck.

"What ~ah~ are you ~ooo~ doing?"

Ichigo closed his eyes and would have collasped except for Starrk's hold when Byakuya latched onto the mating mark he left on Ichigo's neck, suckling and biting down directly on it.


'Not now! Go away!'

Starrk pulled up from where he had been nuzzling into Ichigo's hair and gently inhaling the intoxicating aroma wafting from the firery Visored.

"You are such a tease, mi precioso. I have been savoring your aroma for hours now but everytime I tried to draw you aside, you would rush off. Can you not feel what you have done to me, mi tesoro?" Starrk asked as he trust his hips foward into Ichigo, bringing Ichigo's attention to Starrk's problem as a very large, very stiff, and very important part of the Hollow King's anatomy was suddenly digging into his lower abs and stomach.

Ichigo's eyes snapped open as he felt a second hardness dig into his backside.

"I, as well, have been savoring the singular aroma that has been wafting about you for the last several hours. It has been rather distracting, especially at the end when we were taking our leave from our offspring. Watching you bend over to hug and kiss them before your family took them for the week was torturous."

Ichigo gasped and let his head fall back onto Byakuya's shoulder as Starrk reached down and grabbed ahold of a part of Ichigo's anatomy that he hadn't noticed becoming interested in what his mates were doing. Ichigo's pupils dilated and he bit at his bottom lip to keep from crying out as Starrk ran his long fingers over the buldge that grew and quivered at every touch until Ichigo thought that he might go mad if Starrk didn't do something to relieve the pressure soon.

Starrk looked at Byakuya and, making sure he had the other man's attention, jerked his head down the hallway. Byakuya gave a sharp, definative nod of assent before swinging Ichigo up and into his arms.


Byakuya stopped Ichigo's question before it could be finished by pressing their lips together. It started as an innocent touch fo their lips but quickly changed into more when Byakuya sucked Ichigo's bottom lip into his mouth and bit down on it, causing Ichigo to gasp. Byakuya, never one to waste an opportunity, immediately thrust his tongue into his Beta's mouth, re-mapping the familar cavern and savoring the taste. When he finally released Ichigo's lips from his own and pulled back, Byakuya found himself rewarded by the sight before him. Ichigo was heavily flushed, his delicate lips swollen, and his eyes clouded by lust. Byakuya allowed himself a small satisfied smile as he set off down the hallway with Ichigo held securely in his arms.

Starrk, meanwhile, had quickly made his way down the hallway, opening doors as he went. Letting out a grunt of satisfaction when the last door in the corridor opened to reveal a bedroom, Starrk held the door open as his co-Alpha carried their Beta past him and into the room. As Ichigo was passing him, Starrk got a heady whiff of Ichigo's intoxicating scent mixed with the scent of deep arousal. Releasing a feral growl, Starrk slammed the door shut behind himself and made short work of herding his two mates to the bed that was the focal point of the room.

As soon as Byakuya reached the bed with his armful, Starrk grabbed him by the shoulders and spun him around so that they were face to face, at which point Starrk then took hold of the light-weight, long-sleeved button down that Ichigo was wearing and, using both hands, ripped it apart, leaving it to hang in shredded, useless tatters from his wrists. Starrk gave a pleased rumble at the sight of his mate's bare skin and latched his mouth onto the first available piece of it he could. While his mouth was busy leaving possesive marks over Ichigo's skin, Starrk's hands were busy ripping and shredding the clothes he was wearing until he was standing in nothing but his skin, the remains of his clothing left in scattered piles on the floor.

Listening to Ichigo gasps and whimpers, and having the lithe male shifting and twitching in his arms as Starrk attacked all of that delicious looking bare skin, made Byakuya release his own growl and, as soon as Starrk had completely stripped himself, Byakuya dumped Ichigo into Starrk's arms. Once his arms were free of their burden, Byakuya wasted no time in tearing off his own confining and entangling articles of clothing. Now free of the annoyance of tangled cloth, Byakuya stepped foward and joined his mates on the bed were Starrk had lowered himself and their mate. Laying himself down in position behind Ichigo, Byakuya reached a hand over the smaller male's clothed hip, only to find himself blocked from touching his goal, Ichigo's arousal, by a small, delicate, but strong and calloused, hand. Raising himself up a slight bit, Byakuya was able to see that it was Ichigo's hand that was blocking him from his goal as Ichigo rubbed himself through his pants.

"Oh no, Ichigo. We can't be having that," Byakuya said with a gleam in his eyes. "After all the torture that you put Starrk and I through this day, I hardly think it should be allowed for you to be able to have such impatient hands."


Byakuya rolled Ichigo off of his side and onto his back. Sliding his hands off of Ichigo's body and down his arms until he reached Ichigo's strong wrists, Byakuya stripped off the remains of Ichigo's shirt. Byakuya made short work of using one piece of fabric to tie Ichigo's wrists together, re-inforcing the fabric and knots with a bit of reiatsu. Byakuya then grabbed the, now tied, wrists and pulled Ichigo further up the bed until he could reach the headboard. Once there, Byakuya used the last piece of fabric to tie Ichigo's bound arms to the bed, making sure to leave enough slack in the length to let them move Ichigo around. After using reiastu to strengthen both the knots and fabric, as well as the slats on the headboard that Ichigo had been tied to, Byakuya looked down from a kneeling position at the sight that greeted his eyes and was extremely satisfied.

Ichigo hadn't noticed anything was happening until it was too late and his hands were tied to the bed. When Ichigo had been rolled off of his side, Starrk had rolled with him and fastened his mouth onto one of Ichigo's nipples, sending shocks of pleasure into Ichigo and causing him to ignore what his second Alpha was doing to him. So the sight that greeted Byakuya's eyes was one of a panting, flushed Ichigo, moaning and twisting in his bounds as Starrk's mouth assaulted his body. Inhaling sharply before letting it all out in a deep breath, Byakuya moved down the bed until he was able to get his hands on Ichigo's waistband. Yanking the soft cotton drawstring bottoms down, Byakuya swiftly bent over until his nose was buried in flame-colored curls at the base of Ichigo's rigid, drooling sex. Byakuya let himself savor Ichigo's scent, made up of that intoxicating aroma, a heady, male musk, and an unidentifiable trace of something that spoke of Ichigo, where it was at it's most concentrated before turning his head slightly to one side, opening his mouth, and taking the head of Ichigo's erection into his mouth.

Ichigo was almost lost to the sensations his mates were creating throughout his body as they stroked, nibbled, and played with every bit of it they could get access to, so when a hot, moist something wrapped itself around a rock hard portion of his anatomy, Ichigo thought that his mind had shut down. It took several moments for it to register on his overloaded senses that there was something invading his body and by the time it did register, Ichigo found that he was already rocking his body as much as he could, torn between hoping to force the invader into brushing up against that marvolous spot that sent lightening shooting throughout his body or bucking upwards into that fantastic, welcoming heat.

Starrk had seen that Byakuya had Ichigo well and truly distracted after stripping their Beta down to his skin and took the opportunity it afforded him. Trailing his fingers down over Ichigo's body, taking the time to savor the feeling of the smooth skin under his wandering, calloused fingers, Starrk finally reached his destination. Starrk gave a final moist, sucking kiss to the hard, pebbled nipple in his mouth, before moving the rest of his body downwards to let him see the prize his fingers were about to enjoy. Carefully and gently giving Ichigo's long legs a few guiding nudges to get them to spread apart, Starrk then gave his own aching erection a few pulls, gathering as much of the fluid weeping from the slit as he could. Slicking his fingers up just a bit with the pre-cum was all that was needed. When Starrk prodded Ichigo's opening with the first slick finger, the opening stretched and allowed his finger to slide in easily allowing Starrk to feel in moist insides of his Beta.

The moisture he could feel smoothing the way for his first finger, that was almost imediately joined by a second, was the final clue in for Starrk and a spark of comprehension lit of the Hollow King's eyes.

"Well, it has been cinco anos since the last occasion, but nuestra hermosa un fuego seems to be ready for us to give him more cubs."

Byakuya pulled off of Ichigo's rigid length, ignoring the whine let out by the other male, and turned to face Starrk with a bit of surprise showing on his features.

"Are you certain? I would quite enjoy more offspring and it has been five years."

Starrk leered down at the whining and twitching Ichigo as he continued to prepare Ichigo for something much, much larger, knowing that Byakuya would want to be a part of the first joining for their in heat mate.

"Ci! It came together just now. When I began to prepare la apertura tesoro, it opened so easily for me and felt slick against my fingertips. That was the telling point for me and it let my brain have enough information to make the connections. Ichigo is in heat. And it is la segunda etapa by the intoxicating aroma."

Byakuya said nothing to that information, but he did flash an extremely pleased smile over to Starrk before bending down and taking Ichigo back into the warm confines of his mouth again. Sliding his hand up Ichigo's leg, Byakuya soon found himself keeping Ichigo's attention elsewhere while his fingers were busy helping Starrk prepare the lithe male that was their mate. If there was the chance of seeing Ichigo swell with cubs once again, Byakuya was going to make sure that he had as much chance to sire them as Starrk and to that end, he was going to ensure that Ichigo was not hurt in the least by having both of his Alphas enter him at the same time on the first round.

Byakuya couldn't stop the small smirk at that thought. The first round. He knew Ichigo's heat would last the week and was looking foward to ensuring that the smaller male wouldn't be able to work for the following week.

Just then, Starrk nudged Byakuya trying to get his attention, unaware of the thoughts swirling through the other's mind. Seeing that he had it, Starrk pulled his fingers out of Ichigo, causing Byakuya's to slip out as well. Starrk flashed an excited grin towards Byakuya before pushing him prone on the bed, immediately to the side of Ichigo. Grabbing Ichigo by the hips, Starrk lifted him up and spun him over, the slight slack in the ties letting Starrk do so without difficulty.

As Starrk lifted and spun Ichigo, Byakuya was quickly sliding into the place where Ichigo had been laying. It was quite easy to tell since the bedding underneath Ichigo was hot were the overheated Visored had been laying on it. As soon as he was in position, Byakuya found himself face to face with a panting, keening Ichigo, who promptly attached himself to Byakuya by their lips. Raising his knees up, Byakuya felt Starrk help slide Ichigo into place, with one leg on either side of him. Once his legs were in place, Byakuya's lips were released as Starrk then lifted Ichigo up into a seated position with his arms pulled out in front of him. Grabbing ahold of the throbbing, aching length bobbing between his legs, Byakuya held himself still as Starrk carefully lowered Ichigo down until Byakuya had just breached the first ring of muscles, at which point, Starrk let go of Ichigo and let him finish sinking down on Byakuya on his own schedule.

'Which was, appearently, immediately,' Byakuya found himself thinking as he found himself suddenly buried to the hilt in an amazing, clutching warmth. After that, he had no more time for thoughts because Ichigo took off, riding him like Ichigo might explode if he dropped below a certain speed.

As soon as Starrk released Ichigo, he was getting into place. Shuffling foward on his knees, Starrk slotted himself into the crook of Byakuya's knees before grabbing a rapidly bouncing Ichigo with one hand. With the other, Starrk grabbed himself and, lifting up and leaning foward slightly, eased himself into the tight, welcoming heat that awaited him past the opening muscles. Holding Ichigo tightly to ensure that he didn't get to set the tempo, Starrk waited until Ichigo was twisting and writhing under his grip to thrust the rest of the way in. Judging by the sobbing, keening, whimpering noise Ichigo vocalized when he did, Starrk could tell that he had hit Ichigo's sweet spot on the first go. Making eye contact with Byakuya, Starrk gave a nod of his head to the raven-haired noble man. Getting a grin back in return, the two then proceeded to set a punishing pace, thrusting in and pulling out, ensuring that Ichigo's prostate was constantly being pummled.

Feeling Ichigo begin to tighten and clench around them after a while, Starrk reached a hand around and quickly grabbed ahold of the base of Ichigo's erection, clamping his fingers tightly around it, determined that they would all peak at the same time. Ichigo began sobbing and babbling incoherently as soon as he realized what Starrk was denying him and thrashed in his bonds, trying to pull his hands free. Starrk just ignored him and continued setting a brutal pace.

Maybe fifteen minutes later, sweat pouring down his face and body, Starrk could feel the tell tale signs of his own impending orgasm as he felt himself begin to harden further and his balls tighten up. Letting go of Ichigo, Starrk pushed him down onto Byakuya before leaning over his mates as well.

"Byakuya, it is time."

Byakuya was locked in feeling. The tight heat, the rigid arousal sliding past his own on every thrust, the noises Ichigo was making and the way the other male was moving. It was beginning to overload his senses. So when he suddenly felt Ichigo's erection thrusting over his abs and heard Starrk's deep, soothing voice, even though he couldn't focus enough to make out the words, he couldn't hold back any more. He came with a harsh yell, painting Ichigo's insides with his seed.

Starrk, hearing Byakuya yell and feeling him pulse against his length, reached a hand in between their bodies and, with two pulls to Ichigo's erection, had him reaching orgasm as well. That was all it took for Starrk. Feeling Ichigo tighen down to an almost painful degree, Starrk thrust in as deeply as he could before the feeling of release over took him. It took a few minutes for Starrk to come back to himself and when he did, it was to the sight of Byakuya's face contorted in a way that Starrk had never seen on the noble before. If Starrk had to guess, he would have said that it looked like a cross between humor and mild pain.

Byakuya, seeing the puzzlement on Starrk's face, began to chuckle.

"I think this is where I confirm your thought's of Ichigo being fertile."

Seeing the confusion deepen, Byakuya laughed harder as he arranged an unconscious Ichigo before calming himself down enough to speak again.

"If I didn't think Ichigo would remove certain treasured portions of my anatomy for doing it to him as well, I would shove a large, hard something up inside of him as soon as you finish sometime, just so you can experience what your damn knot feels like."

Starrk couldn't stop the embarrassed blush that burned across his face if his life depended on it. Seeing it, Byakuya only laughed harder.

"Looks like everything got squared away with no problems," Yoruichi said to herself as she exited the gigai room. "Gotta love dealing with two of the most responsible members of Soul Society. So much better than Kenpachi. Now, time for a long, relaxing bath, just need to grab my robe."

Walking down the hallway, Yoruichi smiled to herself as she recalled the time well spent during her week long vacation with Kisuke. Pausing outside her doorway, Yoruichi thought she smelled something a bit odd, but shook it off before she opened her bedroom door.


Thanks for the patience and I'm sorry that it took so long to get out. This is actually the second try at this bonus. The first was rambling and, oddly enough, angsty. Absolutely not my style So I had to start over after being almost finished. Grr...And then, the kids came home from Grandma's and camp. They're worse then writer's block for getting progress done.

Honoka= Harmony Flower