-Sebastian's Point of View-

Sebastian did his usual job everyday; dressing up, waking the rest of the crew and preparing tea for his master. What tea would bocchan like to drink today? Sebastian thought to himself and decided on preparing Earl Grey Tea. Besides, his little bocchan was Earl Ciel Phantomhive.

He started his "journey" towards Ciel's room, brisk walking through the corridors, constantly checking his watch. "I'm late by 3 minutes!" Sebastian muttered to himself, pushing the cart with the pot of Earl Gray tea and a cup equally exquisite. Not that he would break any of these ceramics no matter how fast he goes.

Finally reaching the designated room, Sebastian knocked thrice before going in, lest his bocchan nagged at him for his rudeness again. Although he does like to see his bocchan slightly annoyed at times, it was fun to disturb someone as serious as Ciel.

"Bocchan, your tea is served."

"Bocchan, today's tea would be Earl Grey Tea. It suits your title don't you think?"

"Bocchan? Are you awake?"

Sebastian thought it slightly weird that his young master hasn't yet woken up. Usually he would be awake even before Sebastian came to wake him. He gave Ciel a little shake and yet the sleeping Earl did not move at all. Feeling concern for his master's well being, Sebastian place the back of his palm on Ciel's forehead.

-Ciel's Point of View-

Ciel in his sleep, vaguely heard someone calling him twice? Or was it thrice? Suddenly, he felt something cold touch his forehead. Who dares to touch me, Ciel Phantomhive? he thought to himself. Nothing was registering well in his head, which was hurting slightly and his body felt like it was burning up.

Even the tea Sebastian has brought for him this morning did not settle well; "Sebastian! Bring that tea away immediately!" Ciel said trying to make it sound like an order, yet the sentence came out sounding more like a whisper. Nonetheless, Sebastian did as he was told and came back in what felt like minutes to the sick Earl lying on the bed, with a hot towel and some medicine.

"Bocchan, you should have told me earlier you were sick! Now the Earl Grey Tea I prepared has gone to waste."


"Oh well, would you like something to eat before taking your medicine, young master?"


"Yes, my lord."

After Sebastian left the room, Ciel thought of the amount of work he would have to do the next day and attempted to walk towards his workroom. Somehow, he couldn't even find the strength to get out of bed, still suffering from his headache and decided to pull his blanket over himself and get back to sleep.

- Sebastian's Point of View -

"Young Master is sure troublesome at times isn't he?"

Sebastian began preparations for the soup he had to boil for his bocchan. Chopping apples and pears into bite size pieces, he placed them into the pot of boiling water further adding his special ingredients. Sebastian wondered if Ciel would like something sweet to eat after taking his medicine making the decision to make some desserts since he had time while waiting for the soup.

After an hour, Sebastian scooped a bowl of soup, took his desert and started his way to Ciel's room yet again. He figured his master wouldn't know if he had knocked on the door before entering or not thus walking into the room without any warning.

Seeing his master's sleeping face, he couldn't help but feel sympathy towards humans who suffer from sickness. Glad that he would never had to go through this at all.

Waking Ciel up for the second time, Sebastian positioned Ciel's pillow such that his young master could sit up right comfortably.

"Bocchan, you soup is ready. Shall I feed you? I don't think you can mange it yourself today."

"…Fine but only today."

"Yes, my lord" Sebastian replied, smirking slightly at his master.

"What soup is this Sebastian?"

"Apple and pear soup, bocchan. Do you like it?"

"Mmm I guess it isn't too bad for something new."

- Ciel's Point of View-

"Give me my medicine now"

"Yes, bocchan"

Ciel had never liked swallowing pills much, so he decided to make sure the pills go down by eating Sebastian's desserts he saw him brought up just now. It was even worse when Ciel couldn't get the pills to go down in one gulp, the bitter taste started to fill his mouth. Disgusted by the bitterness compared to his usual taste for sweet treats, he tried another gulp of water and succeeded.

"Bocchan, your desert for today is chocolate mousse. Hopefully it gets rid of the bitter taste of the medicine. Can you manage this yourself?"

"You idiot! I am not that weak! Give me the dessert!"

Sebastian left the Ciel to finish his dessert as he left to clear the soup bowl. Ciel hadn't yet finished his dessert when he started to feel sick in the stomach. He started to run for the bathroom, hurling out the contents of his stomach in the toilet. Just how am I going to get well when I cannot even swallow the pills? Ciel contemplated as Sebastian followed the hurling sounds towards the bathroom.


This was the worst Ciel had ever felt, and one of the first times he had seen Sebastian actually worried about him. Carefully wiping his mouth with a hot towel, wiping his body and helping him to change. Ciel let himself rest against the body carrying him, bridal style, to his bed. He was too sick to bother scolding or being angry with his butler for treating him like a woman.

"Bocchan, since you cannot swallow your pills without any food, I know a new way for you to take your pills. Would you care to try?"

Ciel nodded slightly before dozing off again.