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- Previously -

"Bocchan, since you cannot swallow your pills without any food, I know a new way for you to take your pills. Would you care to try?"

Ciel nodded slightly before dozing off again.

- Continue -

Sebastian made his way back to the room; very aware of the small figure he was carrying in his arms. He was aware of how much affection he was showing to someone whose soul he would soon devour. Even before Claude, that demon, mentioned how much Sebastian seemed too concerned over one small human, he knew his affections were not one that was normal.

Even though the journey to Ciel's room was not long, Sebastian deliberately walked slower, listening his young master's soft breathing, the slow beating of his heart and how the eye patch hides the contract between his young master and him. The intelligence Ciel had to have control over the Phantomhive household at such a young age, making his soul smell even better then the other humans like Alois. How dare that little that human steal his bocchan's soul? Even for one second, he cannot allow anyone else to contaminate his food, his life, and his love?


Could that be true?

Unknowingly, Ciel turned to face Sebastian's chest and cuddled in a little closer, feeling a little warmer with each second in Sebastian's arms.

Feeling his body dip against the softness of the bed, Ciel woke up to see Sebastian unbuttoning his shirt. The butler then helped his master to don a clean shirt, leaving the room to bring a box of pills for Ciel. Aware that his master was awake, Sebastian deliberately took off one of the two apparels his bocchan was wearing; his underwear, without warning.

"Sebastian! What in the world are you trying to do? Aren't you going to give me my pills?"

"Ah bocchan, you are awake. Didn't you agree to try a new method of taking pills without swallowing?"

"Yes I did but…THIS?"

"Well bocchan, there are only two ways to go about this situation."

"NO. I refuse this treatment. Sebastian this is an order."

"My lord, I have to make sure you don't die before you complete your wish."

"I will not die from a fever! Bring me some water."

"Bocchan, what if you choke to death while swallowing the pills? You and I know you have problems just swallowing them. Please cooperate, we will be done as soon as possible" and in a softer voice, Sebastian muttered to himself: "unless I lose control, somehow…"

"Get on with it then. What are you standing there for?"

"My my, Bocchan is as cute as always~"

Sebastian flipped the little boy onto his back after removing the underwear completely. This was a once in a lifetime chance that he would be able to give such an intense treatment like this; he wanted his young master to enjoy it completely.

Ciel saw Sebastian's hand reaching for the drawer next to his bed, taking out a bottle of red colored liquid. He didn't think much of that bottle of slime or he couldn't think anymore than he wanted to because…


Ciel felt a warm liquid sliding down in between his two cheeks, smelling slightly strawberry scented. The fact that he couldn't see his butler heightened his senses even more than before. What was his one hell of a butler going to do next? Does Ciel even want to find out?

He found out sooner than later, immediately feeling something hard and small making its way into his small pink hole while he clenched his muscles at the sudden intrusion. Relaxing after he thought the whole pill has went in, Sebastian pushed a second one in, slowly, deliberately. Watching his bocchan's hole sweetly sucking in the pill without any probing, while the owner clutched the pillow his head was resting on, sweat forming on his forehead.

With such a treat in front of him, Sebastian felt the material of his pants pressing against his constantly growing arousal, forming a slight triangle, wanting to escape. Already losing his control from the start of the "treatment", he removed his glove to stare at the contract while covering his fingers with the slick oil.

Pressing a digit into the warm cavern, he felt Ciel's muscles contract once again against the bigger intrusion. They seem to be massaging his finger, keeping it constantly warm.

"Sssssebassstiann nghn"

"Bocchan, you seem to be enjoying this as much as I am."

"hah…hah… what ah… are you saying?"

"Nothing my lord, hearing your breathing I know you are excited"

Sebastian felt the tip of his finger touching the pills that were inside, forcing them to go deeper and deeper. At the same time, he allowed his free hand to caress the cheeks, massaging, touching and gradually traveling to the front where a small treat awaits him. In the background, he can hear the constantly increasing short puffs of breath his bocchan was producing. The lewd, arousing sounds that he might never hear again while flicking his finger across the small nipples and thrusting his digit in and out of the cavern.

Ciel never felt like that before, he would never believe he could produce such weird sounding effects that unconsciously turns on Sebastian more. The feeling of the pills brushing against the inside of his walls while Sebastian's fingers move in and out, pushing the pills deeper until it can't go anymore.

His body started rocking back against Sebastian's finger on its own. Sebastian's other hand flicked one last time over his puckered nipples before sliding his hand over Ciel's privates, covering it and using his thump to spread the dripping semen over the head. Pumping the leaking member to feel it harden even more.


Sebastian couldn't believe what he heard. Was it real? Was it just his imagination?

"Sebastian. This is another order ahhh..now!"

"Yes, my lord"

Without waiting for another second, Sebastian forced another slick digit into the hole, ignoring the yelp his bocchan exclaimed, making scissoring motions while moving in and out. Plunging his fingers back in even harder to find that one spot that will…


Ciel rocked even harder against the fingers that found his most pleasurable spot. Unexpectedly, Sebatian stopped the motion of his hands on Ciel's member. Instead, he grabbed it even tighter, preventing Ciel's orgasm while removing the 2 digits from the hole.

"Let go of me!"

"Bocchan," Flipping Ciel so that his young master faced him, Sebastian took off his shirt to reveal the muscular body that had protected Ciel. He took off his pants to reveal a wet, dark patch growing on the front of his underwear and lifted Ciel's legs allowing them to rest on his shoulders. Taking off his last piece of cloth, the erection escaped the confines of the cloth to rest between Ciel's cheeks.

Ciel felt something hard pressing against his cheeks and he looked up to see Sebastian's erection, hot and big.

"Wait, are you going to…"

"Yes I'm going to enter your body."

Resisting the urge to plunge right into the hot cavern, Sebastian inched his way inside the ever-resisting muscle.

"No! Yours nnmnn… is never going to ahha…ah… to fit inside!"

Determined to prove his bocchan wrong, Sebastian lost his last ounce of self-control, diving straight in the twitching hole, still holding on to Ciel's member.


Only allowing the spam of a few second for Ciel to adjust to his size, Sebastian pulled almost completely out, only to thrust it in again and again. Letting Ciel's twitching member go, he concentrated on finding Ciel's prostate once more.


Ciel whispered as he arched his back away from the bed, completely forgetting the initial pain as it was overcome with pleasure. Sex between 2 men was never so intense. Ciel could feel his orgasm building up more and more. Not only was Ciel nearing the end, Sebastian couldn't stand the tight, continuous squeezing of being connected to the one he loves, not only by the contract.

"bastian…haah, haah, I'm going to…"

"Come with me bocchan~"


Ciel's seeds landed over his own stomach and some on Sebastian's chest, making him sexier then he already is. However, Sebastian's seeds were dripping from the inside of Ciel's body onto the bed. Exhausted from the physical exercise, Ciel lied on the bed, feeling a wet cloth wipe away the white substance on his front and carefully wiping his bruised hole and soft member. Replacing a new white shirt with the stained one.

It was funny how Ciel wasn't angry at what Sebastian has done; he had found it surprisingly, enjoyable. Probing more into his own complicated mind, he came up with only one conclusion; he loved his butler. Noone else would be able to do this to him and walk out of his room alive.

"Bocchan, I'll take my leave now. I hope you recover from your fever soon."

"Sebastian, stay with me."

Hearing the order, Sebastian moved towards the direction of the bed and sat at his usual spot, at the edge of the bed. However, he saw Ciel asking him to have his back against the headboard, legs on the bed, faced front. He didn't had time to figure out why his young master would allow him to sit this way when Ciel's head started to rest against Sebastian's thigh. Warmth surged through Sebastian feeling even closer to Ciel.

"My lord, may you recover as soon as possible"

When there was no reply, Sebastian figured his bocchan have fallen asleep so he said softly;

"Sukidayo bocchan"

"Sukidayo Sebastian"

Ciel replied but didn't open his eyes to see Sebastian's reaction.