Harry Potter – Shattered Prophecy

A Dragon Age and Harry Potter Crossover

By Insanity Lord

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the so-called plot of this fanfiction. I earn nothing from this other than the enjoyment of writing it. No suing!

Author's note: Because I can, I'm starting this in 1990, and Harry will start at Hogwarts in 2001. Why? Because I'm the author of this fanfiction and therefore I can. Deal with it :-P


Prologue – Her son

Morrigan had done it in such a way that people would think the boy – Harry was the name she allowed them to give him – was the son of the Potters, and it had been easy, especially for a mage as powerful as her. She planned on retrieving him later, after her business back in Ferelden was done, once her plans were in place.

The world she had travelled to, this 'Earth', was different yet similar to her world. The country she had landed in, Britain, reminded her very much of Ferelden, but so much different. The people had advanced their technology, noisy machines carried people through streets in cities that covered the majority of the island kingdom.

It bothered her, but this place was good. It had been a simple task to find a magical healer, they gave off a certain...aura that her own magical senses picked up on very easily, especially in this world where the Fade was so well kept at bay by magicks she had never felt before, and to pay them well (sovereigns seemed to hold value in this world, though they had a different name, Galleons) enough that the birth would be kept hidden.

She had found the Potters soon enough. She liked this world, mages weren't locked up. Feared, yes, but rather than lock them up, the mages had created their own society, hidden from the mundanes, where they could live freely, learn, and grow as mages (or wizards and witches as they seemed to be called), although the wands... she felt insulted that her fellow mages would require such childish foci to cast even the simplest of spells. Really! She had stopped using such things when she was eight years old! The only reason mages still carried their staffs because they merely acted to boost their spells, a powerful enough mage had no need for a staff.

Her son certainly wouldn't need a focus, not with what he held inside, what he was. The Potters, she found, reminded her far too much of her son's father, that simple fool Alistair – driven by justice, out to 'do the right thing'...

Annoying as they were, the couple were perfect for her needs. She would allow them to raise her son, believing that they were the parents, but she would be teaching him, training him in secret.

But then the Abomination (she knew he was an Abomination, she could feel it, his presence...it reminded her of Flemeth, and she hated it) attacked the Potters, let in by their 'Secret Keeper' Peter Petigrew, a shapeshifter (or Animagus, as these people called them), and traitor to their cause. Really, she wondered why people trusted other people, it was obvious that they'd be stabbed in the back in the end.

She was too late to save the Potters (not that she cared very much), and arrived in time to see the Abomination's spell bounce off of her son (really, a simple killing curse? Morrigan had seen it once and already had a counter spell ready) and utterly destroy the man.

She saw the demon within him flee, now a wraith, and shuddered despite herself. Such a powerful demon, likely a Pride Demon, to survive the destruction of his host's body...

It had been easy to get the boy out of the house, even easier to magically convince the old man that arrived too late to save his 'friends' (Morrigan knew him for what he was, a manipulator, believing that he was doing the 'right thing' and getting people hurt in the process...she hated those kinds, they were like Templars...she might not have been a 'good' person, but at least she was honest with herself and others) that she was the legally appointed guardian of the boy and simply vanish into the night.

As powerful as the old man was, his mind was surprisingly susceptible to magical manipulation. It helped that Morrigan was a natural manipulator herself (she was, after all, a woman) and that only strengthened the spell she used.

She knew the Abomination would be back one day, but she wasn't concerned. Her son, her Harry, was not a normal human. He had the soul of an Old God inside of him.

And she was going to train him in the magical arts, her magic, and if he was called to learn the spells of this world, then he would master them, he would grow powerful, and he would bring change.

Both to Magical Britain and Ferelden.


Author's note: This plot bunny has been in my head for ages, and I need to get it out at some point. Yes, Harry is Morrigan's son, he is the Old God, and she's going to be raising him. Not a dark-evil Harry, but not a Light Harry either.