Harry Potter: Shattered Prophecy

A Dragon Age/Harry Potter Crossover Fanfiction

By Insanity Lord


Chapter 12 – Corruption

"P-professor Snape?"

Snape looked up from his work, sighing softly. What is it now? he thought, mildly annoyed that a student was bothering him at six in the evening.

"Enter," he said, closing his book and putting it aside. This better be important.

The door opened, and Snape's eyes went wide as one of his students walked in.


Albus was relaxing with a glass of fine wine (his evening drink), when Severus burst through the door. "Headmaster," he said, looking more than just a little worried, "I know what happened to the roosters."

Albus put his glass down, frowning. "So you know what killed them?"

Severus nodded. "It was one of my students. Tracey Davis, although she has no memory of this. She arrived at my office a few minutes ago, covered in blood and feathers."

Albus stood up. "Take me to her."

"Yes, headmaster."


The following morning, Daphne was seen sticking close to her friend Tracey. Malfoy had a smart remark to make about her being covered in blood, but Daphne threatened him with a hex to the face.

"I know more hexes than you do, you pompous little git," she snarled. "Stay off of Tracey's case or I'll hit you with a leg locking curse and leave you hanging from the rafters!"

Leon had never seen his friend so livid...and decided to help her out. "Lay off, Malfoy," he snapped. "She's a fellow Slytherin. I know 'loyalty' is a concept slightly beyond your understanding, but I would think you'd know better than to pick on a fellow Slytherin like this."

Malfoy sneered at them both but said nothing...mostly because Harry chose that moment to speak up from behind him, where he had been standing for the past five minutes.

"Seen any giant spiders lately, Malfoy?"

Draco jumped slightly in shock and turned around, scowling. "Bite me, Potter. You know, they say that Slytherin had a secret chamber here, and a pet monster that he used to kill mudbloods. If you're not careful, your friend Granger is going to get it. Her and the rest of the filthy trash that don't belong here!"

"..." Harry's eyes narrowed, glowing slightly. "Five seconds, Draco."



Draco stepped back. "What are you going to do? You can't do anything to me here! We aren't allowed to use magic between classes!"

"Three." Harry's eyes glowed even brighter gold, and he had his arms folded over his chest as he took a menacing step forward. Frost formed around his feet. Draco reached for his wand.

Big mistake. Before he could draw it out, Harry slammed his fist into the Malfoy heir's nose, shattering it. Draco gave a yell and stumbled back, holding his ruined nose. Blood poured from between his fingers and he stared at Harry.

"You should go see Madam Pomphrey for that," Leon said brightly. "I think he broke your nose there, Malfoy."

Daphne smirked as Draco turned and ran off, yelling about revenge. And telling Snape. Harry snorted. "What's Snape going to do? Give me detention and deduct house points? Who cares? That git insulted my friend."


Flitwick sighed as Snape paced his office, ranting about Harry The second year Ravenclaw in question was...reading a book and totally ignoring the potions master.

"He attacked one of my students! He should be expelled!"

"Professor Snape," Flitwick said in a rather deadpan tone, "if it were anybody else, you would be pushing for just detention."

Harry looked up from his book. "The git deserved that punch. He called Hermione a mudblood and outright said that she and other muggleborns deserve to die. And don't even try to make that sound any less terrible than it really is, Professor Snape. I'll accept detention for it, but I feel that I was totally justified."

Flitwick was frozen in shock. Slowly, ever so slowly, he turned to Snape. "Malfoy called one of my students a mudblood? And what punishment is he receiving for this?"

"..." Snape just stared down at the small man. Draco never mentioned that part...

"Probably nothing," Harry said bluntly. "Snape here never seems to see when his house does wrong. That, and I doubt Draco mentioned it. Even he would get into trouble for slander."

Flitwick cleared his throat. "Potter, detention this Saturday with Filch."

"Oh, joy of joys," Harry said dryly.

"Snape, tell Malfoy he is receiving the same punishment, over a month."

"What?" Snape stared. "You have no right to-"

"I do, and I am," Flitwick said firmly. "Or we can take it to the headmaster if you prefer."

"...I will inform Draco Malfoy of his...punishment," Snape sneered, displeased with the turn of events (Harry had gone back to his book, ignoring the two).

"And Harry? 25 points from Ravenclaw for fighting in school," Flitwick said. "And 50 points to Ravenclaw for defending your fellow Ravenclaw's honour."

Harry looked up, nodding. "Thank you, Professor."

Snape's cheek twitched in irritation.


"Did you know that muggleborns make up 70% of the school student population?" Luna said idly as she sat down next to Harry at lunch. "I was bored so I looked it up, so if there really is a monster in the school and it starts attacking muggleborns, 70% of the student body could be killed."

Harry blinked at his friend. "That's very morbid, Luna," he said. "Fascinating, but morbid."

A pause. "Wait, you've heard of that monster already?"

Luna nodded, dishing up some roast chicken. "Oh yes," she said. "Draco seemed rather delighted to tell me that I would probably be eaten by it, so I decided to investigate the matter."

Harry rolled his eyes. "Yes, well, Slytherin is long dead."

"Yes, but he could very well have an heir," Luna said conversationally. "Somebody that knows how to get to the monster. Or the Chamber of Secrets that is said to be hidden somewhere in the castle."

Harry stuck a fork into the mashed potato, frowning. "Chamber of Secrets?"

"Yes," Luna nodded. "Supposedly Salazar Slytherin built it before leaving Hogwarts. It's supposed to house a monster and all of his greatest secrets."

Harry shoved some mash into his mouth and chewed, thinking. Oh, I have to find that chamber, he thought. The hidden knowledge!

Just thinking about it sent shivers down Harry's spine. "That..." he smirked. "We are finding this chamber, Luna. I want to know everything about it."

Luna smiled. "Oh, of course."


Detention with Filch, Harry decided, wouldn't be quite so bad if Malfoy would stop whining. "We just have to clean things," he said. "I clean all the time at home. Without magic."

"Yes, but you're poor," Draco snapped. "I have house elves! A wizard shouldn't have to do such menial labour!"

Harry grunted. "I don't particularly care about what you do or don't do at home, Malfoy," he said, "just shut up and let me work."

Malfoy snarled, wishing he had his wand (Filch took their wands for the duration of the detention), when Harry glanced at him from the corner of his eye.

And, for just a fleeting moment, Draco though the saw Harry's eyes turn...dragon-like. The golden colour boring into him, holding him transfixed.

Then it was over as Harry got back to work.

But why were Malfoy's hands soaked with sweat and shaking?


Hagrid had heard, of course, of the giant spider attack. He knew it couldn't be Aragog. That lovely Acromantula wouldn't harm students. He promised, after all.

Still, Hagrid decided to ask. Just to make sure, of course. He was walking deep into the forest, knowing where the large, magical spiders lived. He ignored the sounds of the spiders around him, they were his friends after all. Deeper he went, until he fond the central colony.

"Aragog? Y'here?"

Silence greeted him. The wind blew through the forest, rustling the leaves in the night. Hagrid looked around, suddenly nervous, as he realized that the Acromantula colony was slowly surrounding him, eyes glowing blood red in the darkness.


And Aragog stepped out of the cave, all his eyes glowing an even deeper shade of red than his children. Hagrid stepped back in shock when he saw his old friend. His fur was falling out, his skin blotchy, red and black in places.

And his mandibles had grown twice as large as they had been before, the poison dripping down to the ground and burning the ground like acid. Something had changed Aragog, something dark and foul...and it had clearly affected his children.

"You...should not have come...old friend," Aragog said. "We...hunger...and our promise...is no longer valid..."

And the colony attacked. Hagrid slammed his fist into the first Acromantula that leaped at him with enough force to crush the creature's face. He grabbed the corpse and swung it around him, knocking away the others before throwing it at Aragog.

And then he ran. I have'ta tell Dumbledore, he thought. Somethin' got 'em! Somethin' got Aragog and his kids!

And Aragog jumped onto his back, trying to bring the half-giant down. With a roar of defiance, Hagrid threw himself backwards into a tree, trying to crush Aragog between him and the bark. It didn't work the first time, and Aragog sank his teeth into Hagrid's shoulder.

But he didn't pour venom into Hagrid, no, he poured blood into the wound. Hagrid grabbed the corrupted creature and ripped him from his back, slamming him down with all his might. The force of the impact made a crater, and Hagrid ran, ignoring the searing pain in his shoulder.


"I always knew your fascination with 'pets' would come back and bite us, Hagrid," Snape said acidly. "We have to exterminate the Acromantula colony before they attack again."

Dumbledore looked grave as he nodded slowly, staring at his old friend in concern. "Hagrid, go see Madam Pomphrey. If anybody else had been bitten by an Acromantula, the poison would have killed them by now. Madam Pomphrey will have an antidote on hand. Go."

Hagrid, greatly disturbed by the knowledge that Aragog and his children would have to die. He had raised Aragog from infancy, had trusted him not to turn bad. But now...

"Aye, Headmaster," he said tiredly. "Jus'...jus' make sure Aragog dies peaceful, okay?"

"Of course, Hagrid. Go."

Hagrid nodded and left the office, shaking. Snape snorted.

"You are far too soft on him, Headmaster."

"Severus, as much as I trust you, as much as I value you as an ally... kindly be quiet."

Snape was far too shocked to reply.


"So," Harry said to his friends as they gathered in the library, "the Chamber of Secrets. I want to find it."

The reactions to his declaration were, he supposed, predictable. Leon just looked at him, shrugged, and went back to his nap. Ron stared at him, facepalmed, and went back to his nap, Luna just smiled at her friend and went back to reading her copy of The History of Magical Creatures That They Don't Want You To Know. Upside down. Daphne stared at Harry for a moment before muttering something about 'crazy Ravenclaws' under her breath and turning her attention to Tracey again.

Hermione just sighed. "Harry," she said, "we have more important things to worry about. Like school work. And finding out if Draco is the Heir. Which I'm sure he is. He's vile."

The bushy-haired girl patted her book of potions. "I mean, it's obvious, isn't it?"

Daphne rolled her eyes. "Malfoy isn't the Heir," she said. "Trust me. He's told the rest of us that he wishes he was, but he isn't. He's just using the situation to be a prat. As usual. So just forget about doing something as stupid as using potions to disguise yourselves as Slytherin students."

Hermione flushed. "I wasn't going to-"

"Yes, you were," Daphne cut the girl off. "You might be a Ravenclaw, but you have Gryffindor traits...including not thinking things through. Honestly, you're not Weasley."


"Oh, live with it, Ronnie."


Harry snorted in amusement. "It's better than being called Weasley," he said. "Besides, it's cute."

"...Harry, when you call somebody cute, it's not a compliment," Ron muttered. Harry smirked.

"Finally figured it out, huh, Ronnie?"

Ron gave his friend his best death glare. Harry smiled. "Nice try, Ronnie," he said, "but my guardian has a scarier stare than your glares."

"The Chamber of Secrets," Luna said suddenly, "is probably very dangerous, but at the same time, it probably has lots of secrets. I say we look for it. After all..."

She turned a page. "If we don't, this 'heir' will probably do something to force Harry into the Chamber anyway. Like, say, kidnapping a friend of his, or somebody close to somebody he knows, and then Harry will have to play the hero and go in anyway, which will annoy him, so let's just do this on our terms."

Everybody just stared at the girl. "What?" Tracey asked. Luna stuck her nose into the book again.

"It's the way these stories go, you know, even if the original author isn't writing it."


"Oh," Luna said, "look at this. The Magical Government has been hunting Wrackspurts for their teeth. That would probably tie them right into the Rotfang Conspiracy."


Greyson was in his office, thinking about what was happening. Dumbledore had called the teachers into a meeting, telling them about the Acromantula colony going dark and attacking Hagrid. Then, that night, Dumbledore had lead them all into the forest.

The colony had been empty. Every Acromantula had vanished without a trace, but what they had found on the ground was far more disturbing. It was dying. The ground, the grass, everything the Acromantula colony had touched was dying from something.

Greyson knew several dark spells that could corrupt and kill the environment, but not to the level of death that was afflicting the Forbidden Forest. What was happening there seemed to be a sickness of some kind. And...infection.

An infection of evil, he thought, pulling out a bottle of wine and pouring himself a goblet. Is that too dramatic? Damn it, what's happening? And where did the Acromantula colony go? Hundreds, no, thousands, of them...just gone.

He took a sip of his wine. Dumbledore has to tell the Ministry, and nothing good will come of telling Fudge of this. The man is an incompetent fool.

He sighed and put the goblet down. "Damn it."


Hagrid was feeling steadily worse as days went by. It started out with simple pains, a burning sensation coming from his arm, from the bite. The bite...the bite had refused to heal properly, but he was certain the potion he had taken would help, it would nullify the poison. But...Hagrid grew less and less...sane? Coherent?

He was unable to sleep. When he did, he was plagued by nightmares. War, death, the screams of man, woman, child. Dragons, dark creatures.

And the voices. The voices never stopped. Calling to him, wanting him to...to...

To what? He never knew. What did the voice want?

A noise. Annoying. Barking. Dog. Annoying. Growling. Annoying. Dog!

Hagrid picked up a bot and slammed it down onto Fang. And again. And again. And again. Blood pooled around the dog's corpse, but Hagrid just stared at it.

Meat. Food. Food. Hunger. HUNGER. FEED.

Hagrid reached down and tore a piece of Fang's flank right off and bit into it. Feed. Kill. Destroy.


And the day after, all they found of Hagrid's hut was ash. Hagrid was nowhere to be found.