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Pinkie was waiting for her like always. Her pin straight mane the same shimmering pink it always was, and her sparkling blue eyes, she had the same beautiful smile on her face as she always did. Apple Bloom finished strapping in princess Luna and she trotted over to her love and kissed on her cheek... a tear ran down Apple Blooms face and she prayed with all her heart that it would be over soon and she rubbed her face against the cold lifeless figure of her love. Stuffed and wearing her beautiful cape of cutie marks, holding a knife with a wicked smile fish hooked on her face. She stood proud and noble like she always did, the party loving pony was now and forever the queen of her delightful party. Apple Bloom choked back the tears and she heard Luna waking up. Her horn and wings already removed Apple Bloom stood in front of her with her apron of cutie marks. Luna squirmed and screamed hoping someone would hear her.

"Even if yer guards could come get ya.. You will be nothin' but an earth pony." She glared and was wearing one of Luna's wings and one of Celestia's. She had both of their horns around her neck as she walked up to the princess. "Ya see, ah know ah am going to die, ah will be here, with my love, and that's all that matters. In fact ah hope they kill me down here with her.. so ah may die as she did.. with purpose… But you. You would have taken that away from me, made me rot in a cell. LOOK AT YOUR SISTER!"

Luna choked back the tears and began to see the room for what it was. The pony made furniture and decorations. It was sick, it made Luna sick. This was so much worse than she ever imagined. She vomited down her chest. She began to cry once more, it was more for the lost souls then for her own fear at this point. Her green eyes then came to the table in the center of the room, the large table Luna found herself strapped to was facing the table. It was huge, like a stage and she was the audience. She began to recognize the characters. Scootaloo, Sweetie Bell, a mangled Rarity, and the last at the table was, her sister, Celestia. Her cheeks sewn back to look almost like a smile, but it wasn't done right, like it had been torn off. She was clearly long since dead, but the sewn pieces looked old, almost if they had been done while she was alive. Luna shuddered at the thought, her death would be for nothing.

Apple Bloom smiled at Luna, "She's so happy and worry free~ Dontcha ya want to be like that Luna? Ah promise to make the most wonderful cupcakes from you..or pies, or cakes.. really the possibilities are endless." She picked up her scalpel and looked at it in the light.

"You…you, you told me she was alive!" She sounded more sad than angry.

Apple Bloom didn't even smile, she just glared through her injuries. "Ah lied. Imagine that, the pony that butcher's other ponies is a liar too." She jammed the scalpel into Luna's thigh muscle, it went deep. Luna cried out, like white hot fire all the pain began to hit all over at once. The pain was near unbearable, emotional and the raging sting from her missing horn and wings being ripped off.

"Ah have always admired you and yer sister's cutie marks.. you know, ah got my cutie mark doing this don't you.. HA, that's the cupcake! Ya liake it! OF COURSE YOU DO BECAUSE YOU ARE NOW A PART OF IT!" She laughed until she couldn't breathe, the cracked ribs became broken as she felt one of them stab her in the lung, she herself was running out of time, she had really done a number on herself putting Luna here. She porbably could have not taunted the gaurds. She then stood back up and rammed the scalpel deeper into Luna's thigh. The princess did her best not to flinch, she didn't want to give her the satisfaction. Apple Bloom smiled and pulled out her hammer.

"oooo a fighter are you?" She spit a bit of blood from her mouth.

She hammered her scalpel until she felt it hit the table. "Aww it's stuck, wiggle it out for me will you?" She looked to Luna as she scoffed. "Oh too bad." She pulled out her second scalpel from the table and cut around her cutie mark using a little saw to only take off the mark half way. She then ripped it off her flank and held it over her head like a prize as the blood dripped on to her face.

"How do ya liake it my love? Isn't this everything we ever dreamed for? We have them both.. THE MATCHING SET." She crawled over to her long since passed love and put her head under her chin. She missed her so much. She couldn't hold back the tears anymore.. the guards began to storm the bakery. Their hooves thundered overhead and they both looked up. It was about time they caught on, honestly she expected them sooner. She kissed her love and then grabbed two needles off the cart. She held them up to Luna.

"One contains the most horrible, deadly, painful poisons Pinkie and ah ever created and the other contains a sedative.. Make yer pick princess, or ah will." Luna began screaming for the guards to find her. "They won't make it in tiame ah have sealed the doors, this will be our tomb! Make your choice!"

She held them in front of the now crying Luna. Both contained a clear liquid and it wasn't like Luna had any real idea which one. She screamed as loud as her lungs could muster and she heard the guards scatter in an attempt to find her. Apple Bloom put both next to Luna's thighs. "MAKE YOUR PICK OR DROWN IN YOUR OWN BLOOD!"

Luna panicked, if nothing else she would be able to have all the other ponies found, she screamed out. "THE LEFT ONE!" Apple Bloom smiled and injected herself with the one on the left then jammed the other into Luna's missing cutie mark.

Apple Bloom smiled for a moment as they both felt a chilling silence. It was like the world completely stopped. Which one, which one of them was about to die, Luna began to choke and feel dizzy, Apple Bloom's smile quickly faded as she began to shake then vomit. It was a lot of blood. They were both sure some of it was from the pony's punctured lung.

Apple Bloom laughed weakly, she fell back on to her haunches and continued laughing. "Well what do ya know….ah forgot which one was which.." She smiled and began to drag her weak and broken body towards the stuffed Pinkie Pie.

"I will see you soon my love." She coughed more blood and something solid, she inched her way to the stuffed Pinkie and collapsed reaching for her love, ever so close and so far away. She probably could have been closer if she wasn't wearing the Princess's heavy wings. Her whole body began to convulse and she began to gasp. It was clear her ruined lung was what was being dragged on the floor behind her as it inflated with her last breaths. The guards broke off the door as natural light spilled into the darkness, she saw them enter just before Luna passed out, they stormed in and stared in horror as they looked around the room, Apple Bloom had just drew her final ragged breath.

Princess Luna could no longer rule the kingdom. She was too damaged from the incident, her sister's only son took the throne, and Luna was allowed to live in the palace as an advisor. But she was hardly the mare she used to be she was quieter and she seemed to listen more to the other ponies. Interestingly enough, she didn't hear Nightmare Moon anymore; it was like she was truly gone. She couldn't find herself able to celebrate any of the holidays. She was now to live out her days as the only surviving victim of Pinkie Pie and Apple Bloom's evil reign over Equestria. She was a hero to her ponies, but she didn't feel that way. She just felt.. relieved, relieved that they were both gone, and it was finally over.

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