Chapter 2
(drinking for confidence)


Max's eyes opened and she sat up straight. Her guard was up twenty four seven, even whilst she slept.

"What, who, when?" Her eyes were still closed but her ears were listening intently to the sound of the floorboards creak under the intruder's feet.

"Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaax," A usually quiet voice sang.

Max groaned, "Fang- go to bed," She had no time for her drunk bestfriend as she flopped back down. She just wanted to sleep and wake up in the morning and find him sober.

"No!" He almost shouted. "Come for a... " Fang paused, forgetting the word whilst he gazed blankly at the wall. The word was on the tip of his tongue... walk? No that, wasn't it. Drive? Pssh, we need a car for that. Fly... ? Yeah, that sounds about right. "Come for a bath?"

Okay, Fang may or may not have forgotten the word- but when Max cocked an eyebrow at him mid-sentence all he could think about was washing her... naked... in the bath... with bubbles. And a yellow rubber-ducky.

"Go to sleep, Fang," Max was loosing her patients.

A moment of silence later and a slight chance of hope led Max to believe Fang had lost his interest and had wandered out.

...She was wrong.

"Maxxxiieeeeee," Fang whispered as he crawled on the bed beside her. Max pulled the blanket over her head- closing her eyes tight to get away from him and into the realm of sleep. "Maxxxiiee!" His voice was higher as he climbed above her on all fours. He grabbed the blanket and roughly pushed it down from Max's face.

"Quit it!" Max ordered as she tried to roll over. He didn't appreciate her tone of voice very much and scrunched up his face before jerking her back under him again.

She glared at him as he promptly relaxed his weight on top of her and grinned happily at her.

"Fang," Max warned.

"Max," Fang mimicked before rolling his eyes. Suddenly, Fang's eyes glinted as the spark of a new idea popped into his intoxicated head. "Let's do it!"

Max deadpanned.

"No, seriously, let's do it. We'll have fun. It'll feel good-"

"Fang, you're drunk. Are you even listening to yourself right now?"

"I want you Maxie, I really do! I have for the loooooongest time. And you want me too. I know you do... " Fang encouraged. Somehow, Max forgot that he was drunk and his words made a little sense to her. "I love you and I know you love me. And you know, I will never want anyone else... "

Once again his words flowed through Max. She wouldn't admit it, but what Fang was saying... it was true. All of it. Max loved him. She did. And there wouldn't be anyone else for her.

Automatically, Max's lips crashed with Fang's in a fiery passion that neither of them knew they had. Her hands twisted in his hair as his skimmed along the sides of her body. Tongues met and their breathing became faster as their hearts pulsed with the adrenaline kicking in.

Max pulled away, trying to get some air but Fang woudln't stop. His mouth went to her jaw line, kissing his way to her ear and breathing harshly so his warm breath skimmed along her earlobe. He gently sucked her earlobe, earning a quiet moan from Max before he smiled against her skin. He left warm kisses down her neck as Max found a tiny smile forming on her lips.

This was definitely love.

She couldn't deny the feeling they had for one another.

He loved her. She loved him. It was simple. Nothing complicated to it.

Fang lifted his head up clumbsily, reminding Max he was still on he tipsy side. "Aw man, I am supperr tired," He mumbled.

Tired! How could he be tired? Especially right now! ...Then it occured to her. The side effects of drinking. She looked at Fang again as he tried to lift up her shirt. The signs of drowsiness sweeping over his face. He was drunk, Max knew that... she knew that and she believed he loved her... oh God. What is she doing?

"Get off me," Max whispered.

He didn't respond, he probably didn't hear, or he probably didn't want to but either way he continued to devour her neck. His fingers once again tried to lift her shirt up but Max held his wrists tightly in her grip.

"Get. Off. Me!" She commanded again, giving him a look he normally wouldn't argue with.

"What? Why?" He said because right now he wasn't in his right mind to back away from her when she was in a mood like this. "We're having fun, c'mon don't stop now-"



"Now!" She ordered, her voice rising.

"Geez," He grumbled, rolling off her and standing up, looking over her pissed off form.

"Now," She said again quietly, her lips barely moving.

"Okay, okay. Be a grouch," He said stalking off. Before he reached the door he turned back to her. "I didn't want you anyways."

Max rolled her eyes. She could still smell the scent of alcohol drifting through the air.

"Lissa would have done it," He muttered before he slammed her bedroom door shut.

Max could only swallow the lump that formed in her throat...