Part One

Author's Note: Summer after babygate and Bad Dog is Written by me

Quinn Fabray was not always about the fake smiles and the Stepford wives outfits. She was a lot like Rachel Berry because she loved being on center stage but as a lead singer of a band. She loved putting together a song and the music that went to it. The band loved doing covers from the Seattle scene but it caused too much unwanted attention and her parents made her conform so Quinn had to settle with being the head of the Cheerios to be the center of attention. Rachel was a target because of jealousy, she kept close tabs with her bandmates but it wasn't the same until babygate and she became a full time Glee member. She called a band meeting after sophomore year as she looked at the three women she started by saying...

"I don't want it just to be about covers and incomplete songs, I want to see where this goes but I think if we share that with people they will tear us down. We should use this summer to get our chemistry back and then work to become noticed. I am an example of what happens when you don't stand for something, you fall for anything." Quinn said to her girls and then paused; they nodded in agreement so Quinn smiled. The door opened and it was Judy.

"Hello girls." Judy said and Quinn looked at her mother because she asked for a favor to use a certain soundproof room of the house. Quinn played the guilt card against her still pissed about being kicked out of the house when she was with pregnant. Judy nodded and Quinn turned to the band then said, "We got a place."

Two days before Senior Year…
The therapist was with Quinn, who donned her pink hairstyle which she applied to show her new commitment to her band. After junior year and losing at Nationals thanks to the kiss...she locked herself in her room and started to think about a lot of things. She thought about the fact that Finn couldn't know what color ribbon or flower to get for Prom. She thought about how Rachel had always been good to her, no matter what, and told her how she was so much more than just a beautiful girl. Rachel has always been a good friend to her but Quinn never saw it. Now she sees it and wants to be with her. She wants to share the spotlight in her world of rock and Rachel's world of Broadway. Having Rachel's friendship and recently re-establishing her rock band so she could continue to do what she loves made her realize that love comes in all different shapes and sizes. It made her realize that she could fall in love with anyone…no matter the gender.

"So you're in love with a woman?" Judy asked and Quinn nodded her head. "Are you sure? Do you believe you have a shot with the same girl you hurt a lot?" Judy knew that Quinn was dedicated to her music and who she is. Judy never really knew the kind of person she was and to see that her daughter had an idea of who she was suppose to be, Judy knew that she must not stand in Quinn's way. "Then you get her and don't stop until she's yours but there will be an open door policy." Judy told her daughter.

An hour later, Quinn was with her therapist. She wiped her eyes and sat in her room looking at the notes from practice to improve the songs even more.

"I'm more dedicated to my music and senior year than I ever been before." Quinn said and the therapist asked, "Why now?"

"Because it keeps me sane from talking to the worst shrink ever who keeps telling me to let my father in my life, Rachel is a crush or that being a part of a band is just a pipe dream. Now what supervisor do I talk about you looking at my legs with my fishnet stockings?" Quinn asked.

When Quinn drove home and came in the front door, her mother walked over to her. They paused and she said, "You don't have to go to that shrink again."

"Thanks mom." Quinn said to her and Judy had her notebook which Quinn had given to her. "Can I talk to you?" Judy asked and they sat down. After Judy had told Quinn that she's accepted for being gay, Quinn saw her notebook opened to the page her mom wanted to question her about as they sat down. Judy opened the notebook to a certain page. She began to read...

You should have gave birth to me on the streets/You should have left me there/You should have turned around without a care/You should never given me heat/I felt like a real person when you love me/God I was so blind to see/You let him break our bond/
I feel like the bad dog that gets let out on the side of the road/Into the world where it's really cold./ I feel like a bitch who almost gave birth in the alley/ My friends I knew who turned their back on me from the valley/I feel like the Bad Dog/ I am not a dog!/I am your child!/You toss to the wild.

Quinn couldn't believe her mother read that whole thing...Judy turned the page to read the next verse...

I found friends in the ones I kick on a daily basis/The ones I always spit in their faces/So being the bitch who gave birth to me in alley/I still feel broken and wounded so badly/I wanted image and fake appearances to be my truth/I wanted it for my youth/My victim is my angel, My angel makes me feel like not a victim/Not like you who turned around when I was hurt by him...

Judy was in tears as she read the chorus again.

I feel like the bad dog that gets let out on the side of the road/Into the world where it's really cold/ I feel like a bitch who almost gave birth in the alley/ My friends I knew who turned their back on me from the valley/I feel like the Bad Dog/ I am not a dog!/I am your child!/You toss to the wild.

Judy then just broke down in tears and Quinn comforted her mother for the next three hours they talked. "You have a gift honey. This band with you as a leader will do great things and these songs will be hard for me to hear but I will listen to them over and over. If it means that one day you will totally forgive me." Judy said and Quinn responded, "I'm getting there."