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this chapter is a continuation from the last scene in Diagon Alley



He turned toward the familiar voice. The man standing there smiled and waved his hand.

"Someone you know?" Draco asked. He immediately disliked the man.

"You could say that."

"I thought that was you, Harry. How've you been?" Upon closer inspection, Draco decided he hated this man. He was handsome, in a rugged, obvious way. And he clearly exercised regularly. His shoulders were a good four inches broader than Draco's own.

"Good, good. How about you?" Harry smiled.

"Great." The man glanced at Draco and held out his hand. "I'm Simon. Simon Kirkland."

Reluctantly, Draco gave up Harry's hand to shake the one in front of him. "I thought you looked familiar," he said unenthusiastically. He didn't offer his own name.

"Oh, do you follow Quidditch? You don't really look the type."

Draco determined that hate was not a strong enough word. And upon releasing Simon's hand, he grasped Harry's in a way that Simon would not miss. It may have been petty, but it was effective as Draco noticed Simon's gaze drop and the slightest bit of a frown crossed his face.

In an attempt to defuse the tension, Harry continued talking.

"Your team is doing well. I was at the last match."

"You were? Why didn't you stop in? You're always welcome back in the locker room." Simon again glanced at Draco's hand clutching Harry's.

Harry chuckled, "Well, you know, I don't like to take advantage of my fame. It was your team's moment. I saw the article in the Prophet. Wicked photo of your hit."

Simon grinned. "Yeah. I'm afraid I knocked that bloke right off his broom. Guess I didn't know my own strength."

Simon not so subtly flexed his muscles. Even under his heavy shirt, Draco could see them bulging. He felt decidedly skinny and fragile next to the man. He subconsciously frowned, wondering if Simon's physique was the sort that usually attracted Harry.

"Yes, I can see that you've been training more," Harry smiled. "Well, it's paid off. Seems your team is on its way to contending in the next World Cup."

"Yeah," Simon agreed. "As long as we keep up the training." He flexed his chest muscles slightly, much to Draco's disgust. "You're welcome to join us, Harry." He looked over at Draco. "I'd say bring your friend, but . . . " Rather than finish his sentence, he sniggered.

"Thanks, but I'm awfully busy these days," Harry replied politely, ignoring the jab at Draco. "Well, we must be going. It was great to see you Simon." Harry shook Simon's hand.

"You too, Harry. We should get together sometime. Good to meet you, uh, I didn't catch your name." He held out his hand.

"I didn't say." Draco held firmly onto Harry's hand.

Harry turned to walk away, pulling Draco with him. Draco gave Simon one last scowl before turning in the same direction as Harry.

"That was rather rude," Harry commented.

"Yes, he was."

"I meant you. You could have at least shook his hand."

"He completely insulted me," Draco defended. "And he was clearly flirting with you right in front of me. I mean, it was obvious that we're together." He didn't mean to sound so whiny.

Harry stopped walking. "But I couldn't care less what he thinks. I was simply being polite. I'm not the least bit interested in him anymore."

"Anymore? So, you did date?"

"Briefly. But it was never serious. Draco, you can't get jealous of everyone I talk to. I know a lot of people. A lot of people think they know me. I still get stopped by strangers occasionally. And many of them are . . . overly friendly. I just talk to them and go on my way. It doesn't mean anything. It's you I want to be with."

"I guess that bloke never got jealous," Draco sulked.

Harry smiled. "Simon got stopped more than I did. But no, he probably didn't get jealous because he was too much of an arrogant prick."

Draco grinned. "And you thought I was bad."

"Hmm, I would say you're more conceited than arrogant," Harry teased.

"The difference being?" Draco quirked an eyebrow.

"His arrogance is unwarranted. He's just a Beater. But you have every right to be conceited." He whispered, "You're practically perfect."

Draco gave Harry's hand a squeeze and disapparated them away.


The moment they appeared in Draco's flat, the blond closed the short distance between them and parted his lips in anticipation of a good snog.

Harry did the same, bringing his hands to cup Draco's face. Their tongues flicked and caressed one another inside the recesses of their mouths. Draco tossed the empty wand box onto the sofa and proceeded to unbutton Harry's shirt. Following Draco's lead, Harry unbuckled Draco's belt, intent on freeing him of his trousers. The weight of the belt pulled them down to pool around his ankles. Draco pulled away just long enough to rid himself of his jumper, leaving only snug-fitting grey pants and trainers to be removed.

Draco quickly proceeded to do the same to Harry as he stepped on the heels of his shoes to remove them. Harry helped with the unbuttoning while Draco concentrated on the blue jeans.

Before taking off his shirt, Harry hesitated. "I'm not quite as fit as I used to be."

"Trying to dissuade me? You'll have to try harder than that," Draco smirked. "If I can bare this bag of bones, you can bloody well bare yours." He tugged Harry's jeans down to the ground. As Harry stepped out of the discarded clothing, he slipped off the shirt and let it fall with the other articles.

Draco's eyes roamed hungrily over Harry's body, lingering on the conspicuous bulge in his boxers. "If you don't call yourself fit, I can't imagine what you'd call me."

"I'm pretty certain I called you practically perfect," Harry smirked. He stuck two fingers in the top of Draco's waistband and pulled, peeking inside. "I was wrong, though. You're absolutely perfect." He placed his whole hand inside while pulling Draco closer with his other hand. Draco groaned as Harry closed his hand around him.

Harry kissed Draco's neck and sucked on an earlobe. He whispered, "Shower."

"I took one this morning," Draco breathed.

"I want to shower with you. Now." The vision of Draco dripping wet from the day before was still fresh in Harry's mind.

"All right." Draco would probably have agreed to anything at that particular moment.

Reluctantly, Harry removed his hand and stripped off his own boxers. He thought he heard Draco say fucking Hell as he did.

Draco led Harry through his bedroom, into his bath. It was completely tiled in black and white with gold hardware. The shower was all glass and large enough for the two of them, plus at least one more.

Silently, Draco turned on the water and pulled off his last remaining piece of clothing. Without the pants to reign him in, his erection stood embarrassingly straight out in front of him.

As Harry stepped under the shower head, Draco watched. The water ran down in rivulets, bringing Draco's gaze with it. When he looked back up, Harry was grinning at him.

"Has anyone ever told you you have a beautiful cock? So pink and rosy. It's just begging me to put my mouth around it."

Draco heard a whimper, and realized it was himself. Harry seized him and pushed him through the water stream against the back wall. Before Draco could comprehend what was happening, Harry knelt and took his cock into his mouth.

The sounds of Draco's moans reverberated off the tiles in the room, amplifying them. He briefly wondered if his neighbors could hear him. That thought quickly disappeared as he felt Harry fingering his arse. He accommodated by spreading his legs a bit farther. Harry was gentle and only teased the hole, but the sensation was enough to put Draco over the edge.

"Harry, it's been . . . a while. If you don't stop, I'm going to cum."

Momentarily disengaging his mouth, Harry replied. "Then why would I stop?" He continued, without heeding Draco's warning. On the contrary, he sucked harder.

"Oh, fuck. Now. I'm cumming now. Watch out."

Harry pulled off and back just far enough in order to watch as long streams of white, hot cum shot out of Draco's rosy cock. He kept his mouth open, hoping to catch anything that came close enough. As it happened, Draco shot for distance and Harry was rewarded with the sweet and salty mixture.

Both men groaned with pleasure, the noises echoing loudly throughout the room. Draco was certain if his neighbors were home, that they would have heard.

Harry stood and licked his lips. "Delicious," he said, breathlessly.

"You missed a spot," Draco told him and licked a bit of cum off the corner of Harry's mouth. "But what about you?"

Draco looked down and frowned.

Shrugging sheepishly, Harry answered, "I'm sorry. I couldn't help myself. I came when you did. It's been a while for me as well."

Draco suggested they rinse off and put on some bathrobes. They'd need a bit of recovery time if they planned on finally shagging. Neither one of them anticipated ending quite so quickly when they started. Draco offered to make tea and serve it in the bedroom while Harry made himself comfortable. It was an easy task, on Draco's hunter green and gold satin covered bed.

Returning swiftly with a tray, Draco stopped short, almost spilling the tea. Though he had imagined having Harry in his bed many times, the actual sight of it made his heart skip.

"You all right?" Harry asked. He had taken off the robe, climbed between the sheets and propped up the pillows behind him. The duvet was pulled down low, leaving his upper body exposed.

"Uh, yeah, sure." Draco placed the tray on his dresser and turned back to face Harry. "On second thought, why don't we skip the tea."

The corner of Harry's mouth rose. He had been thinking the same thing ever since Draco walked back into the room. Harry pulled back the covers further and patted the bed, inviting Draco to join him. Discarding the bathrobe, Draco climbed on and straddled Harry's legs. He looked down between them. Even flaccid, Harry's cock was impressive. But Draco was determined to change that status.

The blond leaned forward and kissed Harry's neck, then his collar bones. He worked his way down Harry's chest, pausing on each nipple. The brunet's back arched involuntarily with every flick of Draco's tongue. When the blond scraped his teeth against one of them, Harry gently pulled Draco's head up.

"Too much?" Draco chuckled.

"I had no idea how much I would enjoy that. You could almost make me cum just by doing that alone."

"Not yet," Draco smirked. His gaze traveled down and he saw that Harry had enjoyed his ministrations very much indeed. He slid up high on Harry's torso and rubbed his arse against Harry's rock hard cock.

They kissed passionately while grinding themselves against one another. When Draco could take it no longer, he accioed a small bottle of lube from his night stand. Without waiting for a cue from Harry, he coated the cock behind him generously, as well as his own arse. Draco rubbed a bit on his own cock for good measure and tossed the bottle aside.

"Take me, Harry," he whispered.

Harry swept Draco up and laid him on his back, nudging his leg between Draco's.

"Merlin, I want you so badly," Harry breathed. He had to remind himself to go slowly. As quickly as their first encounter passed, he wanted this to last as long as possible.

Draco opened his legs wide, silently inviting Harry in. Succumbing to the provocation, Harry prodded the tight hole of Draco's arse with the leaking head of his penis. Extending his hand out, Draco grabbed a hold of Harry and guided him in.

Throwing his head back, Draco moaned loudly.

"Fuck, you're huge."

"Fuck, you're tight," Harry replied.

Draco's fingernails dug into Harry's shoulders as they slowly began to move. Holding his breath through most of it, Draco whimpered with every thrust. He had to consciously remind himself to breathe.

Harry whispered into Draco's ear, "You feel even better than I imagined."

He continued to thrust in and out while Draco held on for dear life. The former Slytherin willed himself to relax and enjoy the feel of the soft kisses being bestowed upon him. The pain, though bearable, was distracting. But Draco thought he heard Harry whisper I love you as he suckled on his ear.

Harry slowly gained momentum, reaching between them to seize Draco's cock. The discomfort was soon forgotten as pleasure washed over him. He allowed Harry whatever liberties he pleased, asserting himself only in the occasional kiss and to run his hands through Harry's hair.

"Mmmm, Draco," Harry breathed. He closed his eyes and rested his forehead in the crook of Draco's neck. "Oh, I'm gonna cum."

He pushed forward a few more times, then stilled as he groaned loudly. Harry let out a heavy sigh and kissed Draco's shoulder. Draco pulled Harry's face toward him and pressed their mouths together. Coming back from his post orgasmic languor, Harry resumed stroking Draco's cock as they snogged passionately.

Before long, Draco began to whimper into Harry's mouth. He detached his lips from Harry's and threw his head back, his eyes closed in ecstasy.

"Aaaahhhh. Uuuhhh."

Harry watched Draco's face as he came and simultaneously felt the warm stickiness on his hand. The expression on the blond's face could only be described as bliss. And Harry put it there. The Auror tenderly kissed the rosebud lips, extricated himself and lay down next to Draco on the bed.

Their breathing gradually returned to normal from the fevered panting it had been. Draco's eyes remained closed while Harry stared at the ceiling. This was the part he was most anxious about. So many times before, there had been little to say between him and his lovers after sex. It had become his habit to leave shortly after, and sleep alone. On the odd occasion that he invited a lover to his flat, he neglected to extend the invitation to sleep over.

For what seemed like hours, Harry waited for Draco to say something. He wondered if perhaps he himself should. He was beginning to feel that this was going to be another one of those situations. A situation where, once the lust was satisfied, there was nothing substantial to sustain a relationship.

Harry was very nearly ready to get up and get himself dressed when he finally heard a sound from Draco. The blond stirred slightly, and sighed heavily. He and Harry both turned their heads to face one another.

"I'm sorry. I think I dozed off for a moment there," Draco said, embarrassed by his lack of etiquette.

So, Draco didn't have nothing to say after all, he merely fell asleep. Relieved, Harry smirked and raised an eyebrow. "A moment?" His smiled dropped as he reached out to wipe the smallest of tears from the corner of Draco's eye. "What's this? Are you all right? Did I hurt you?"

Draco looked up at the ceiling, hesitating to answer.


"It was a little more uncomfortable than I expected," he finally answered. He winced a bit as he turned his body toward Harry.

Harry chuckled, "Surely, I'm not that large. You must have had blokes more well-endowed."

Draco shook his head. "None."

"Merlin, was that your first . . . Draco, why didn't you tell me?"

"I always fancied myself a top. Until you told me you wanted to shag me for days on end," Draco gave a small smile. "I was afraid you wouldn't go through with it if you knew I'd never . . . done that."

Harry laughed. "Nothing was going to be able to stop me." He reached out for Draco's shoulder. "But I would have been more careful. I didn't mean to make you cry."

"I wasn't crying," Draco said indignantly.

Silence fell upon them once more. Harry debated apologizing. He'd added insult to injury by implying that Draco cried during sex. Harry knew Draco was proud. But he didn't know if he would let his pride get in the way of his happiness. Harry opened his mouth to try to smooth things over, but Draco began speaking first.

"So, where do you want to go for supper? I'm famished."

To Harry's surprise, Draco had said it as though Harry hadn't insulted him at all.


"Aren't you hungry after that?" Draco questioned. "I know a club we could go to. They usually have some sort of musicians playing on Friday nights. Or we could get take away and stay in," Draco proposed.

"You want me to stay?" Harry was surprised by Draco's suggestion.

"Either way, you'll have to go back to your flat. As fit as I think you are, my pajamas aren't your size," Draco smirked.

"You want me to stay . . . overnight?" Harry asked tentatively.

Draco rolled his eyes. "I want you to stay forever. But let's just start with the weekend."

Harry's heart skipped and he rolled toward Draco. He gently kissed his lips and grinned.

"Let's stay in," he said quietly. "But I don't think I'll be needing pajamas. It's only Friday and we've got days on end."


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