The Demi-Gods and the Cullens

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Ever since I've read the book Percy Jackson and the Olympians I have been driven to try and write my own novel but to show my great respect to my favorite author Rick Riordan by crossing over the PJO series with Twilight to make the latter, to me better. I don't own either series, there will be no suing. Only thing I own are the characters of my own creation. This is my first fanfic so please who ever reads this, please, if you review don't flame just give me help and creative criticism, I don't mind. So please read and enjoy


Hi every one I'm Isabella Swan Jackson, but I'd rather be called Bella. I know you guys out there think you know my story but in truth you really don't know anything. For the truth is that I am really a Demi-God. You see not even the Cullens knew. My real father is the God of the Sea, Lord Poseidon. Ok the story is this my real name is Bella Jackson I am the older twin sister of Percy Jackson who is also one of my best friends.

When we were young our mom, Sally Jackson, had to send me to live with her older brother Charlie Swan, my adoptive father, and Renee Swan his wife at the time also became my adoptive mother (both who I love so very much) years after Percy was born. This happened because many years ago The Big three of the main twelve; Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades made a pact that they wouldn't have any more kids but our dad broke that pact not once but twice by having twins, though I'm not sure how sure how Zeus could blame that part on Poseidon…You know what, I'm not even going to get into to that.

You see, the problem with having two children of the sea God at one time put our mom in danger than she would have been if she had only one child. So our parents had only one choice and that was to split us up. Since I was the older of the two of us, when I was old enough I told my parents that I would be the one to go so that Percy could stay with mom and try to have a semi-nice normal life that neither of us could enjoy if we stayed together.

Life was good, we were like one big happy family, until Renee and Charlie got a divorce. It was sad to see them split up. So my "mom" and I moved, still life was good and we were happy but every now and then I would be attacked by monsters, even though I was a kid I was still able to fight really well. Renee would always feel so helpless and scared whenever I got hurt and it pained me to see her like that. Renee also knew about camp and hated that I went every summer, because when I came home I was always a mess. I loved camp mainly because I got to see my brother, my cousin, and my friends again.

Then one summer, Kronos attacked New York and my mom found out about that and she got really worried that if anything like that ever happened again that I would not make it through. I'm not saying that I'm not happy that she worries about me but I can handle myself and I know when I need help. So my mom, and Charlie went to the camp to speak with Chiron about the matters at hand and the jerk sided with them and I was to go live with Charlie until I finished High School.

I was 16 when I got to Forks, there I started Forks High School and made a few cool new friends. Not only that but I reconnected with Charlie, we became so much closer than we had been before. He helped me make up my room, took me hunting, and through him I developed a love of sports. While here I got to become friends with Jacob Black and his girlfriend Leah Clearwater; I found out that he and her are Shifter wolves, I was also let in on the secret that it wasn't just them but their whole tribe are all Shifters as well. I even got introduced to the whole tribe and got to meet Jacob's dad Billy Black, who is Charlie's closets best friend.

A few weeks later I met the Cullens, a friendly coven of vampires who were moving back to Forks after, give or take 80 years. And no, they don't sparkle, that would be just stupid, no venom either; they're vampires not snakes…though they kind of hiss like snakes…weird. Anyway after a couple of weeks I ended up becoming friends with all of them and after a few months Edward and I started dating. In the next few months a vampire named James caused some trouble but I secretly took care of that bastard but I made the Cullens believe that they were the ones who saved me. Ever since then Forks has been nothing but even though I love it here I still miss my family and Camp Half Blood. I hope that I get to go back soon.

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