Never thought we'd have a last kiss

Oliver stands in front of Percy, "Merlin, Perce, you've changed." And Percy has; his red hair is slightly darker than usual and nearly touches his ears. His eyes that once sparkled are now dull, probably from seeing too much of the evil in the world – hell, Oliver knows that Percy has seen too much evil because everyone at Hogwarts that night seen too much. But what catches Oliver's eyes is the wedding band on Percy's left hand.

"I guess I have," is all Percy can manage to say, because just hearing Oliver say his nickname hurts. The silence that fills them is awkward. After years of being friends, they know what the other is thinking. "We could've lasted, you know," Percy finally spits out.

"You shouldn't be thinking about that. You're married," Oliver replies. But he can't help but let himself wonder how it would be like to come home to Percy instead of an empty flat.

Percy looks away from Oliver, "I know I didn't treat you the way I should've. But I did love you. And I never expect you to walk away."

"But I did and we both have to deal with the consequences of it. Though, it doesn't seem like you're doing too bad," Oliver nods towards Percy's left hand. And for once, Percy remembers why he married Audrey; he didn't – doesn't – want the reminder of his time spent with Oliver.

Audrey reminds Percy nothing of Oliver, and he doesn't love her the way he loves Oliver – he doubts he ever will.

Oliver knows that he will regret it later, but now, he just leans forward and presses his lips to Percy's. He knows that it'll be their last kiss, but he wants to remember how Percy's lips feels against his once more. But he pulls back before Percy has a chance to react. Oliver walks away from Percy without turning back. Percy watches him walk away like he did years ago without trying to stop him. And it kills him just to let him, but it might be better for both of them in the end.

A/n – This was written for the 7 songs, 7 drabbles, 7 days challenge. Also, this is dedicated to Someone aka Me because I fell in love with this pairing from reading their stories. I hope you like!

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