"It's All About Getting Even"

Rated M for just way too naughty stuff.

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Chapter 1: Jealousy Sets In

Playa De Losers.

It felt some sort of peaceful place. A state of tranquility that soon set in.

The rest of the couples are having quiet time snuggling and killing time just to spend with one another. Tyler and Lindsay were just too busy making out like usual, Geoff and Bridgette were busy dancing their asses off, Izzy and Owen were busy playing cards just for the fun of it, Duncan and Gwen were just in the way of making sweet time with each other, and Alejandro was too busy being in ass in front of Heather, in which she liked right inside him...

...but someone wasn't happy with the two of them. Quite frankly, seeing the two together made a certain male model cringe right to death. Somehow, he felt like he should be the perfect man for Heather. And why not? That fantastic shaggy black hair of his, a body that is just superior to Alejandro's, and such the killer Hawaiian smile that he possessed. Unfortunately, Heather never saw it that way.

That figured just turned out to be Justin. He just felt too busy falling in love with himself, than he would ever do a woman. However, Total Drama World Tour had set in and Justin didn't get much of a chance to compete. Somehow, that sex appeal he possessed somehow started to disappear due to Alejandro's sudden arrival. It wasn't until every female on the planet resisted Justin's charms once and for all. Well, everyone except for Beth, of course. It somehow became quite humiliating and hurt to the male model because of the way that Alejandro had made Heather fall for him instantly like that. Justin gritted his teeth angrily every time he saw the newly formed couple.

And then, the kiss happened. Justin's eyes burned right to hell seeing Alejandro kiss such a magnificent girl like Heather. This wasn't fair! Justin thought very well that should be him kissing Heather, and it didn't think to him that he couldn't get her to fall of him and yet she found Alejandro as perfect! Even when Heather soon forgave Alejandro for kicking him right in the kiwis, only to lose the million dollars for nothing! Justin felt so sick like a damn dog watching that kiss over and over.

After the season ended, Justin became quite disgusted by Alejandro, even his newly robotic form. Justin even also noticed that Heather cringed at his newly cyber-state that the Latin lover was in now. For Justin, it just wasn't enough. But one thing happened so strange-like, that it made Heather change his opinion about Justin once and for all.

This all happened at the local poolside when Justin was scowling at Alejandro a mile away as he was flexing his robot arms at Heather, in which it made her gush probably a little bit, although not as much. She felt a little stressed.

"Look at that pinheaded bastard...he thinks that he can flex his damn robot muscles so he can just make himself look more shiny in front of Heather. This fucking sucks, man..." Justin spoke right to Trent, who was busy trying to come up with a new song.

"What can I say. He was pretty much better than you possibly were." Trent teased Justin, who scowled at him a little.

"You're good help, you know that?" Justin spoke harshly to his best friend, bothering him that he brought it up in the first place.

"I'm sorry. That's just the way it is..." Trent responded right to him, trying to accept reality.

"Well...I can't stand this one bit! What does that damn moron have that I don't? I'm good looking and quite sexy. Why in the hell doesn't Heather see that in me?" Justin replied in frustrating fashion.

"Well, many reasons. Alejandro never focuses on his looks, he's way more talented, and above all...Heather only fell for his charms and you didn't because you only like yourself." Trent replied to him, in such light.

Justin would have likely to say a lot much more, but whatever he liked it or not, Trent was right. But he decided to ignore that little statement.

Looking at the arrogant couple made Justin's heart fill with so much hate.

"I can't take this anymore!" Justin exclaimed angrily as he went right back into the resort to get himself a drink.

At the kitchen, Justin mostly spent his time there. What people didn't know was Justin bid his time away from the Total Drama series, just to find a way to get payback and retribution not just against Alejandro, but he had to find a way to get Heather's sudden attention as well.

He had thought time and time again until he had heard a sudden doorknob knock in the resort door. Justin took off like lightning and rushed to the door.

When he opened up the door, it just happened to be a sexually attractive older woman, basically just 40-ish years of age. Justin's eyes were just soon set to stun. As soon as his eyes set to stun, it was gonna blast one hell of a sexy light beam.

"Hi...I was just wondering...do you know where my daughter is somewhere?" the woman said. Basically, she just happened to be Heather's own mom. Oh my goodness, she was just so attractive like her daughter! Looks definitely run in the family.

"I see you must be Heather's mother. Name's Justin, how's it going?" Justin greeted her with a handshake.

"Ohhhh...you don't have to introduce me...I definitely know who you are from watching the show. You look quite so handsome..." she smiled so sweetly at him. Of course, Justin was just that devastatingly good looking in the "Bold And The Beautiful" kind of way.

"Thanks. And if you're wondering where Heather is, she's right by the poolside hanging with Johnny Five." Justin replied to her and teasing Alejandro far away. Not to mention, it came with that easy smirk of his.

"Oh, thanks. You're such a gentleman. I don't know why Heather should've been with a nicer man like you. Somehow, I just think that Alejandro has a bad influence on her. I just wish that he would just act nicer instead of being such a distant troublemaker." Heather's mother replied, telling Justin the complete truth.

"Well...I'm thinking boys will be bots-uh, I mean, boys. Sorry, a little stutter there. It happens..." Justin spoke, feeling like he was a little drunk. Of course, he wasn't.

"I understand. Anyway, I just came here to give Heather these." her mother told right to Justin, as she displayed a tray of Oreo balls, which is was mushed up Oreo-pieces molded with fudge and dipped in dark chocolate. That kind of food that put a brownie and a chocoholic to shame.

"Really? You don't mind if I try one don't you?" Justin questioned the hot cougar-y mom.

"Oh, go right ahead..." Heather's mom responded as Justin took an Oreo Ball from the tinfoil and melted it inside his pure Hawaiian mouth. The decadent Chocolate taste felt so sexual, so pure, and so forbidden. No wonder this was so beautifully tasty to Heather. Not to mention Justin as well. That sweet dessert made Justin's soul surge with just pure pleasurable excitement.

"Wow...these are really good..." Justin said, being impressed by its taste...however, Heather's mother didnt realize one bit that Justin was also staring at that beautiful cleavage of hers as well. As Justin saw that, his mind just 'boing-oing-oing'-ed himself through that fantasical day dream. Yep, Heather's mom was definitely one hell of a MILF, from the male model's standpoint.

"Well...I'm glad you really like my Oreo Balls. That's so appreciative of you. Well, I better go find my daughter. It was nice meeting you again!" Heather's mom exclaimed as she went right inside, passing Justin in her way.

"You too!" Justin then shot back nicely. His mind was soon under attack again.

His blue tender eyes soon glared at her hot mom's smooth ass. Oh, man...it was so tight and so grab-like. The way she strutted, made Justin really hard and stiff inside his blue denims. Heather's mom definitely had the ass of a hot 25-year old model, yet she was only 40 or 42. Justin just licked his lips in lust right away. He knew what he had on his mind.

"If Heather can't see that true perfection in me...I'll just have to beat her and Alejandro where it hurts! I can't believe I'm saying this...but...I think I'm love with Heather's mom!" Justin exclaimed in thought. Oh, how this would be perfect revenge! Sure, it may hurt Heather a little bit, but she should get a little taste of her own medicine for not having being attracted to him in the first place.

If that would likely to happen, he would be the envy of all of his male castmates, including Alejandro! That way, Heather would have to leave him for a true experience that was Justin himself. His mojo could be rejuvenated like never before!

But in order to do that...he would need to go to the highest power of authority coming from an upstairs bedroom. The only source that could be useful to Justin and his desperate urge and sexual time of need. It all began with an opening of the door.

"Hey, Geoff? I need your help."

Well, this is gonna be interesting...

Can Geoff give some advice to Justin? Will Justin be able to seduce Heather's mom in a later chapter to come?

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