"It's All About Getting Even"

Rated M for just way too naughty stuff.

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Chapter 2: Learning The Ropes

"Hey, Geoff? I need your help." Justin spoke as he opened the door. All he heard was "Me So Horny" by The 2 Live Crew playing on the stereo. Not to mention that he is also hearing Bridgette's ecstatic moans as well. It sounded quite a bit sexual.

His blue eyes saw Bridgette being mounted on by Geoff, grinding her in naked passion. Both of the sweat was gleaming toward their bodies, of course Justin didn't quite see it since their naked bodies were covered by white sheets. They seemed to be on the missionary position all of a sudden.

Knowing that the couple wouldn't hear what Justin had to say, he decided to sneak up like a ninja and just turn the stereo right off. However, Geoff noticed right away and became frustrated at Justin for interrupting so.

"Hey man? Could you turn it back on? Can't you see I'm getting some here?" Geoff asked him tensely.

"Geoff, I really love to enjoy a sex romp as much as a bowl of exploding prunes, but you'll never believe what happened to me out there just now." Justin replied, trying to explain to Geoff the full reason. Geoff also had a reason of his own.

"Yeah. I got one. How about you get the hell out of my room? I'm getting laid, don't you see?" Geoff explained once again.

"You have plenty of time to do that. I just found out that Heather's mom is here."

When Geoff heard the term "Heather's Mom" come right through Justin's lips. He acted fast by sliding out inside Bridgette, putting on a robe, and going into his closet. He acted like he was in quite a hurry.

"This calls for drastic measures!" he spoke out to Justin as the party boy pulled out a type of book. Actually, it felt more like a huge journal at least.

"What on earth is that?" Justin questioned him much further.

"Everything you need to know about the cougars, my friend!" Geoff exclaimed as he opened up the book, full of dirty details and lewd words. It was pretty much a sex manual, but it just happened to be his brother's.

"Geoff, how come you never really told me you had that book?" Bridgette questioned him as well, raising one hell of an eyebrow. Geoff just decided to act fast to his girlfriend and play it off.

"Bridgette, this book is only for Justin to know, lord knows I still hang with you for all my life and I always will forever." he spoke to her as Bridgette smiled sweetly at his compliment. Bother her and Justin took a lean forward at the descriptions.

"Justin, this is my brother's guide to bagging cougars. You can consider calling it 'The MILF Bible' if you want to." Geoff responded to the male model.

"MILF? As in Mother I Love To Fuck? Now we're talking..." Justin smirked as he was waiting patiently for the advice he's been desperately wanting.

"Yep, so the topic is Heather's mom, huh? Luckily, I know every tactic for seducing one hell of a mom like that. You gotta know her characteristics, her traits, and her weaknesses. An outlived source tells me that Heather's mom is being lonely because her marriage with Heather's dad just isn't developing any spark at all, that means she's lonely. That's her characteristic. The next trait is that she loves limeade with a little bit of peppermint. But here's a little fact, she loves her glass of lemonade with just a touch of spanish fly." Geoff spoke to him as the handsome Hawaiian was busy taking notes in his head.

"Spanish Fly?" Justin replied, raising an eyebrow?

"The stuff that makes chicks fucking horny as hell. Now, her weakness is that she'll get turned on real easily with this stuff. It's actually in the good sense of weakness actually. One drink of this, and you will have one MILF at your bedside, hold the onions and ready to serve. That's all you need to know." Geoff smiled constantly as he closed the book tightly.

"Nice...is there anywhere I can get Spanish Fly? Somehow, a lot of those GMC stores don't carry much of that."

"No need to worry. I borrowed this from Duncan himself. Thank him if you can." said Geoff, who just happened to come upon a bottle of Spanish Fly inside his left pocket of his blue shorts. He then handed it to Justin.

"Thanks, man." Justin said, thanking him.

"No problem. Just be sure that Heather's mom walks away cleaner than Mop-N-Glo, dude." Geoff responded as Justin walked away with quite the grin that succeeded him much further.

"Wow...looks like you really taught him well, Geoff..." Bridgette sweet-talked him as her sweet voice went through his ear. Geoff felt like he had some unfinished business he had to do.

"Yeah...but you're not getting off that easy, babe...come to Geoff..." he sweet-talked back to her. Bridgette just felt so aroused by his seductive charm.

"Oh, Geoff...!" she shouted erotically as Geoff had decided to mount her sexually again. The grin on Geoff's face pretty much said it all.

Meanwhile, back at the kitchen while no one was looking, Justin filled up only two glasses of limeade in which one of them was for himself and the other glass laced inside with the Spanish Fly he had now injected.

"Okay, now for the finishing touch..." Justin said to himself as he added a little mint leaf on top of the glass, which turned out to be for Heather's mom, in which the sexual formula was dripped many times for pleasure.

"Perfect..." Justin said once again as he put away that Spanish Fly of his (well, not actually his, but Duncan's), and took off for battle holding a tray with the drinks.

he then looked at Alejandro and Heather once again as Justin felt like he would cringe once again and somehow make the tray fall right into the floor, spilling the limeade with mint, but luckily he possessed incredible balance and held the tray with such might gave himself a thought to the arrogant couple.

"Yeah, enjoy this dance for now, Alejackass...because I'm crashing it..." Justin thought to the couple away with such revenge and retribution in his mind. His true target was Heather's hot attractive mother. Of course, she wouldn't quite know it from before, and basically would Heather. But Justin knew that it was only business.

Justin took one step outside and made his move quietly...

Hmmmm, we'll see how Justin does from here...will Geoff's advice to him work?

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