Nyx's Narration

"Well I did not expect to see you here for quite some time." A voice said I turned around to see the back of Nebhet's head as she rocked a small child.

"I did not expect to die so quickly. Have you seen Nefertiti?" I asked making her turn. It was like looking in a mirror except she had shocking golden yellow eyes whereas mine are light brown other than that she was identical to me.

"No I have not but then again this is not her heaven this is yours." she said before a small bed appeared and she placed the child gently in it. I quickly looked around taking in my surroundings before noticing a square pool of water that showed me what was happening at Ahm-Shere

"Ardeth." I whispered in shock when I saw him fighting the Scorpion King himself. I reached out my hand to touch the water but Nebhet snatched it away.

"He must do this without help you cannot help your friend." she said making me softly smile.

"He is not my friend. He is my husband." I said unconsciously smiling at the words.

"So we are both attracted to gods another trait we share." she said I couldn't help but smile a bit wider.

"He is a wonderful man I just wish my daughter could see her father now." I whispered before everything went black. When I opened my eyes I saw Alex hovering near me with the Book of the Dead in his hands.

"Good job Alex." I said before rushing into the chamber where Rick and Ardeth were. Evelyn could handle Anck-su-namun I wanted to help my husband and brother.

"Nyx you are alive!" Ardeth said happily when he saw me.

"Ardeth I think these two should learn what happens when you make two Medjai mad." I said bringing out both of my blades he smirked and nodded. We rushed back into the fight each one of us fighting with all the strength we had. Before long Evelyn and Anck-su-namun were standing in the doorway watching as Ardeth, Rick and I fought with Imhotep and the Scorpion King.

"Nyx look out!" Ardeth yelled before a claw grabbed me and threw me near the two women.

"Jonathan throw it! Kill the Scorpion King! Send his army back to the underworld!" Evelyn said as she tried to get past Anck-su-namun. Jonathan threw it and it looked to be a perfect shot until Imhotep caught it. He smirked and spun it before throwing it.

"Ardeth look out!" I yelled he looked and quickly caught the spear before he and Rick stabbed the Scorpion King just as they were about to go over the side. Black smoke billowed through the pyramid before clearing and the place began shaking. My heart began pounding when I saw Ardeth and Rick barely holding onto the edge of the crevice as the demented and tortured souls tried to drag them away.

"Just go Nyx just go!" Ardeth yelled I ignored his cries and rushed forward with Evelyn following close behind. I dodged the few rocks that fell in front of me before diving and grabbing his hand. I struggled before we managed to make it to a wall away from the chaos. Rick and Evelyn soon joined us.

"We need to go now." I said they nodded and we got Jonathan and Alex and rushed outside.

"Alright this whole place is going to get sucked up let's move up!" Rick yelled over the howling winds. We did move up twice and soon we were at the top of the pyramid.

"Rick we're trapped!" Evelyn said as she and Rick held Alex between them, Jonathan stared anxiously as if a miracle would appear, Ardeth pulled me close just as the miracle appeared.

"OI!" A familiar voice said we turned to see Izzy and the dirigible.

"Izzy!" Rick said gratefully I smiled.

"Come on come on get your butts moving. I haven't got all day!" he said frantically waving his arms everyone was soon on board except Rick and Jonathan both quickly climbed but Jonathan being the klutz that he is fell back his foot getting tangled in the rope.

"Jonathan! Hold on!" Rick called to him.

"Pull him up! Pull him up!" Izzy ordered.

"Pull me up! Pull me up!" Jonathan screamed. Then he noticed the gold on top of the pyramid, and changed his mind. "Wait, wait! Let me down! Let me down!" he yelled.

"It's not worth your life, you idiot!" Rick yelled at him.

"Yes it is! Yes it is!" Jonathan called back. He grabbed the huge gold top. "PULL ME UP! PULL ME UP!" he screamed as the dirigible flew out of the way just as the pyramid sucked the last of the oasis in and exploded. Rick and Jonathan crashed onto the deck, panting. Izzy started to yell with triumph.

"Okay...okay," Rick gasped.

"Yeah!" Izzy added. "O'Connell, you almost got me killed?"

"At least you did not get shot," I remarked while Rick smirked and shrugged. Izzy didn't say anything. He was lost for words.

"Izzy!" Evie exclaimed, running up to him, "Thank you! Thank you!" She smothered his face with kisses. Jonathan started hugging his gold/diamond.

"O'Connell, who the heck have you been messing around with this time, huh?" Izzy asked obviously in a better mood.

"Oh, you know the usual. Mummies...pygmies...big bugs." Rick replied.

"Uh, that's half mine, you know," Izzy said to Jonathan.

"What?" Jonathan asked obviously trying to ignore Izzy.

"That's half mine." Izzy repeated he was certainly persistent.

"I have no idea what you're talking about," Jonathan replied.

"What! You took my gold stick! I know you took my gold stick!" Izzy said Ardeth and I were laughing at the argument.

"I have no idea...I swear on the head of my wife I have no idea what you're talking about!" Jonathan argued. I rolled my eyes.

"You haven't...you ain't got a wife!" Izzy yelled.

"I don't have your gold stick either!" Jonathan retorted. I smiled before turning to look at Ardeth who immediately pulled me close.

"Ardeth I do have to breathe." I whispered he chuckled before holding me tighter. A tug on my robes made me look down to see Alex staring up at me. I scooped him up in my arms holding him close.

"Can I stay with you?" he asked making us look at him in shock.

"I would suggest asking your father first." Ardeth said Alex jumped from my arms and went over to his parents.

"Nyx are you alright?" I heard Ardeth ask. I turned and leaned against him.

"I wish I could say I was." I whispered he wrapped his arms around me tightly. He knew my sadness was because of our daughter.

"Aunt Nyx I have a surprise for you but we have to stop at Philae." Alex said I sighed and nodded. As we landed on the island we heard a gentle laugh echoing throughout the temple.

Ardeth's Narration

I was frozen as the laugh echoed through my head. Nyx placed a hand over her mouth to quiet her sobs as a small shadow played itself across the wall as the sun continued to set.

"TALIA!" Nyx shouted when the shadow finally showed a face. We both ran for her, Nyx scooped her up into her arms I held them both as close as possible.

"Oh my little dewdrop." Nyx repeated the phrase I just pulled them closer and held them tighter.

"Next time I will stay near the two of you." she said Nyx choked back a sob I smiled before kissing her forehead.

"We need to go." Nyx said I looked at her.

"Where?" Talia asked I smiled.

"Home where we belong." I said as we walked back to the others.

"That actually sounds comforting for once." Nyx said as we got aboard. I heavily sat down holding my wife and daughter as they slept. O'Connell was holding Evelyn and Alexander just as close, I could tell he was glad to have them back.

"Hey you two we're almost toCairo, might want to wake them." Izzy said but I just looked at O'Connell and shared a smirk. We weren't going to wake them for now they deserved some peace and happiness. Morning came too early in everyone's opinion, even my own, but we got up nonetheless.

"Ardeth we have company." I heard Nyx say making me groan in annoyance. Talia placed a hand over her eyes and sighed.

"You would think that after all we have been through they could pick a better time to visit and tell us what we already know." she said making us laugh. O'Connell looked confused so Nyx began to explain.

"The Elders of the tribes do not approve of my marriage to Ardeth or that we adopted Talia so every time we come back after a mission they are waiting for us to think they can make Ardeth see reason and leave us behind for someone else. Not likely." she said making Talia and I laugh. I had my wife, my daughter and my friends for me that was home enough.