Hey guys, Jade's back with a new story. This time, it's not about Victorious and not about Bade. Sadly. Well, you might think I'm weird, but I'm not an Elavan-shipper. Yes, I'm a Bade-shipper. Instead of Elavan, I ship Ericabeth. You might have found out by the summary, but that's what this story is about. Eric Nelson and Elizabeth Gillies. I don't know for sure if it's Ericabeth, but I thought it fitted perfectly. AND, people have been PM'ing me that it looks like I am Jade (West) in Just a Bade Story and that I'm telling the story. Well, sorry, I'm not Jade West. My real name is Jade. So now, there won't be confused readers anymore. Yay! Allright, I can hear your annoying voices already; "Just start the story!" Yeah, yeah, whatever. Oh, and one of your annoying voices stood out; "And don't forget to do the disclaimer!" Well, guess what? I'm still not doing a disclaimer thing. Who the hell came up with the stupid idea to do a disclaimer? We all know that this owns to someone else! OH DEAR GHUNDI! Forget I ever said that! I think I just did a Disclaimer! OH HELL NO! Now I'm already writing it with a big D! Forget about it and start reading the story! I promise it won't happen again. I also added a list with the actors below;

Elizabeth "Liz" Egan Gillies asLucy

Eric Nelson as Brett

Ariana "Ari" Grande as Charlotte

Graham Phillips as Evan

Brynn Williams as Cassie

Allie "Al" Trimm as Patrice

Caitlin " Cait" Gann as Molly

Aaron Simon "Ron" Gross as Archie

Delaney "Lane" Moro as Kendra

Al Calderon as Eddie

Malik "Mal" Hammond as Malcolm

Eamon Foley as Richie

Joey "Jo" La Varco as Simon

Liz's POV

I smile, when he puts an arm around my shoulder. He tries to kiss me on the cheek, but I pull away, out if his arms. 'Eric, not here!' I whisper. My boyfriend grins and shrugs. He grabs my hips softly and kisses me. 'I said not here.' I whisper, when I pull back. 'Liz!' Eric moans. 'Not where everyone can see us!' I laugh at his childish face. 'Then come to my dressing room! I want to kiss you!' He moans. I laugh again at him. 'You want to go upstairs, just to kiss me? Besides, what about Graham?' I say and walk further, down towards the rehearsals room, as Ariana calls it. Eric follows me. He stops me, when we're in front of the door and kisses me. This time, I kiss him back.

With a big smile and my shirt and hair all messed up, I walk into the rehearsals room. When I pass Ariana, she grabs my wrist with her tiny little hands and passes me her pocket mirror. I give her a confused look, but she just pushes the little mirror only further into my hands. I open it and look into it. 'Holy hell!' I say, a little too loud and I look around, to see if anyone heard me. I can hear Eric grin and I roll my eyes. He stops immediately. I put the mirror back in Ariana's hands, mouth 'Thanks' to her and walk towards Eric. I give him a little push. He stares at me, smiling. 'How could you give me six hickeys at one time?' I whisper angry. He shrugs. 'Allright, guys, we're gonna practice Bad Bad News. I want Liz and Eric behind this wall. Joey and Al are already in position and-' 'We know where we have to be, Jason!' Aaron suddenly says loud to Jason Robert Brown, the owner of this musical, which makes me and Eric grin at the same time. Jason sighs. 'Okay, everyone in position!' He says, with a little bit disappointment in his voice. Everyone is standing where they have to be and slowly we go through the song. Until Eric and I have to come up. We say some lines. 'Oh my god! You hate me!' I say and cross my arms. 'Lucy, you are driving me crazy!' Eric says then and makes a few steps backwards. I put on my biggest smile and walk towards him. 'Oh, but sweetheart, that is sweet! And I like sweet; Sweet makes me sweeter! Got it?' I pull him with me. 'No!' Eric says and then, we walk behind another wall. 'Great job, Liz! You, too, Eric!' Jason yells. I look around, to see if someone is looking at us and give Eric a quick peck on the lips. He smirks at me. 'Oh shut up, Eric.' I whisper and he pokes me between my ribs. I roll my eyes and laugh. 'Liz! Eric! Could you put down the volume over there?' Jason suddenly screams and I hold my lips between my teeth, to hold in my laughing. I can see Eric is doing the same. I smile. 'NEXT! Opportunity! Liz, Delaney, Ariana, Brynn and Caitlin! Get ready for the cheerleader-scene. Eric, I want you to stand behind this wall. Liz, Eric, make the kiss look real.' Jason says to us. 'Sure, we can do that.' Eric says and then disappears. He grins at me and I roll my eyes, but with a big smile on my face. 'My best friend ran out on her boyfriend. And her boyfriend's a boy that I wanna be with.' I sing. I am halfway the song, when Eric comes up. 'Oh, hey Lucy!' He waves a little. I ran into him and push my lips onto his. Eric holds one hand up and with the other one, he messes my hair up on the back. I lean a little bit back, but I'm not letting him go. My hands are tangled in his hair. 'That's pretty good. How do they keep their breath so long?' Brynn asks Ariana, just when Eric slides his tongue into my mouth. He starts saying "Opportunity", while he kisses me, which is pretty hard. 'They probably practice.' Ariana grins back to Brynn.

'All right! Liz! Eric! That's enough! You can stop kissing!' Jason says, but we aren't stopping.

Eric's POV

When I kiss Liz, I feel like I'm a Twilight-character. Like.. I'm Edward, sucking Bella's blood. I can't stop and want more. Jason screams that we can stop now and I finally want to pull away for air, but Liz holds me tight. And then, we both pull away at the same time. We're not even out of breathe. I grin to Liz, and she licks her lips. We turn to see the others, but we both don't know what to say. And then, they break out with questions.

'Why did you guys kiss so long?' –Caitlin

'How do you keep your breath so long?' –Brynn

'Did you guys practice this kiss or something?' –Ariana

'Why didn't you stop when I told you to?' –Jason

They both sigh and look at each other. Liz shrugged. 'Are we done?' She asks smiling. Jason stares at her and then nods slowly. Liz smiles and wants to walk out, but Jason holds her for a second. (A/N In this story, they also sleep in the theater. So, they practically live there.)

'All right, I'll see you all at 12.30 AM today. You guys have some time for yourself. We're practicing Any Minute and Getting Ready! And if we have time left, we're also practicing Hey Kendra.' Jason says and we all leave to our dressing rooms. Graham and I share one, so we walk off together. We say nothing. When we reach our room, we break the awkward silence.

'So?' We both ask each other at the same time. We laugh. 'Had fun with Liz?' He asks. I look up. Graham and Ariana are the only persons that know about me and Liz, having a relationship. But Liz and I are the only persons that know Graham and Ariana are having a relationship, too.

'What do you mean?' I ask acting dumb. 'Dude! She had five hickeys in her neck!' Graham grins. I shake my head. 'Actually, it are six hickeys.' I laugh.

Graham rolls his eyes. 'What's up with all the hickeys?' He asks, switching pants.


At Ariana and Liz's dressing room

'So.. It looked like Eric couldn't stop himself from kissing you. You guys kissed for 67 seconds!' Ariana laughs, when she sits down on my bed.

'Seriously?' I mumble. 'Wow, that's a new record during rehearsals.'

'LIZ! I'm serious! When did he gave you those hickeys?' She asks, stepping closer, when I grab a towel, getting ready for a shower.


At both of the dressing rooms

Liz and Eric look their roommates straight in the eyes and sat at the same time;

'.. Let's just say we had some fun.'