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Eric's P.O.V.

Okay. I guess I didn't see that one coming. "Eric, I'm sorry. I've liked you since the first day I met you and I just can't stop thinking about you and everyday I just want to be with you and be your girlfriend, but-" Delaney starts and I try to make her stop talking, but she keeps going. "Delaney, stop. Delaney. Delaney! Stop! Stop, please," I beg her and she finally shuts up. "I'm so sorry," She whispers. I rub my temple and sigh. "Listen, Delaney, I really don't want to say anything about it, but I do want you to know that I'm already.. Seeing someone." I hear Liz sigh in relief besides me and I smile slightly. "I'm really sorry, Eric. Can we just forget about this?" I nod agreeing with her decision and I take a fast look around. Everyone is staring at us with astonished faces.

It is totally silent, until Liz clears her throat loudly. "Erm, Lane, your turn." Delaney looks up. "Oh. Yeah. Right." Our game of truth or dare ended soon, even though not everyone had been picked. Half of the cast fell asleep during the night, even though we tried to stay awake the whole night. Around 4.30, Liz and I were the only ones awake. We shone our flashlights across the faces of the others, to find them asleep. Smiling, we leaned in to each other. When our lips touch, it feels like the first time we kissed. Even though I used to think it could only happen to girls, I feel butterflies jump around in my stomach. I don't think of anything that happened that day and just focus on the girl that I love; The beautiful Elizabeth Gillies. My hands find their way towards her hair. It seems like hours have passed, when we suddenly are interrupted by a ringtone. Who the heck calls at 4.45 in the morning? Everyone slowly wakes up, except Al, who can sleep through everything. I let go of my girlfriend and she acts like she's sleeping. When we hear someone asks – probably Eamon – "Whose phone woke us all?" with a very sleepy voice, I hear Liz yawn from my side and stretch her arms. "Goodmorning," she yawns. God, she's good. I slowly sit straight up, like everyone else and someone turns on the light. No one really reacts or checks his or her phone.

We are all trying to make our eyes get used to the light, but I have to look up, when Delaney is standing right in front of me. "Goodmorning, Lane," I yawn, just like I saw Liz earlier. "It's Liz, isn't it?" She hisses. I frown, and my heart starts beating faster in my chest, like Liz can do, when she kisses me. Not that I like Delaney, but I don't really like what she just said. "What are you talking about?" I ask, as confused as I can ask. "The girl you're seeing. It's Liz." I've got the feeling my heartbeat can be heard by everyone. "No, it's not Liz. Nice guess," I say, trying to sound normal and convincing. She stares at her feet. "I know it is Liz, Eric. Don't lie to me," Delaney whispers, so only I can hear, before she turns around and walks away.

I turn my head towards Liz and I start laughing. "She thought I was dating you!" I laugh and Liz starts laughing with me, lying on her back. "Yeah, you wish!" She jokes eventually, which makes me laugh only more. I wish I could have these moments with her everyday, about every subject, in front of everyone.

But we have to watch our back, because Delaney is on the right track.