IMPORTANT A/N: Alright people, listen up! As stated in the summary, this is a NarutoxDeath Note Crossover. Naruto in this fic will be majorly different than the cannon one, he would be a genius, clever, a bit goofy (having some of his idiotic moments) and gray as a character in whole.

Also, most of the rules of the Death Note are same as manga, but there are some which I've added on my own which you'll see in this chapter.

And about the PAIRINGS, I'll state that this fic will have fast paced, to the point plot. I'll focus mainly on the plot, I will pair someone with Naruto in FAR future(in the fic ofcourse) but for now, you can say there are no pairings.

For those who have read my previous works, don't expect explosive actions, bloodline creations or anything like that. This will mainly concentrate on strategies, mind games and would require high analytical input from the readers as the story progresses. So I suggest, if you have decided to read the all of it and don't skip ANYTHING! I hope you enjoy this like my friends did when I told the plot to them orally.

Oh! One another thing, this fic starts when Light Yagami met Ryuk for the first time in the 'Death Note' universe before a major time rewind where we enter the Naruto universe. :D

I think that's it for now, so let's begin-

Chapter-1-Death and Deception

"In fact, I've been waiting for you...Ryuk," Light spoke with a smirk as he slowly stood up after being shocked into seeing the demonic appearance of the shinigami, it did not help that his room was currently dark.

"Oh, seems you're an interesting one...Yagami Light" Ryuk spoke with an amused look on his face while the brown haired teen sat lazily on his chair before gazing at the death note laying at his study table.

Shifting his demonic pupils to the notebook, Ryuk's eyes widened a bit upon noticing hundreds of names already being written on it's pages.

"It looks like you've wasted no time in getting accustomed with my death note," he spoke, still not taking his eyes off the book- as if deep in thought.

"I can't waste time. If I have to spread the sense of proper justice across the world, every single second is precious. With me having to attend school, my prep classes along with studying for my upcoming exams and in between my sleep, this is the only time I get," Light answered with a serious expression on his face as he stared at the small lamp, the only source of light in the room.

'Hmm...he has yet to use the full effects of my death note, but he seems to be taking this a lot seriously. Those eyes represent a cause, an ambition, but they're not bright as his...they seem dark, fully focused on his goal and prepared to take out anyone who opposes him. This human is interesting, but I can never forget him. Heh, those were the days...when I was fresh out of the dust, a new shinigami with a brand new weak death note. Even after all these years, I still can't forget that kid, I still can't believe he went to heaven despite using the death note...he was a special one I guess- a true genius.'

Time Rewind: Almost Two Milleniums Ago...

"Kill this bastard!"

"FUCK you asshole!"

"Here's for killing my wife and children!"

"Demon spawn!"

Into the depths of a dark alley, when the full moon shone brightly over Konoha, hushed voices and sounds of beatings could be heard if you were standing in the vacant streets nearby. Entering the alley, going through left and right turns for several times would you find the disgusting sight of several middle aged male civilians ganging up on a bloodied form of a boy that laid curled up in a fetal position.

"Hey what happened...huh? Given up already!" a panting male growled as he along with others continued to stomp on him with all the strength present in every fibre of their muscles.

However, he got no sound in response except the possible sounds of his bones being broken or bent at odd angles- not even a groan escaping the boy's blood coated lips as he just gritted his teeth in pain. His eyes were closed, his whole body perspiring, clothes covered in blood while even his blonde locks looked to be dripped in blood transfusion packs.

Meanwhile, the frequency of leg stompings began to decrease as the civilians began to breathe heavily in exhaustion, sweat dripping down their faces.

"F-Fuck...agh! I'm...tired!" one of them hufed, still kicking the boy as others too seemed to be at their limits before eventually all of them stopped and turned to leave.

"It's a pity we can't kill this demon...Hokage-sama sure is making your life miserable brat! Why don't you beg for him to just end your torture?" one of them spoke as others chuckled while breathing heavily to regain their breath.

"Hey now, don't say that. Who knows he might just do that, then who would take his place? I actually enjoy the occasional workout. Now let's get outta here, I need a drink," they continued to speak as their figures retreated into the darkness of the alley, chatting as if though this was a normal thing for them.

Back to the bloodied body laying in his own pool of blood, his fingers twitched a bit as he tried to move his body when a jolt of pain electrified his system making him grit his teeth in excruciating pain, not wanting to make even a cinch of noise.

'Left leg broken, elbow bent the other way, jawline fractured, spine feels broken too I guess, muscle tears and some bruises...okay, a lot of bruises. Ah damn! Losing consciousness now...too much bloodloss. Should be up in a couple of hours though...goodnight Konoha,' were the blonde's last thoughts as he succumbed to unconsciousness.

Several Hours Later: 2 AM

A groan escaped the dried up bloody lips as the blonde boy opened his eyes, licking his lips before wincing at the taste of iron. Memories of what transpired before he lost consciousness flooded him as a tired sigh escaped his lips.

'The assholes managed to get me this time, just when I happened to return from training and was heavily exhausted!' he thought angrily before slowly sitting up, not surprised that he was laying in his own pool of blood; or that his clothes were mostly red along with his face and spiky hair.

"I need water," his voice hoarse as he flexed his muscles a bit, his injuries now totally healed before he stood up somewhat wearily.

"I must look like a real demon now," chuckling to himself, he ran his hands over his face in an attempt to wipe the dried up blood off. The blonde started walking tiredly, dragging his feet as now his face revealed whisker marks on each cheek when he noticed something lying on the ground.

Looking at it with confusion, he bent down to pick it up.

"'s just an ID that bastard dropped here," he spoke with venom in his voice before throwing it over his shoulder.

'Off to my apartment I guess, Ichiraku wouldn't be open. I don't even know what time is it right now,' he pondered as the whiskered blonde trudged slowly through the dark alleyways, his apartment being the destination.

"I'm so gon-"


He stopped mid-sentence when something light fell on his head making a groan escape his lips.

'Please...please for Kami-sama's sake, don't tell me this is bird shit!' he mentally prayed while looking towards the sky before running his hands through his bloodied hair... to find nothing. Turning around, confusion spread across his face upon noticing a notebook lying on the ground.

"Now what's this, a notebook of ID's of all my attackers?" he uttered sarcastically while rolling his eyes. Bending down, the blonde picked the light notebook.

'Hm, seems like it's brand new. Why would someone drop it now? There are no paperbombs in here, it's just completely empty,' he thought while flipping through it's empty pages when he closed it with a sweatdrop.

"Ughh, I would've been dead if there were paperbombs attached to this. Guess the beating got to my head," he mumbled to himself before turning the notebook over.

"Death note huh?" he questioned to himself with raised eyebrows, a dry chuckle escaping his lips as he opened it to look at the first page.

His bored half lidded eyes opened a bit in interest when he noticed a black page attached on the cardboard side on which several points were written in petite handwriting, the ink being white.

Noticing the heading 'Rules', he quirked an eyebrow as the blonde started reading it, still walking at a slow pace towards his apartment.

"Let's see here, hm...the human whose name is written in

the note shall die, the note will not take effect unless the writer has the person's face in their mind when writing his/her name. Therefore, people sharing the same name will not be affected," he sighed before glancing up at the sky.

"C'mon really? You expect me to believe this? Is this a game or something?" he asked himself before shaking his head. Lowering his head, he again started reading from where he left off.

"If the cause of death is written within

40 seconds of writing the person's

name, it will happen. If the cause of death is not specified, the person will simply die of a heart attack. After writing the cause of death, details of the death should be written in the next 6 minutes and 40 seconds. Hm, not bad for a prank I's enough to scare a civilian away," the blonde muttered to himself with an amused smirk when he turned over to the last page to notice a few more rules written on another black page attached to the cardboard of the notebook.

"Well, I'll read the rest at home. It's already difficult enough to read this with so little light here," he murmured to himself before closing the notebook.

Half an Hour Later: Naruto's Apartment

After having taken a shower to clean himself of all the dirt and blood along with getting rid of his bloodied clothes, we find the blonde standing besides the small coffee table on which the notebook was currently laying. His oceanic blue eyes looked to be staring at it with mild curiosity.

Sighing to himself, he walked towards a wall to switch on the lights of his room before sitting by the table.

'I'm not feeling like sleeping right now, let's see this thing,' he thought before opening the last page to read the remaining rules.

"So here we go-

The user shall use any medium like blood or cosmetics to write as long as the letters are legible, distinguishable and recognizable by the note.

A person's death can be cancelled if the page on which the name has been written is either completely destroyed or the medium used to write the name is completely erased from the page within the span of forty seconds or six minutes and forty seconds after the name or the cause of death has been written.

The death note in the beginning functions within a circular area of 1.6 mile radius with the note being it's center. Therefore, the person whose name has been written has to be within that circular area. If the person is outside of the functionality area, he/she will remain unaffected.

The death note will be useless in case of ANY living being if they don't have a name," calmly resting the notebook down on the table, the blonde teen took deep breaths.

'Okay, stay calm. This is ridiculous...I mean, this can't be for real!' he mentally chided himself, knowing that such a thing was impossible; even in the world of shinobi. There was no mention of chakra or the user having to do any hand signs, so there was no way that this was related to any shinobi technique.

Deep in thought, he shifted his gaze towards the window upon hearing some voices down the street.

'Must be the locals, this is Red Light District after all,' he idly pondered before coming to a decision concerning the note. Getting up from his chair, he came back after a few minutes with an ink pot and a thin brush to write.

"I don't know why I'm doing this, but let's finish this so I can sleep peacefully. No way this sucker is real," he mumbled before opening the first page. Dripping the brush into the pot, he proceeded to write.

"Alright, let's see...I'm gonna test this on myself. Of course, not that I will die of a heart attack within forty seconds or anything," he uttered to himself, rolling his eyes at the impossible possibility before writing his full name on it as clearly as he could.

'Na-ru-to U-zu-ma-ki...alright done!' the blonde mentally chanted whilst writing before gazing towards the small alarm clock beside his bed as he began to count the seconds mentally with every tick.

'One...two...three...twenty eight...twenty nine...' now his heart beat began to rise as he started to become anxious. There was this large part of him saying-'Nope! Nothing's gonna happen!'

But there was this annoying little voice in his head that was getting louder as each second passed-'What if you really die? Are you willing to take the risk?'

Beads of sweat rolled down his face as he continued to gaze at the clock, the blonde now gulping involuntarily in nervousness.

'Thirty two...thirty three...'

"FUCK! I don't wanna die!" Naruto yelled with an anxious expression, slamming his hands on the table as he abruptly stood up, the chair falling back in the process. Grabbing the page, he tore it quickly before dashing towards the sink in the kitchen at lightning fast speeds.

"Damn it!" he muttered while opening the tap frantically before putting the page under the stream of water as the ink, which was still wet dissolved with the water- his name being erased in the process.

Snapping his head back, he noticed the 'seconds' needle in his alarm clock.

'Forty one,' a sigh of relief escaped his lips as he put his hands on the slab, taking deep breaths to calm himself.

'Even if the probability of this thing failing is 99.9 percent, I still can't risk it,' the whiskered blonde thought as he noticed the now wet page with no traces of ink on it.

'If by any chance this death note does works, then I just got saved because of erasing the medium completely from the note in the span of forty seconds after writing my name,' he thought before wiping the little bit of sweat off his brow.

"I need to test this on someone else," Naruto muttered as he started to walk towards the table when he heard a feminine scream, coming from down the street from where he had heard some voices a minute ago.

Narrowing his eyes, he quickly walked towards the window. What he saw made his blood boil, a bald man was forcing himself on a woman as she screamed for help. He knew that this was the red light district, no one would help her even if they did get awakened by her cries for help.

Naruto's eyes widened a bit when he noticed the male's face under the street lamp pole.

'I think I've seen that face somewhere,' he thought when his eyebrows shot up in surprise as the blonde turned around to dash towards a small store room in his bedroom. Opening it quickly, he took out a bundle of newspapers out of there; each one entitled 'Konoha Daily'. Dropping the bundle on the floor, he began to rummage through them frantically.

'I remember seeing it on the frontpage,' he thought with furrowed brows while checking the front pages of each newspaper when the blonde suddenly stopped on one. His eyes concentrated as he read the headlines along with gazing at the photo-

'Hosa Takahashi- an ex-jounin wanted for several crimes- rape, theft, murders...he's the one!'

Standing up, the newspaper still in his hand; the blonde ran back to his living room to stand in front of his coffee table.

"No better time than right now to check this out," Naruto muttered as he quickly wrote the name, all the while keeping his eyes on the man's photo. Scurrying to the window, he narrowed his eyes as the baldy was slapping the woman repeatedly for not 'cooperating' with him; though the female herself looked to be a prostitute judging by her clothes.

Shifting his gaze, he glanced towards his clock.

'If this doesn't work, I'm gonna have to go down there. I can't just stand by and let that bastard have his way...ten seconds left,' Naruto thought as he clenched his fists at seeing the sight down there.

"Five...four..." he climbed the window, ready to climb in after he had proved the book wrong.

"!" he spoke with a serious expression before jumping down there, taking out a kunai he had grabbed just now from his living room.

'I knew it was a fake!' he mentally concluded as he reared his arm back, preparing to throw the weapon while in midair when he noticed the bald ex-jounin had stopped, as if frozen by something.


"What the..." Naruto trailed as he noticed the pained expression on the man's face who seemed to be now panting heavily. The woman who was currently on the ground, looked at the man with fear in her eyes while she was sporting several bruises on her red cheeks. Seeing her chance, she stood up with trembling knees, involuntary whimpers escaping her lips as she bolted in the opposite direction when the man fell down face first on the ground.

Naruto however, stood frozen on a balcony below his apartment(situated on the top floor) as he stared wide eyed at the bald man.

"D-Don't tell me..." he stuttered, his grip loosening on the kunai as it fell on the concrete. Shaking himself off his trance-like state, he jumped over the railing of the balcony to land besides the man. Taking hesitant steps towards the body, he bent down to put his index and middle finger on his neck, checking his pulse.

'He's dead,' his mind reeled into a state of shock and unbelief as Naruto fell back on his butt, his pupil vibrating in astonishment as well as horror. Closing his eyes, he bit his thumb tightly; enough to draw blood as the blonde took deep breaths to calm himself.

'Get ahold of yourself Naruto, let's calm down and think this over,' he mentally talked with himself as the blonde slowly stood up. Turning around, he jumped back onto the balcony to pick his kunai before entering his apartment through the window.

"I can't believe it, I could've killed myself a few minutes ago," he spoke to himself in a shaky tone, his face pale before sitting on his couch cross-legged.

'So the death note is real, there's no way the death of that person down there could be a coincident,' the whiskered blonde thought to himself with a sigh.

"I should sleep, I have to attend the academy tomorrow too," he mumbled before getting up to enter his bedroom.

Several Minutes Later

"It's no use, I don't think I can sleep...not when I'm this anxious!" Naruto exclaimed in frustration while running a hand through his blonde locks as he had suddenly sat up from his sleeping position on the bed. Gazing at the spread out bundle of newspapers he had created earlier, the blonde got off the bed.

Picking up the bundle of all those recent newspapers, he proceeded towards one thing that had blasted off his sleep with a bang.

'Now let's read all those rules again,' he thought as the blonde now sat in front of the death note laying on his coffee table. Opening the last page, he noticed it being numbered '260', infact all pages were numbered just like any normal notebook.

'Hm...details of the death should be written within the next six minutes and forty seconds after the cause of the death has been written huh?' leaning back, Naruto gazed at the ceiling with his hands behind his head. He stared at it for several minutes, as if deep in thought.

"I wonder how far can I go with these 'details'. Death details like jumping from the Hokage monument, stabbing yourself in the heart with a kunai in a weapons shop are quite easy and straightforward. However, I do wonder if a person locked in a jail can kill himself with a kunai, when apparently there is none present there? And this circular area of 1.6 mile radius is interesting too, almost covers the entirety of Konoha...this one raises several possibilities too. I guess these rules do not explain all the powers of the death note," Naruto murmured to himself, rubbing the whisker marks on his right cheek lightly with his index finger.

'The only way to find out...,' his eyes then turned towards the newspapers, something which was a regular source of almost all the criminals of Konoha roaming free or which were previously arrested to be put in Konoha's Prison; called by it's official name of Konoha's Special Ninja Felony Prison.

'Should I use the death note then?' he asked himself with a serious expression. Suddenly then images of him being beaten brutally flashed into his mind, him being beaten since he learned how to walk. His fists clenched tightly as Naruto narowed his eyes in anger.

'Why not, it's not only about suffering of mine. The women being raped and others being murdered, their families and relatives being killed...they need their justice too! And I...'

"And I, will become their justice!" he exclaimed, his electric blue eyes cold as he stared at the death note.

'Not only theirs, but I need my justice too for all the shit I went through,' he thought while tightening his hold on the brush.

'However I need to use this thing extremely carefully, I don't want to kill innocent civilians or ninja. When it comes to my justice though, I wouldn't spare those who treated me as their scapegoat. I will leave those who atleast didn't outright tried to kill me, glares and insults are something that doesn't affect me much now. But those bastards WILL face my wrath now. They call me a demon, then I'll become one for them!' a bitter scowl now set on Naruto's face as he then began to go through the newspapers.

'Let's see these conditions and this distance limit of death note,' he idly pondered with an ever so light smirk on his face.

Several Hours Later: Naruto's Apartment: 7 AM

"I think all these deaths will prove my theories," Naruto muttered with half lidded eyes as he got up, a tired yawn escaping his lips before he began to stretch his numb muscles. The room was dimly lit as bright sun rays peeped through the window. Closing the death note, he walked to the window as now the blonde gazed at the early crowd filling the streets of the Red Light district.

All night, his most of the time had been consumed as the blonde planned on the exact death conditions, going through different scenarios which could clear his doubts regarding some rules.

'Since the deaths would occur today, I would have to wait until tomorrow morning to know of their deaths through the newspaper. The today's newspaper is useless right now I guess,' Naruto thought as turned around to walk towards his bedroom.

"No academy today then," he muttered to himself while rubbing his eyes as another yawn escaped his lips.

Timeskip: 9 PM: Naruto's Apartment

After waking up at around four, showering, eating a bowl of ramen at the Ichiraku's, Naruto had laid down on his bed. He kept staring at the ceiling for several hours when suddenly the memory of finding that man's ID in the alley yesterday flashed in his mind. Fortunately for him, it was laying at the exact same spot on the ground where he had thrown it yesterday.

So we find the blonde sitting on his bed with the ID in his hand; the death note on his lap along with the ink pot and brush on the small desk besides his bed. Currently a deep frown was etched on his face as he stared at the work ID.

'The photo is blurred here while this card looks old and a bit torn up too. I don't know if the death note will work in this case, I don't remember that man's face clearly considering we were in the dark back then,' he contemplated while reading the other details such as the name, address and other things.

"Hitsugaki this bastard is a construction worker huh?" Naruto mumbled to himself as he rubbed the whisker marks on his right cheek lightly.

Nodding to himself, the blonde then wrote his name on the page numbered six of the death note; the first four having been filled the previous night.

'Now I'll just go and check this address tomorrow morning to see if something happened to this guy or not,' he thought with a sigh, anxious for the tomorrow's newspaper.

Timeskip: The Following Morning: 8 AM : Naruto's Apartment

"C'mon! Why did the asshole had to be late today of all days?" cussed Naruto as he faced back and forth in front of his entrance door with a frown on his face, frustration and anxiousness clearly visible in his eyes.

Suddenly he stopped walking when the newspaper slid in through the bottom of the door.

"Not that you can read or do anything with this you demon!" the blonde just ignored the yell behind the door, probably it was the delivery 'asshole' he was previously cursing. Picking up the newspaper, he quickly darted to his bedroom.

"Okay..." he breathed in deeply, now sitting cross-legged on the bed with the newspaper in front of him. Glancing at the front page cover, he was not so surprised to see the headlines-


Clearly it was the news of the day with severval photos of the dead bodies, the article taking whole of the front page.

Several Minutes Later

After having read the complete article, the causes of deaths, the approximate times of deaths as informed by other people who were present in the vicinity of the victims and other details which somehow reporters had extracted despite the deaths being covered by the Konoha's Military Police; which now was run by the normal clanless shinobi (jounins and chunins) after the Uchiha clan was wiped out several years ago, Naruto concentrated as he mentally noted his conclusions.

'Here only those are listed who died of heart attacks. This victim here, who was in jail...was supposed to die by stabbing himself with a kunai in the heart-which is physically impossible as there are no weapons allowed there. And here, the article says he died of a heart attack with no physical wound. Another one in jail was supposed to die by jumping off the Hokage tower in five seconds, which is also impossible so he too simply died of a heart attack. This concludes that if the condition specified for death is impossible for the victim, the person will, by default simply die of a heart attack within forty seconds. And this victim in the jail here died around 11 in the morning, meaning five hours after I'd written his name in the death note. In that five hours gap, he was shown to exhibit normal behaviour as reported by the guards. Thus, the time of deaths of the victims can also be controlled even if I do not write the details of death. And the time span between which I write the name and when the victim dies, he/she will behave normally. Well well, this should come in extremely useful,' he pondered with a smirk before continuing on with his thought process as he turned to another photo.

'And there was this victim who too died of a heart attack even though I had torn a page from the death note and had then written on it seperately. This means a page, or if I take even a fragment of a page from the death note, it will still have all the powers of the note.'

"Things just got interesting," Naruto muttered to himself with a smirk.

'Now there's another thing left to check, I still have to see if the death note affected that Akeboshi guy in any way the previous night. But academy comes first I guess.'

Timeskip: 12 PM: Konoha's Ninja Academy

"Okay class, it's break time!" Iruka Umino yelled, standing besides whom was Mizuki. The class cheered as the students began to flood out of the classroom along with Iruka and Mizuki.

'His glares are annoying,' Naruto thought idly, who was sitting alone on a bench as he noticed Mizuki looking at him with hatred in his eyes.

'I think he should be the only ninja in the whole Konoha's military force who shows such dislike towards me so openly,' he further mused as now there was nothing but silence.

"Yo Naruto, up for a game of shogi?" turning his head, Naruto blinked before grinning goofily at the figure standing besides him.

'Back to my poker face now.'

"Sure Shika!" the blonde exclaimed loudly making the Nara nod as he placed the board on the desk.

'Oh well, deception runs in my blood I guess. But acting like my goofy self may help me in the future,' the blonde thought as he continued to grin on the outside while Shikamaru started to arrange the pieces.

"Alright, let's start," the young Nara spoke as he moved a piece while Naruto smirked inwardly.

"Oooh! I'm so gonna beat you again today!" he exclaimed before moving his piece now.

'Oh how I love shogi,' the blonde mused.

Several Minutes Later

"Damn, I still can't fathom the fact how you beat me every time Naruto," Shikamaru spoke with a dejected sigh, the game was over in just a couple of minutes. It's like the blonde kept getting better and better everyday.

"Hehe, told ya! But as usual, you won't tell this to anyone as promised!" Naruto spoke with an ecstatic smile making Shikamaru nod as he smirked at the blonde's antics.

'Someday I hope to see the real you Naruto, and I can't wait for that day. I do hope you pass this time, so you can show everyone your true potential. Well, not that I'm currently showing my potential to anyone too,' Shikamaru thought with a smirk as the students began to return to their classes.

Timeskip: 3 PM: Outside the Academy

Currently Naruto was exiting the academy with other students as he put his hands in his pocket, a bright smile on his face.

'Now let's go to his house,' he thought while running his fingers over the ID card of that man in his pocket.

Akeboshi's House: Several Minutes Later

'Hm, the door's locked. He could be at work now,' currently Naruto was standing in front of Akeboshi's house under the henge of a typical construction worker. His shinobi skills were not as pitiful as everybody thought actually.

'I should check up with the neighbours, if the they say he went to work, then the death note didn't work. If it did work however, they must know what happened to him,' he mentally decided before walking towards the nieghbouring house on the left.

Ringing the bell, a few seconds later the door was opened to reveal a middle aged lady. Under the henge of a middle aged civilian worker, he smiled before bowing politefully.

"Hello Ma'am, I'm a co-worker of Akeboshi-kun. He didn't come to work today, so I came here to check on him but found the house locked. Could you possibly know about his whereabouts?" he asked when the lady adopted a sad expression, her eyes lowering a bit.

"I'm extremely sorry but, he had a heart attack the previous night," she spoke in a melancholic tone as Naruto's eyes widened just a little bit.

'So...the death note did kill him even when his face was blurry in my mind,' he concluded while on the outside to the lady, it looked like as if he was shocked.

'I have to act like how a co-worker would.'

"W-What? B-But how could this happen? I mean..." the 'co-worker' trailed in shock as he took a step back in horror while the lady'e eyes saddened too.

"Yeah, it happened so suddenly. He is a perfectly healthy and a kind individual," she said in a low tone while staring at the floor.

'Kind my ASS! Wait...'is'?'

"Hey, what do you mean 'is'? He's alive?" the 'co-worker' asked with a hint of hope in his voice, contradicting his actual feelings on the matter.

'Please be dead.'

The lady though lifted her head to blink at him in confusion when her eyes suddenly widened, as if she had come to a realisation.

"Oh no no no!" she exclaimed while waving her hands frantically making the 'co-worker's' mood drop.

"Then he's really dead huh?" he spoke with sadness.

'YES! The 'kind' fucker is dead!' but thought inwardly with happiness while the lady again shook her head furiously at his question.

"What I mean to say is that I never meant to imply that he's dead. It's just that he was admitted into the hospital last night and now his condition is stable! See? You don't have to be so down about it. The medics say that he will be healthy in no time!" she spoke with an awkward smile, apparently trying to lift his mood while he stood frozen in shock.

'What? Then does it means that the death note failed? No wait, it did give him a heart attack, but not powerful enough to kill him. Must be because of the blurry face. Still, I'll have to personally check this out, this woman looks like a klutz to me,' he thought before adopting a relieved expression on the outside.

"Thank Kami, you really scared me there," he spoke with a sigh while she smiled apologetically at him.

"Alright, I'll go check up on him. Arigatou!" he exclaimed before bowing.

"I was glad to help. I really hope he gets better soon," she spoke as he nodded to her.

A Few Minutes Later: In Front of Konoha's General Hospital

Currently we find Naruto (henged) standing in front of the hospital with people bustling in and out, it looked to be quite a busy place.

'Hm, I wouldn't be able to sneak in there. Having already visited this place many times, I know there's heavy security in there. And as soon as I place one step in there, all of them would be on my throats. Even with the transformation, the medics could see through it. I might be able to get in there, but no point in taking the risk when I have death note,' he thought with a smirk when his eyes fell on two nurses talking with each other.

His oceanic blue eyes immediately narrowed upon recognizing one of them.

'I remember her, she's the one who stabbed me last year when I was here because of my injuries after getting beaten by a mob of crazy assholes,' he thoughtly bitterly, glaring at her when slowly a smirk formed on his face. Walking towards both them, the 'co-worker' kept a neutral face as he acted to be deep in thought. Close enough, he was now able to read her name as written on a patch of her uniform on her right breast.

Smirking mentally, Naruto got out of there as he now jumped through the rooftops towards his apartment, where the death note was currently hidden for the time being.

'Next time onwards, I'll have to make sure I keep some pages from the note with me all the time.'

Fifteen Minutes Later: In Front of Konoha's General Hospital

Here again stood Naruto, this time henged into some other random civilian, some distance away from the two nurses who were still busy talking to each other. It seemed as it was currently lunch time for the staff in the hospital.

'Okay, only thirty seconds before it's 3:43 ,' Naruto thought as kept gazing in between his wrist watch (something which sandaime had given to him recently on his birthday) and at the young nurse.




Suddenly she stopped talking while Naruto inwardly smirked into the henge.

"Um, Mitsuru-chan? Is something wrong?"

'Death note really is punctual,' he thought with an amused smile as the nurse named Mitsuru, ignoring the calls of her friend started to walk towards the entrance of the hospital. Seeing that she had entered the hospital, he started to walk at a dawdling pace towards the backyard of the hospital, going round the building.

"Here we are," he muttered, still under the henge as the blonde stood behind the large building. Currently he was gazing upwards, towards a specific window among dozens of other windows for each room. Turning his head around, seeing that no one was currently present in the area; Naruto suddenly dashed towards the large tree that was in the centre of the grassy yard.

Climbing it up, he comfortably sat on a thick branch directly in front of the window, his back resting against the trunk; still not having dispelled the transformation. He leaned his head back, closing his eyes as a deep sigh escaped his lips.

Opening his eyes, he checked his watch before staring at the window with a serious expression on his face when his lips curled just a little bit upwards.


A file came flying through the open window at amazing speeds when Naruto caught it above his head, still sitting there.

'It's a good thing knowing the complete layout of the hospital considering I've arrived here so many times in the past,' he idly thought while gazing at the cover of the file-

Akeboshi Hitsugaki's Medical Report

Standing up, Naruto dusted his clothes before gazing through the window through which the file had zipped out.

"Sayonara...Mitsuru-chan," a smirk formed on his face as he stared at Mitsuru's motionless body on the floor before making a blurry dash towards his apartment.

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