Author's notes: First of all, Stephanie is my idol. Second, this was written right after watching 11 Feb 02 episode of RAW. There are some similarities between this and One Day and One Month Later, I know. Also, while writing this I realised that quite a lot of things don't make much sense. When I first started it was only supposed to be a couple of pages long, but yeah, it kind of progressed into something a little more than that…

Author's notes – Part II: For the story to work, Chris Jericho never left the arena. I don't remember the name of the doctor Stephanie 'used', so I just made up my own.

All the Good Slips Away

Chris Jericho couldn't stop laughing at the scene in front of him. So much for the McMahon-Helmsley Era being forever. Trips was furious, Vince was unconscious, Stephanie was incensed, and their wedding set-up was completely trashed. Fantastic ending to a great RAW.

Jericho turned off the TV and almost instantly he could hear loud conversations about what had just happened. Understandably, everyone was taking Triple H's side and cursing the name of Stephanie. Things were certainly going to be very interesting in the next few weeks.

He hadn't really wanted to watch the renewing of the vows, but after seeing and hearing the conversation between Triple H and Linda McMahon, how could he not stick around and watch the whole thing unravel? He couldn't have orchestrated the whole thing any better had he written a script for them to follow.

But Jericho didn't want to leave just yet, although most of the other wrestlers had already left for their hotels. He had heard the enraged Triple H leave the arena immediately, but some fascination made him want to wait for Stephanie. Coincidentally, her locker room was only a few doors down to his. Perfect.

Jericho grabbed his bag, shouldering it as he swaggered towards Stephanie's locker room. Damn, he had never realised the bitch had it in her. She had more McMahon blood in her than he had thought.

Just then the lady of the hour walked in from the other side of the curtain, and all within range quickly disappeared. There was just the two of them left. Jericho stopped, smirking at her.

But the wild Stephanie from the ring was gone and replaced by a broken one. Stephanie had covered her face with both hands and her whole body was shaking as she sobbed uncontrollably.

Jericho raised an eyebrow warily. 'What's the matter, Stephy baby?' he asked nastily. 'Lover boy not quite as cold-hearted as you had hoped?'

Stephanie raised her hear and looked at him. Her eyes were surprisingly haunted. 'I didn't know…'

She collapsed heavily on the concrete floor.

Jericho looked down at her crumpled body in surprise. He didn't expect that. He looked around to see if anybody else had seen her drop, but they were still alone. He walked slowly towards her and nudged her arm with his foot. 'Stephanie?'

She didn't move.

He started to feel a little worried, and he bent down for closer inspection. 'Hey, Steph, Trips is back and he says he was just joking.'

No response.

Jericho swore. He had two choices. Leave her or help her. He decided to help her. The girl had reconciled with her father, and Vince was always a powerful ally. He pulled out his cell phone and dialled 911.

There was no dial tone. Jericho pulled away the phone from his ear and looked down at it. No battery. He swore again. That would mean he would have to talk her to hospital himself. Vince was still unconscious, and nobody would want to help Stephanie now.

'Why the hell did I want to wait for you?' he muttered to himself. With an annoyed sigh, he lifted her up from the floor. She was lighter than he expected.

Jericho smirked again. 'Those implants are lighter than I thought.'


Jericho thought about leaving the hospital after he had dropped her off, but he didn't. He was curious as to what made her suddenly collapse like that, and her last words were a mystery.

I didn't know…

What didn't she know? Very interesting indeed.

Fortunately, Jericho didn't have to wait long.

'You were the one who brought in Ms McMahon?' the elderly doctor asked.

Jericho stood up. 'That's me.'

'And you are her husband?'

He glared at the other man. 'You don't know who I am?'

The doctor looked confused. 'I'm afraid I don't, sir.'

'I'm the Undisputed Champion, that's who I am.'

'Well, congratulations, sir,' the doctor said, smiling benignly at him. 'Now, about Ms-'

'I'm Chris Jericho, damnit! I'm a living legend!' he interrupted loudly, annoyed that the little peon wasn't adoring him accordingly. 'I'm the Undisputed Champion of the World Wrestling Federation!'

'I see. I'm afraid I don't watch wrestling. But I want to talk to you about Ms McMahon.'

Jericho swallowed his indignation. He didn't want to talk about Ms McMahon, nor did he particularly care what was wrong with her. But he shrugged nonetheless. 'Okay, what about Stephanie?'

'She's had quite a loss. I'm not too sure how to tell you this…she miscarried.'

Jericho was stunned. 'What?!'

'I'm very sorry, sir, but Ms McMahon has lost her baby.'

He couldn't believe it, and he stared at the doctor in total disbelief. 'The bitch really was pregnant…'

The doctor frowned at him. 'Yes, she was. Just a little over two months along, I believe.'

Jericho shook his head as he tried to wrap his mind around what he had just heard. 'Well, what about Steph?' he asked. 'Is she going to be okay?'

'She's sleeping right now, but you can see her if you want.'

'No, I don't think so. Do you have a pen and paper?'

The doctor reached into his coat pocket and produced a pen and a small pad of yellow stick-it notes. Jericho took it from him and scribbled down a number. 'This is her brother's phone number. I suggest you give him a call and let him know what's going on.'

The doctor looked down at the number, and then looked at him in confusion. 'You don't want to see her?'

Jericho grinned. 'I'll see her again. Don't you worry about that.'