WrestleMania X-8

Jericho was exhausted, unsure how much longer he could continue. He was certain that he and Triple H had been wrestling for close to an hour now, and he was afraid that soon he was not even going to care whether he would retain the Title.

It was time for his secret weapon.

'Hey! Jerky-'

Triple H hit him with a high knee, knocking all the air out of him. Fortunately, the other man was obviously as tired as he was and the move took as much out of Triple H as it hurt Jericho. The two of them lay wheezing in the middle of the ring, very sore and heavily bruised.

'Jerky,' Jericho panted, expending all of his energy on getting back to his feet. He had only one chance at doing what he had to do.

'Shut up,' Triple H growled at him, also struggling to get back to his feet.

Jericho took a few steps away from him, sneering. 'Remember your little wifey? Stephanie?'

'I said, shut up!'

Triple H lunged at him, but Jericho easily avoided the other man's grasp.

'Remember her pregnancy? The little baby-'

Triple H ran at him, driving Jericho's back painfully against the turnbuckles. Once again, all air was knocked out of Jericho and he struggled for breath.

'You shut your goddamned filthy mouth,' Triple H snarled in his face.

He grinned menacingly. 'You should trust her more often, asshole. Did you know she was really pregnant?'

Triple H punched him in the face.

Jericho's ears started to ring, and he shook his head to clear it, determined to continue. 'Stephanie miscarried that Monday night. You remember that night?'

'You lying-'

'It was Linda who hired the doctor, who made him pose as an actor for that video that she sent you. That guy you saw, he's a real doctor.'

'Piece of-'

Jericho stared right at Triple H. 'Your baby, Trips. You killed your own baby.'


Shane stared at the screen, unsure of how to react. The cameras focused on Hunter's stunned face before quickly pulling back in time to reveal Jericho explode out of the corner and clothesline Hunter to the mat. Lionsault. 1. 2. 3.

'He knows,' Maria murmured beside him. 'Hunter finally knows.'

The cameras had shown that a conversation had been taking place in the ring between the two men, but their words had not been picked up. Shane knew that they could have only been talking of one thing.

He looked grimly at the image of the Undisputed Champion raising the two belts above his head in celebration. 'I understand, Jericho.'

The End

Author's notes: To be honest, I was surprised people liked this story! I was quite wary about the actual story, and especially about Linda's reasoning for what she did. I would like to say thank you very much to everyone who has reviewed it, and as much as I would love to return the favour, I barely have any time online – uni, work, chores and other commitments keep me tediously busy. Hopefully when my last exam (some time early July) is finished, I will finally have some 'me' time. Once again, thank you. I very much appreciate it. I'd like to say a special thank you to 'bannonluke' – your comments, although not verbose, always makes me smile. I'm glad you've been liking it. It's always gratifying when others want to read something of yours.