A/N: This is a one-shot post-Mockingjay, but right before the Epilogue. :) It's basically the day leading up to the night that they grow back together. Hope you all enjoy!

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The days roll by almost agonizingly slowly. There isn't much to do. I hunt, but it's not the same without Gale.

Gale. The one person I thought I could count on but managed to kill Prim. The thought alone makes the porridge I had for breakfast threaten to make a reappearance.

I push the dark thoughts out of my head, always trying to focus on today. A happier day. A day with Peeta. He's doing better now; the flashbacks are slowly declining. I know I'll never have him exactly how he used to be, but for some reason after all that happened, the fact that I can have even a fraction of him back seems like a miracle.

I head upstairs to get ready for bed, knowing that Peeta will allow me exactly five minutes to get dressed before coming up to join me. We don't say a word, but this is how it always goes with Peeta. A comfortable silence. A mutual understanding. As I crawl into bed, I start thinking of Prim, the mutts, and Finnick. The man with the rope. Peeta's arms wrap around me and instantly I am soothed. I shift onto my side to look into his sparkling blue eyes. The color in them is almost returning to them completely.

He kisses my head once, and then lets his hands tangle through my hair. On an ordinary night, I might tease him that he's going to make it messy. But on this night, something feels different. Feels more promising, more hopeful.

"Do you think Prim's happy?" I squeak out so softly, I am worried Peeta might not hear me. It's the first I have ever mentioned her name since she died.

"I think that anyone who sacrifices their life for another's must be happy, wherever they may be." Peeta replies softly after a long moment. He always knows what to say. Sweet Prim- racing into the building to help save innocent children's lives, and in effect, losing her own. She always thought of every other person before herself.

"And Boggs and Cinna?" I ask, raising my eyes so they lock onto Peeta's.

"Them, too." Peeta assures me, kissing my forehead. And there's something about the way Peeta speaks that makes me trust him completely. Makes me understand that life can go on, no matter how bad our losses.

I raise my lips and kiss him, and at first, it seems like many of our other kisses. Meaningless and for the crowd. But I realize that there is no crowd here, no camera crew to tell the whole of Panem the story of the star-crossed lovers. It's just me and Peeta, the girl on fire and the bread boy. It is in this moment that I realize that I was the one who started the kiss. It wasn't Peeta, who so often looks at me hungrily and apologetically, it is me, Katniss. The Mockinjay.

Peeta deepens the kiss and slowly rolls over so I am on my back and he is on his side, still kissing me. I open my eyes for a brief moment, just wanting to memorize the contours of his face. And I feel that thing again, the hunger that overtook me on the beach, and I know that this would have happened anyway.

So after, when he whispers, "You love me. Real or not real?"

I open my eyes, kiss him once gently on the mouth and tell him, "Real."

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